photography - entry 2 for #harbourphotocontest with theme "Harbour/Yacht Club Photography"

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This photo of an abandoned boating dock in China Camp State Park in San Rafael is my second #harbourphotocontest entry for theme Harbour/Yacht Club Photography in the Photo Fun Contest by @claudiaz.


I have taken many photos in the marinas in the Bay Area (California, USA) that would be suitable for this theme. But browsing through my archive I remembered this old location and the photo of the boating dock I had taken there. China Camp State Park preserves a shrimping camp that was build by Chinese immigrants in the mid 1800s - one of many around the San Francisco and San Pablo Bays. You can read more about its history here.

Here are a few more photos from the camp:
A stranded boat:


An old gasoline pump:


And two wooden planks with images of the Chinese immigrant families that lived and worked here:



These look like photos, but how they were transferred to the wooden planks I don't know, and I couldn't get any background info about them in the little museum in which they can be found. I'd love to know how this was done though because this would be a unique way to print/present my own photography.

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Photography, art work and text by @edward.maesen
Requests to print any of my photographs are welcome.

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

These are really interesting photos. I like your point of view. They tell great stories without words. One likes to immerse yourself in your pictures to see more. Great!

Thanks you @akinome!

very nice photos, thank you for the entry

Thanks @claudiaz

Nice shots! I really like the gas pump and the boat. It looks like they've booth been out of service for a few years!

There's a country restaurant near where I live with a pump very much like that one.

Thanks @fotosdenada. Yes these have been out of service for quite some time. This site is now a park to preserve the original dwellings.

Nice one


Nice one friend...this shot is so cool