Watching The Night Sky

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Watching The Night Sky

I took this in the deep desert of the Volcanic Tablelands in Bishop, California. You can see Bishop over the horizon, it's bright but not bright enough to take over the Milky Way hovering above the skies. The elevation is high enough at over 6,500ft so there's less pollution in the air to blur the Galaxy.

Scenes like this require a really good high ISO camera. Something like the Sony A7sii would be ideal, I only have the Sony A7ii. Perhaps someday, when I get more into it, I'll have a dedicated camera for astrophotography.

Have you seen the Milky Way with your naked eye?

ExposureManual exposure, 3 sec, ISO 100
CameraSony A7ii
LensSony FE 24-240mm
LocationShkodër, Albania

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the night view of sky always astonished us.

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So beautiful, it doesn't look real

Beyond Epic! Such an awesome shot of the Milky Way, especially with the silhouette on the left. Thanks for sharing!

What do you mean, high iso camera?. As far as I know, lower the iso=less noise. My camera goes 52k max an i have tried 52k iso, it is horrible when considered amount of noise. Great photo by the way!

It's got something to do with the sensor and how sensitive it is to light. NASA uses some of the best that they can take Galaxy pics with high detail. Consumers like us can't afford those billion dollar cameras they use. So far, the Sony A7Sii is the best (so far to my knowledge) for consumers.

This is absolutely gorgeous the nights sky

Wow, this is beautiful.

That's absolutely stunning😍 amazing shot for sure

Beautiful shot! I have yet to attempt astrophotography. like you I'm waiting to have a better camera. LOL Thanks for sharing.

That must have been a nice moment. So many visible stars ... a direct access to the's a fantastic photo!

Excelente fotografia

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Even watching the sky can be so beautiful <3
Catch my vote :)

Great picture!

Very nice work!!!

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