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RE: Abandoned Iceland - The DC Plane Wreck

in #photofeed5 years ago

Hmmm. well having seen your photographs @irreverent-dan I don't think it's a trek I would bother making in such horrible weather conditions.

I hate the cold and I hate it even more if it's windy as well.

I really enjoyed your photographs, even the ones with the raindrops, which I probably wouldn't have noticed had you not pointed them out!😂

I hope you're now somewhere nice and warm and cosy. 😍


Hey, Gillian! Glad that you enjoyed them :) You know, Iceland kind of reminded me of the weather in the UK - strong winds and constant drizzle. At least that's the impression London left on me a few years ago. Am I mistaken?

I am now back in Bulgaria where there are no winds and the temperatures are above 20 :)

Okay, I am taking back my words 😁

As well you should @irreverent-dan although, if you'd posted that comment last week, I would have had to agree with you! 😁

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