Steemitphotochallenge – Entry 1 – Landscapes – Blue Ridge Mountains

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Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina

I photographed the Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina, USA many years ago, probably on Provia Professional RDP II film, because that was my transparency film of choice. All those blue tones were captured on the original slide, which you can check out at my Getty link below the photograph, which I have tweaked a little in Adobe® Photoshop for this presentation.

Back before the digital era, I used to send my carefully chosen transparencies to Getty Images in Dublin Ireland for editing! At first they kept all the original slides in their possession in case anyone requested a buyout of the originals, but soon they began to run of space. So, one day they returned all my transparencies to me.

I scanned this image into my computer a few years ago using a Nikon Coolscan 4000 with a transparency adapter, but I do need to update the equipment if I wish to do any more scanning! I'm not sure if it will work with windows 10. I have not tried it out in years!

Blue Ridge Mountains.jpg
Image © Diane Macdonald. All Rights Reserved.
Click on the image to view full screen!

CameraCanon EOS-1N
Lens Not known
ExposureNot known
LocationNorth Carolina, USA
Post-processingAdobe Photoshop® CC 2017

My image is available for licensing at Getty Images here


Check out the rules for @jamtaylor's landscape contest here

This is also the perfect choice I think for @kalemandra's Xcolorchallenge, because today is Friday and the color is sky blue.


Thanks for taking the time to read this! I appreciate it. Please check out my photography-101 account here: and Follow if you wish.


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I've been to the Blue Ridge Mountains many times. This is a beautiful capture!

Thanks! When we lived in Atlanta, it was a nice weekend escape!

This is beautiful love the layers and levels of blues

Thanks to some gases rising from the trees and producing a blue haze!

Makes for a shot I love

This is so beautiful... the various shades of blue are enticing!

Thanks. Yes, it's a beautiful area of the country !

A picture that is a nice tutorial on how they got their name!

It sure is, and there is even a scientific reason - something to do with gases rising from the trees and creating a blue haze!.

This is a beautiful image but I always thought that the blue ridge mountains were in Virginia? From the song by Laurel & Hardy! The blue ridged mountains of Virginia on the trail of the lonesome pine? :) My geography is not great but I hope this gives you a giggle. tip!

Thanks for the tip. The Blue Ridge Mountains is a range that goes through about 8 states. LOL

Dooh! I knew there had to be a sensible explanation. thanks for the info. I now feel complete lol

Yes, now you can sleep well at nights. Lol!

I had a lovely kip after knowing that info lol thanks @dmcamera

Happy to hear that! Laurel and Hardy made me smile too. :-)

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I'm not running the contest. @jamtaylor is. You just need to read the rules and post your image with the proper title and tag to be eligible.

Looks like I'm seeing double, triple.

Quite amazing the shades of blue as the mountains recede into the background. Beautifully photographed Diane.

We have Blue Mountains that are 80 kilometres west of Sydney. Not quite as electric a blue though. 🦋

Thanks. They are truly besutiful to see, and in the right light, they are truly blue.

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