Photo Fun Contest - Week 16 – “Harbour/Yach Club Photography”

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Week 16 and another diverse theme for this week!
It’s been a fun journey up to now and the entries have been creative, innovative and generally fantastic. I loved every minute of it and I hope you have enjoyed it too.

So this week we will stick with another outdoor theme and, except that it will have to be closer to the water i.e. the Harbour or yacht club. I would like to see photos of anything associated with harbours, yacht clubs and/or docks. There are many things like boats, yachts, seagulls, walkways, rope, rusty old chains etc. Use your imagination and let's see what you can come you with. Even if you don’t live close to water there are still things you can take photos of that are associated in some way. I will leave up to your imagination!

Here are 3 examples of “Harbour/yacht club related Photos”:




Are you ready for this challenge?

So now invite your friends, spread the word and let's get creative!

Please remember the photo must be your own, otherwise, you will be disqualified

How to participate:

Multiple entries per person are allowed
The photo must be your own
Use #harbourphotocontest as a tag
Please stick to the subject matter
Attach a copy of the post in the comments of this post
In your post title please mention the theme of the week
Please upvote this post in order to partake in the competition.

The Prizes

There is 5steem in prize money to be won
The overall winner will get 1 Steem
The balance will be distributed among the finalists
Prizes will be distributed after the 7 day period.

The Rules of the Contest

And please don’t forget to upvote and resteem (optional) this post.

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nice one thank you!


Love and affection between animals.

hi @travelingmom, nice to see you entering one of my contests!

Thank you to you and I will tell you I have a lot of fun to post my photos.

oh, I am so glad you are enjoying yourself on steemit! hope to see you joing this contest more often as well! bis bald u. alles gute

What is any type of water without Seagulls?

My entry is this great action shot of seagulls I caught with my dad's help as he threw the bread up in the air to attract them to where I was standing with my camera ready.

Good shot, well exposed.

Thanks Nik

@sjarvie5 thanks so much for the entry and welcome to the contest, nice to have you here.

Thanks so much

I love this shot! You didn't need bread crumbs...I could have parked my car beside you ;-D

great, thank you

sorry @veronicasmb but this contest is closed, please feel free to enter the new one here: -

My last entry, promise!
But, I can't decide which I like better. What you all think? Cast your vote on my post at -



I really like the Flemish Flaking in Black and White.
well done, very nice image.


both are really nice! hard to make a choice!

nice thank you

welcome to the community @jarosalawszafran

nice thank you

My entry for the week 16 contest:

click on the image to view full screen

Original Post - "Any port in a storm"

wow another new member to the contests, welcome and thank you @davewuk

Thank you @claudiaz, I'm still discovering all these new things as I go :-)

welcome to the contest @edward-maesen and thank you for the entry

thank you

I hope I did it right - first time participating in such a contest.
Here is my entry
and one of the pictures from it:


thank you and welcome to the contest, and btw there is not much you can do wrong here, hahaha

My first HarborPhotocontest:

The Pamet Harbor Yacht and Tennis Club my home way from home!

2 PHYTC.jpg

The MV Gull

Great challenge. I will participate more often now I know about them. Resteemed and upvoted :)

thank you and welcome @andyfishman

Hi, @claudiaz, here is my entry on the contest!
have a wonderful day, sweetie! Resteemed!


Thanks my friend, nice one

Thanks sweetie!

Love this one :)

Thanks so much, Sam! I've found you ;)

hmmm... I think this time you'll probably see a contribution from me ;-)

great, looking forward to it @pixelfan

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Awesome contest! here's my entry hope you like it! :)
one of the pictures:

thanks for the entry

Saya akan mencobanya. Saya lebih senang untuk berpartisipasi dalam hal seperti ini. Tetapi saya punya masalah, saya tidak bisa cantumkan link di #post-promotion
Mohon bimbingannya

you can now, you been assigned the role of photographer

Thank you very much for your support. hopefully the guidance is very satisfactory

My second HarbourPhotocontest Entry Cocktail Hour At Sunset:
CUTTING Wineglass.jpg

thank you so much

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I love the first and last one.

thank you @erikah

My pleasure.

thanks @sinochip

I am sure this fresh breeze challenge could give a harbor to some of my California cost and Monterey Bay shots :)

cant wait to see them @samprock

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

thanks for your entry

Oh yay! I have quite a few of these shots from the vacation to Oceanside California that we just got back from!

Ps. Was just wondering about the tag it says to use on this weeks. I think you may have forgotten to change it! It still says #outdoorlightcontest.

thanks for pointing that out @smylie2005, the new tag is "harbourphotocontest". Look forward to seeing your entries!

welcome to the contest @hayles , nice photo

thanks @smylie2005

thank you

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Dock Cleat • Harbour Photo Contest
Thank you @claudiaz for creating and hosting the contest!

thanks for the entry

oh nice another new member, welcome to the team and thank for the entry

Yes... I will join this week, thank you @claudiaz

thank you, look forwrd to it

nice :3

thank you

A few years ago I had the opportunity to go to a work conference located in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. See full post

thanks @sjarvie5

This week I have 3 pictures to submit:




The full post is here.

thanks @fotostef

The animal is amazing, he is always cheerful when in the water.

yes he is, thank you

My second entry... I know, I know, it took long, but when I like the theme, I can't stop :-)

thats a cool photo, thank you

welcome to the contest

welcome back @gilleanpearce , nice to see you again

Thank you @claudiaz. I've been entering but forgetting to post links in the comments! 😁

This looks like fun @claudiaz. Here is my first entry:


nice thank you

My first entry is a picture of my husband taking his first picture for this contest


nice one, thank you

thanks for the entry, nice one


nice one, thanks for the submission


For week 16, themed: Yacht Clubs, here's my third and final entry here

Thanks for choosing my image in the street lights contest! I can't find the proper post for thanking you. LOL! I saw the SBD in my wallet, and that's how I knew. Many thanks!

you are most welcome @dmcamera always love seeing your photos.

Cool challenge I for sure will try and join

that would be great!

I have a 2nd entry... this place is just too cute not to share for this theme.




thanks @jayclar30

thanks for the submissions

Beautiful Kristy!

Thanks @sjarvie5, we were just really lucky to be there at the right time. It was nice light to work with, different!

thank you

keep them coming! the more the merrier!

thank you @prostosun

Here is my entry post for your contest. Instead of two posts, i put two photos into one post. I hope that is ok.

IMG_2725 (1).jpg


sure no problem at all!

thanks @aledania


thanks @hubbsteem

thanks for the entry @jramirezviera

thank you

thanks for the entry

Thanks for the entry

Thanks for the entry

thank you



this contest has ended today - here is the new theme, hopefully you can enter this one -

excellent thanks

this contest has ended but here is the link for the new one -