I Just Got A Message From NatGeo And They Want To Publish This Photo!

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Sunny Sun Flowers

I'm like, super-stoked right now!
NatGeo is going to buy this image and publish it on their 2019 wall and engagement Calendar - their standard rate for the wall calendar is $480 and the engagement is $275.

Getting published by the National Geographic is a freakin' extreme honor for a landscape and travel photographer. I've been chasing NatGeo for ages - tagging them on Instagram from all over the world during my travels.

I've scaled mountain peaks. Flew halfway around the world. Crossed super hot desserts. Hitchhiked and slept on random strangers couches. Took more photos than I could ever count in a lifetime and yet nada.

No NatGeo knocking at my door.

But here. A random fucking photo I took, practically in my backyard 10 years ago is getting the nod to be published and sold by NatGeo!

I'm scratching my head as to what's so special about this photo? I barely lifted a finger to capture this. I was coming home on a weekend from the Bay Area from an awesome photo session along the coast. I just happened to glance at this Sunflower farm on the way home and I figured, meh why not?

Well, that was one lucky press of a shutter button :)

Please purchase the 2019 Natgeo Calendar next year!

ExposureManual exposure, 1/4 sec, ISO 100
CameraCanon EOS 5D
LensCanon 24mm TSE
LocationDavis, California

"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness." - Mark Twain

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Thats a very nice Post, thank you!

very nice pic!

Beautiful. The colors look stunning.

Pssht. Who gives a fuck? It's just a...OK. I'm jealous, and I'm not even a photographer. I'll do what my therapist said and be happy for other people who are having their dreams come true instead of contacting National Geographic and accusing random people on the internet of plagiarism just because I'm petty and find it easier to tear others down instead of building myself up.
It was a thing a long time ago with this other photographer named Ansel who thought he was all hot shit in the dark room. I feel bad. I don't think his career went anywhere because of me.

I am really happy for you. You have truly inspired me to take on photography as a hobby. I always look forward to seeing your photos. Thank you for all of the great uploads.

Adonis, my congratulations!
It is quite an achievement, even though unexpected and a bit of on a lottery side. On the other hand, with millions of pictures produced daily by hard-working photographers around the world, chances get picked by NG are like winning in a lottery anyway.
I managed to squeeze one my images several years ago to get published by NG, yet I was paid nothing since I've uploaded it to NG Yourshoot portal and voluntarily gave up on payment as part of participations agreement :(

Aww man that sucks. I have a Yourshot photo picked too and made nothing :)

🎉Congratulations @adonisabril! 🎊
Will look when it's out, tho you might have
to remind us when it's time :-)
Very lovely photograph, sometimes they happen like
that huh, a spur of the moment a click here and
there, you just never know.
The colours and light are outstanding along with
the nice geometry of it all!
Excited 4U!!

Well Deserved! Congratulations! Cheers!
I would beg to differ about this photo, the way the big flower at the bottom frames this junxed against the blue sky...with the other flowers filing away for perspective makes this lucky shutter shot
NatGeo Callender worthy!
And love the story,
Tell us how your celebrating...take some photos!
I'm going to get the Callender.


Thank you Lynn!

Congrats. Thats awesome!

Congrats man! Funny how things work out sometimes. Still a really cool photo though.

I once sold a photo of a Fern for 1k during at a photo exhibition. Again, one of those things. I just wouldn't consider that particular photo as the cream of the crop but somehow it resonated to that lady (a lawyer) who bought it.

That's such a good news for you. Will congratulations to you then. And I went to your blog. Nice photographs you have got there.

I guess different things appeal to different tastes, at least you are able to cater to the spectrum of many!

The colors are so vibrant! This is some really good photography. No wonder this got chosen. Thank you for sharing!

Getting published in NatGeo is every photographer's wet dream :D Congratulations!

Congratulations! This is a good example of how taking time to appreciate those little things, that we all have around, shows their real value inside our life.

I'm very happy for you because finally you got noticed by National Geographics!! A dream came true, I must say!

Congratulation. Sometimes life is like that, things you think people will honor you for, you may not receive any honor from that rather it is what you think is less significant that you will get praised for. Thus the best thing in life is to never give up to do what one is good at in future one will reap the benefits .

Holy shit thats amazing! Where do you post your pictures that NatGeo came upon it? Is ther esome sort of submission or did someone from there see it on your website or something? but wow, congrats, thats a huge achievement!

haha come on, the photo is sweet! congrats to finally making it in natgeo!

I wouldn't pick it to be published out of any of my photos haha

Not just a random fucking photo anymore... A random fucking Nat Geo photo my friend. Far more superior Congrats. For what it is worth though it does look awesome.

Hey, if NatGeo thinks it's cool then I'm cool with it :)

Congrats dear.. so beautiful.

This nice photography i appreciate your photo feed thanks for sharing this travel best of luck my dear friends...

Very nic post,,I like it very much.

Well. All the hardwork of going to places and tagging them paid off, although on an unexpected photo. Congrats man!
PS: Just joined your discord. It doesn't seem to have a lot of members in there.

It's a grass roots travel group but most members are in Europe :)

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That's a really beautiful picture..

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The colors carry the spirit of this photo. Congrats and well done!

Congratulations! That's absolutely amazing-- and well deserved, as it IS a magnificent photo... still, NAT GEO! That's like the pinnacle of eny photographer's existence.

Now that's a great news for you.But that is just not a lucky press of a shutter button the photo is superb,some one can say what's so special about this photo?I can tell you just have a look at that with a nature lovers eye you will see a smiling flower a happy flower which is glowing.Wish you more success.

Eye of the beholder I guess :)

congratulations and I hope you get more requests

wow...such a great news...congrats

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Yay - Congratulations! I can imagine how excited you must feel - persistence does pay in the end!

Amazing shot! Congrats! That's such a honour to be published by NatGeo!
Sunflowers are one of my favourite flowers. Their yellow petals always make me smile :)
And sometimes, it's the little things which made something special :)

Haha. Randomness of life at its best. ;)

But the photo is charming nonetheless man. Maybe that combination of colors. Congratulations, Adonis. :)

Great post, excellent work

wow, that so cool! and it is a beautiful picture. the way the lights goes thru the leaves, and the colours are so nice and bright.

Wow congrats!!! I am a regular Nat Geo reader, being able to crack Nat Geo as a photographer is a HUGE deal man... You are now in a league with the best in the world!!

I also have the same dream... It will take me more than 10 yrs though

Congratulations! Beautiful warm inviting photograph

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Nice photoshoot .....you are a good photographer @adonisabril

as a person who is cloud, I feel the warmth and joy of your photo. hope and hard work will pay off. congratulations !!👍

Congrats! Hopefully now you have your foot in the door with Nat Geo they will publish more of your pics!!

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good take, upvoted

Congratulations! The photo sure looks bright :D No wonder they picked it

You have caught the light and harmony so well. The love of colors.Fantastic

Love your sunflower pic.. Thank you for making Photography so Beautiful <3

I love sunflowers. Very nice photo.
Congratulations! This is an achievement!!! :D
I hope my photos reach an achievement like that, like yours!
Keep posting, and reach goals!

Bravo! So beautiful! Well deserved!

Woah congratz man, i would be honored as well.

I congratulate! This is really a wonderful photo! It's as if the flowers are laughing with joy.

Hey Mis !! Adventure can I see picture of you I think you are more colour full then. these followers

I am new here I follow you dear you deserve it👍🏻✅

in our place there is no wolf but if the full moon is still scary

This is a wonderful photo @adonisabril, love the colours as it really gives a warm feelings just looking at the photo as though you're right there being kissed by the warm sunlight! Usually what we don't value others see way more from it so just keep shooting!! Congrats!

congratulations on this excellent photos,you have a perfect imagination

It always seems to be that one picture you forgot about! Sometimes I leave pictures on my hard drive for months thinking they aren't worth a second look. A little editing and wow was I wrong. Some of my best photos are stuff I never thought were good. That's what I thought about when you said the photo was something you took on a whim. Congratulations!! :D

wow what a beautiful photo, very good quality, I adore sunflowers, they are cool

It is beautiful. I could easily see this in a magazine. Nice! Joy

Wow! Congratulations! Thanks for sharing the photo and your happy news. I'm following your blog as of today. I love nature and photography.

Congratulations! This photo makes me happy so I understand why they want it.

congratulations! :) your photo is awesome!

Congratulations! That is a true honor.
It is a VERY beautiful photo! YAY!

hermoso post buena fotografia ..voto arriba

Super cool! Congratz!

Wow, congratulations! And well deserved! Every detail is razor sharp.

congrats on all the success!! so amazing that natgeo would buy that photo!!

Oh I can tell you a story! My girlfriends friend is a high-end wedding photographer and she met a guy who in to real estate and he wants her to shoot some very interesting photos for him. So she went out and took a bunch of photos with super expensive equipment but then she was on a train and saw a Gecko on the window. She took this photo with her iPhone and he gave her 10000 US Dollar for this iphone photo!!!!!! But hey! Congratulations!

Fantastic. Now you can hang it in your hall of fame. :)

Well done.
That's the weird things about photography sales, sometimes the images that you've put a huge amount of effort and planning into meet with tumbleweed and the others that were easy bring you $$
It's frustrating, if only there was away of controlling it.

This is crazy!!! Congrats!

Awesome! I'd say that's making it big time.

Wow, concrats dude, hopefully this is the first of many!

Congratulation your photo has been selected for NAT GEO 2019 calendar. Pics is simply amazing. All the best for future endeavors. Thanks for sharing.

congratulation, that was awesome :D

That's so exciting. CONGRATS!!
I love your work!

Congrats on the publishing offer, it is a gorgeous photo!

Congratulations. nice detailed. I do like that composition and (polarisation) colours. It all depends on luck. Somethimes one does make an image that is superb never gets what it deserves. What others like is just not always what you like or search in that one image. So .. Thumbs up! keep shooting and do what you like.

You are gonna make more money with your post!!! ;)

Congratulations :)

Hey, congrats, that's awesome! It IS a great picture of sunflowers, but I know, it's weird sometimes how it's the most random photos that often attract attention.

sunflowers are my favourite!!! congratz, this is a beautiful shot!

Congrats!! its always nice to see work in print you should be very proud!

Mantap kawan


Great work.
The composition and colors are very striking - you just can't beat natural light. Congratulations on the recognition!

@adonisabril congratulations, sometimes fortune comes when we least expect it.