I Just Got A Message From NatGeo And They Want To Publish This Photo!

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Sunny Sun Flowers

I'm like, super-stoked right now!
NatGeo is going to buy this image and publish it on their 2019 wall and engagement Calendar - their standard rate for the wall calendar is $480 and the engagement is $275.

Getting published by the National Geographic is a freakin' extreme honor for a landscape and travel photographer. I've been chasing NatGeo for ages - tagging them on Instagram from all over the world during my travels.

I've scaled mountain peaks. Flew halfway around the world. Crossed super hot desserts. Hitchhiked and slept on random strangers couches. Took more photos than I could ever count in a lifetime and yet nada.

No NatGeo knocking at my door.

But here. A random fucking photo I took, practically in my backyard 10 years ago is getting the nod to be published and sold by NatGeo!

I'm scratching my head as to what's so special about this photo? I barely lifted a finger to capture this. I was coming home on a weekend from the Bay Area from an awesome photo session along the coast. I just happened to glance at this Sunflower farm on the way home and I figured, meh why not?

Well, that was one lucky press of a shutter button :)

Please purchase the 2019 Natgeo Calendar next year!

ExposureManual exposure, 1/4 sec, ISO 100
CameraCanon EOS 5D
LensCanon 24mm TSE
LocationDavis, California

"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness." - Mark Twain

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Thats a very nice Post, thank you!

very nice pic!

Beautiful. The colors look stunning.

Pssht. Who gives a fuck? It's just a...OK. I'm jealous, and I'm not even a photographer. I'll do what my therapist said and be happy for other people who are having their dreams come true instead of contacting National Geographic and accusing random people on the internet of plagiarism just because I'm petty and find it easier to tear others down instead of building myself up.
It was a thing a long time ago with this other photographer named Ansel who thought he was all hot shit in the dark room. I feel bad. I don't think his career went anywhere because of me.

I am really happy for you. You have truly inspired me to take on photography as a hobby. I always look forward to seeing your photos. Thank you for all of the great uploads.

Adonis, my congratulations!
It is quite an achievement, even though unexpected and a bit of on a lottery side. On the other hand, with millions of pictures produced daily by hard-working photographers around the world, chances get picked by NG are like winning in a lottery anyway.
I managed to squeeze one my images several years ago to get published by NG, yet I was paid nothing since I've uploaded it to NG Yourshoot portal and voluntarily gave up on payment as part of participations agreement :(

Aww man that sucks. I have a Yourshot photo picked too and made nothing :)

🎉Congratulations @adonisabril! 🎊
Will look when it's out, tho you might have
to remind us when it's time :-)
Very lovely photograph, sometimes they happen like
that huh, a spur of the moment a click here and
there, you just never know.
The colours and light are outstanding along with
the nice geometry of it all!
Excited 4U!!

Well Deserved! Congratulations! Cheers!
I would beg to differ about this photo, the way the big flower at the bottom frames this junxed against the blue sky...with the other flowers filing away for perspective makes this lucky shutter shot
NatGeo Callender worthy!
And love the story,
Tell us how your celebrating...take some photos!
I'm going to get the Callender.


Thank you Lynn!

Congrats. Thats awesome!

Congrats man! Funny how things work out sometimes. Still a really cool photo though.

I once sold a photo of a Fern for 1k during at a photo exhibition. Again, one of those things. I just wouldn't consider that particular photo as the cream of the crop but somehow it resonated to that lady (a lawyer) who bought it.

That's such a good news for you. Will congratulations to you then. And I went to your blog. Nice photographs you have got there.

I guess different things appeal to different tastes, at least you are able to cater to the spectrum of many!

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