Abandoned Iceland - The DC Plane Wreck

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I knew that some trekking is required to reach the desolate beach where the DC plane landed some 45 years ago. But man, what a trek that turned out to be! I wasn't prepared for what greeted us at the improvised parking lot: a huge desert of black lava sand and stones laid before us with something that resembled a trail in the middle of it. As I turned the engine off, we could hear the discouraging whistle of the wind and the raindrops hitting the roof of our little tin box; the wind was so intense that the car shook like an aircraft going through turbulence. We looked ourselves in the eye and nodded to each other. We were doing it.


At first, it didn't feel like it will be much of an effort, but my initial impression changed quickly while moving forward through the desert. The cold raindrops were hitting us fiercely from the left, and halfway through, I could barely feel or move the left part of my face. My waterproof boots started leaking, and the gloves were soaked completely. Not only that but my nose was running like a tap because I was still recovering from a cold (or flu, who knows). We stopped for a moment to look around. The parking lot was nowhere to be seen, nor was the beach with the plane wreck. It felt like we are in the middle of nowhere without any shelter or protection. The only way was forward.


On the way, we met several people coming back from the beach - all with strained red faces and without having any desire or power to look at us or say Hi. They were strangers in a strange place. After about 40 minutes, a small silver structure appeared on the horizon with a tiny black dot next to it. There it was - the famous DC plane wreck! The small dot turned out to be another photographer who was getting ready to leave. There was a positive aspect to the bad weather – we had the wreck to ourselves!


It's hard to believe that the fuselage has been standing on that beach for so long. I assume the engines were removed and the holes sealed after the emergency landing.


The artifacts in some of the images are actual raindrops that accumulated on my lens. I carried my camera in my hand without any protective bag whatsoever. That was a good test for its weatherproof capabilities. Honestly, I will never again consider buying gear that doesn't have protection from the elements.


Once, that used to be a cockpit.


My wet shoes.

Do you have any idea what this might be?

@agniese's autofocus assist light in action.

The fuselage provided some shelter from the merciless rain, and we were able to rest a bit and recharge our batteries before heading back to our car. You can see the raindrops in the next shot.


I like the photos that I took, but I am not proud of them; the plane wreck has been captured hundreds of thousands of times from all possible angles. However, I am proud of myself for committing to this challenge and stepping out of my comfort zone! And I must say that having @agniese as a companion helped a lot. She never gives up.

Would you consider trekking in such weather?

Thank you for stopping by!



Yeah, he's not kidding! The weather conditions were unbearable. That's how Daniel looked behind his camera:


By the way, I love the post. You brought back so many nice memories to me, from that day. Even though at that time it seemed like we gonna regret it :)). Thank you! It's a pleasure, travelling with you :)

Nothing like a little wind and rain to wake you up!! Makes one appreciate snow! Not really, but I felt I had to say something interesting.

I would choose snow over rain, any day of the week :)

Don't ever move to Ireland ;o)

Haha, why?? Too much rain?

Bingo!! :o) It was actually sunny today though 21 degrees... But it rains a lot, especially in the West where I grew up..

I'll bet you would....rain is crappy. When I was in BC last time it rained almost everyday. I don't know how my son got used to it. But he did. At least it isn't the driving rain that you experienced in Iceland. What's the weather like in Sofia.

It's warm in Sofia :) 27°C is expected by the end of the week. Does he live in Vancouver? Wikipedia says that Vancouver has an average of 161 rainy days per year.

It does.....he lives an hour north of Van....Squamish.....you'd love it there....it is so beautiful and clean and happy. It's my happy place :)

It's a tough place to live bc it's surrounded by rain forests and being on the coast there is a lot of rain. A lot!!
In the summer months it's amazing - but their weather has changed substantially. Once upon a time no one had air conditioning units - it was not needed but now they have hot and humid temperatures for about two months. At night though the temperature falls to the high 50's.

We are still in the throws of winter - we had another blast yesterday. Today is a bit sunny but cold and we have snow on the ground.Next week we have milder temps in the 50's and sun so that should dry things out a bit and feel more like spring :)

Squamish is apparently also a very popular filming location :)) I can't believe though how much it rains there! 88 inches yearly precipitation on average - that is crazy.

Enjoy the warmer weather, Deb! :)

Squamish is very popular for filming , yes!! We always see the production signs around when we visit. And then occasionally we'll watch a movie or tv show and I'll say - I've been there, there too!

aw. you two are wonderful. I would love to work in difficult conditions, there is an excellent

Thanks @artizm :) I would assume the weather rarely gets bad in Izmir :)

This photo illustrates perfectly what was going on :) Such journeys always make for great memories! I am now laughing at the fact that I had to drive the car with my shoes off 😁 It was a pleasure travelling with you too, Agi! I enjoyed every bit of our trips :)

By the way, I look forward to reading your take on the plane wreck.

I don't know what that "thing" is....it looks like a propane tank or a small boiler. ?? Interesting though!

I enjoyed your photos...and your travel blog. It's too bad the weather doesn't let up some so you can see the country through a different light (no pun intented)..

Love the photo with Agniese holding her camera.....straight lines - vintage Dan !!

And to answer your questions. Yes!!! I would hike in those conditions if I was dressed for it...after all you are on vacation! And look at all the chances you got to practice perseverance!!!

Hope your cold is better. If you had the flu you wouldn't have the strength to hike....seriously. You'd be very weak. So a cold it is!! Soup....lots of soup.

Thank you so much, Deb! My cold is now completely gone :) I think it started right before going to Iceland when we had temperature swings here - from -3 to +20 in a matter of few days. The climate is insane nowadays.

Love the photo with Agniese holding her camera

Glad that you like it because it's my favorite one too :) Clean lines and minimalist scenery ❤️

Hehe, I knew that such weather cannot scare a Canadian :) And as you say, with the right clothes you can beat all weather conditions.

Could it be some sort of a fuel tank? I just read that the plane crashed because one of the pilots switched to the wrong fuel tank.

Geez....that's scary. Pilot errors are frightening. There was a plane incident here the other day. One of the engines exploded and the shrapnel hit the plane, burst a window and the lady sitting beside it was almost sucked out at 32,000 feet!! Other passengers held on to her until they landed .... can you imagine????? She unfortunately succumbed to her injuries. Makes me not want to fly to be honest. But I will.

Wow... Pilot erros are actually are actually the biggest cause of accidents. That said, the last year was the safest one in the history of aviation, so you should not think about such stuff before or during flight. For comparison, the chance of being in a car accident is much higher.

Wow, some amazing shots here, and not easy to get such shots in dull rainy weather, but you managed it.. I particularly like the 1st , 4th and 5th shots.. that first shot with @agniese I think and the bleak wide open background is stunning...

Thank you so much, man! The first shot with @agniese is the one that I like most too :) By the way, I enjoy taking pictures in rainy weather.

Wonderful shots!

Hello to both of you! :)

Thank you, man! :) I think you will really like Iceland - there's a lot of abandoned stuff and a feeling of desolation hangs in the air.

I know that you said that you were not proud of these shots but I really like them. Especially that first one with @agniese. It really looks empty out there.

Personally I cannot stand being cold and wet. It is like that combination is the definition of misery.

Oh, I felt very miserable! 😁 Thanks man, glad that you liked them! The first shot with @agniese is definitely the best one :)

Very nice!
That’s a place I didn’t visit.
Fascinating and weird... just like Iceland in general : )

Thanks man! Would you ever consider visiting Iceland again? :)

Yes! I loved my time in Iceland!
But next time I’d like to go in the summer... so that I could actually visit the whole island.

Nice shots! I agree... Weather sealing is an underappreciated feature. I also always have a microfiber cleaning cloth on hand, but mostly because I wear glasses sometimes.

What happened to the seats? I suppose the authorities (or someone) removed anything they could reuse or that might contaminate the area.

Thank you, Mark! :) It's wise to have a microfiber cloth! As I don't have such, I had to clean my lens (don't laugh please!) with toilet paper 😁

I don't know if it had any seats because it was a military plane. You can read some very interesting facts about the crash here: https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/mg777n/icelands-ghost-fleet

I got a laugh, not because of the lens cleaning with toilet paper that is actually a lot better than what I do. I use my shirt a lot for both my glasses and lenses.

But... I still don't see any trees around. Nothing to hide behind with that toilet paper ;)

Haha! As a matter of fact, there are not many trees Iceland, and up until reading your comment, I hadn't thought of that as being a problem 😂

Hmmm. well having seen your photographs @irreverent-dan I don't think it's a trek I would bother making in such horrible weather conditions.

I hate the cold and I hate it even more if it's windy as well.

I really enjoyed your photographs, even the ones with the raindrops, which I probably wouldn't have noticed had you not pointed them out!😂

I hope you're now somewhere nice and warm and cosy. 😍

Hey, Gillian! Glad that you enjoyed them :) You know, Iceland kind of reminded me of the weather in the UK - strong winds and constant drizzle. At least that's the impression London left on me a few years ago. Am I mistaken?

I am now back in Bulgaria where there are no winds and the temperatures are above 20 :)

Okay, I am taking back my words 😁

As well you should @irreverent-dan although, if you'd posted that comment last week, I would have had to agree with you! 😁

I read this article as an action novel, dear friend :)
You've done great things. I hope you do not get sick anymore. Take care of yourself!
:) greetings from "lovejuice"

Hey Ceren :) Thank you so much for the kind words and the "lovejuice"-treatment :)

woah pretty crazy! i love these rugged moments of life... haha the other people couldn't even manage a nod-- that says a lot about the climate/moment!! that's raw humanity right there. amazing shots of the wreck!

and yes i'd def consider trekking in such weather. i've hiked, traveled, bicycled a lot through that kinda stuff. you just can't avoid it! and sometimes the best things happen in that kind of weather lol!

ps, following you now! happy to "stumble on" your account. :)

Nice to meet you @mountainjewel! Glad that you enjoyed my wreck shots 😊

Some of the people we met wore jeans and regular jackets, so I can imagine how they felt. I have only hiked one other time in similar weather, and I remember that at one point, I felt like I'm gonna die out of exhaustion. 😁 That said, I mostly have great memories from that hike.

Does Missouri have a lot to offer in terms of nature?

:) missouri does have a lot to offer. if you can get over its reputation... "oh so you live in misery!"... and the ticks!! it's a beautiful place with a lot of gorgeous water. we're really close to the arkansas border too and there are some beautiful gorges we want to check out this summer. mainly moved here though for the cheap, beautiful land, no building regs for homesteading! have you ever been?

Haha, this is funny! I have only been to NY and New Jersey, but that was some 13 years ago when I was still young and stupid. Instead of travelling through the states, I wasted my time and money at bars 😁

Really beautiful photos, it must be incredible to be there alone, in the middle of nowhere.
Do you use a Panasonic camera?

Thank you Alessandro! Most of the time in Iceland, I felt like I'm in the middle of nowhere :)

Yes, I use Lumix G80, which I bought a year ago for video. It turned out to be a great camera for stills too :)

How is it to take pictures with the G80 in low light? I'm considering buying the G9, because I'm worried about the high ISO performance of the G80...
Continuos focus is good in video?

If there's one thing I dislike about this camera, it's the ISO performance 😁 pump it above 1600 and the quality deteriorates a lot. I had a Fuji Xt-1 before, which was usable up to 6400 -although it produced noise, the noise was nice look at. Like a vintage grain or something. I read yesterday that the low light performance of Lumix G9 is way better.
As for continuous autofocus in video, I find it to be decent :)

I thank you for the answer, you know how it is ... when you have to make an investment, you want to be as safe as possible!
Have a nice day

Let me know if you get the G9 :) Have a nice day man!

Of course, I'll let you know! ;)

How is it to take pictures with the G80 in low light? I'm considering buying the G9, because I'm worried about the high ISO performance of the G80...
Continuos focus is good in video?

What an adventure! Would I go on something similar? Yes but without rain, or snow, or cold, brrrrrr...I feel your pain. Love the photos and edits!

Yes but without rain, or snow, or cold, brrrrrr

That sounds like Australia to me! :) You have extreme animals and insects, tho!

Thank you, Di 😊 I always appreciate your comments.

Well done. Good for you that you actually did it and I love the happy look on your faces! I would hope to visit in better weather but I have been known to put on the gear and go out in any type of weather (I have a dog :)

I have a dog :)

I heard a man once say "if you want to lose weight or spend more time outdoors, get a dog!" :D You won't have any problems doing this trek Lakshmi!

I wouldn't consider walking in that weather, because I am a big chicken. But the stark landscape is so striking, I probably could be convinced after a while. I like the first image the most i think, though they are all good

Hey @paddygsound, I almost missed your comment :) Having someone with you who's determined to do it helps a lot :)

I am happy that you liked the photos - the first one is my favorite too!

No problem @irreverent-dan, I'm sure I have missed a few comments myself since I have started on Steemit too. :)
It would certainly help having someone with that kind of drive around to make me. :)
All the best and keep the pictures coming, I really enjoy your photographic style.

keep the pictures coming

That's one thing I am not very good at, but I will do my best :) Thank you so much for taking your time to read and comment! Much appreciated! See you around :)

I love this abandoned plane. It's so symbolic. I'd never seen it before watching the movie Bokeh - have you heard of it - I'm sure you have. Whilst I found the film quite melodramatic and slow in places, the landscape was extraordinary and it did leave me quite haunted.

Bokeh is the appocalyptic movie that takes place in Iceland, right? I didn't see it due to the low ratings 😁 Should I give it a try? Nice to meet you @riverflows and thanks for your comment! :)

Yes, that's right. The reviews were mixed, but I made up my own mind as I love apocalypses of any kind and the idea of being left alone in a strange land was intriguing - plus I had nothing else to watch. It is worth watching for the scenery I think, especially if you've been there yourself as you'll likely connect to it. Yeah, I think you'll like it - if not, you can just turn it off! It's on Netflix anyway, well, Aussie Netflix. Nice to meet you too!

I am also a sucker for apocalyptic stories, so I will give it a try! :) Thanks a lot

Let me know what you think! I don't know anyone else who's watched it...

I have seen lots of shots from this plane but I love your take on them! Great post!

I tried not to look at any photos form the plane before going there because that would have most likely killed my motivation to take pictures :) Thank you @vtravels, I am happy that you liked mine! 😊

Would you consider trekking in such weather?

YES...as a fellow enthusiast of taking photos of "ruins etc"
and of a plane totally.
and like the photo nr 4. make the works very well in the weather. the landscape there is so nice a Ned to go there to.

Hey man! I think the plane would look awesome in pictures regardless of the weather :) Where do you live in Canada? There might be some direct and not-very-expensive flights to Iceland.

Amazing place. You can also say that You are on the moon:)

Haha, yes :) It does look like a moon landscape. Thanks for your comment, man!

We are going back to Iceland this summer, but won't be doing that hike, so thanks for showing it to us through your eyes! tip!

Hey @dmcamera, you can do it without any problems given the weather is nice :) How long are you going to be staying there?

Thanks for your comment and for the tip! Much appreciated 😊

Only 3 full days on our way to Scotland. We’ll be Staying in Reykjavik, so we will do a day in the city and the other 2 day trips.

Cool! If you like abandoned places, you can visit the WW2 ruins from my previous post. They are quite close to Reykjavik :)

Wow! This looks very interesting but I dont think I can survive in this kind of unbearable weather condition :D

Haha :) Think again - having good clothes makes it a bit more bearable :)) That said, my Gore-Tex jacket started leaking here and there after 2 hours in the rain 🤔

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Ohh sad .....but your photo quality is good
When the plane crushed? @irreverent-dan

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