Photocircle Hall of Fame featuring @zikmaulana

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Hello Contributors!

We have reached one of the most exciting part of the curation project, the presentation of the Hall of Famer!

This past week has been really exciting due to the increase of participants who showed interest to the program. On top of that, the selection for the Hall of Famer winner also reach to a point that there are three (3) contenders for the spot. For that reason, we called for help in judging through a “Voter’s choice post”, feel free to check it out. Allow us to take this opportunity to thank the voters who helped us come up to a decision.

For those who wanted to review the complete list of Top Contributors for this week, feel free to view the 3rd weekly Round-up post.

To begin, let me invite everyone to welcome the Photocircle Hall of Famer for this week!


A quick introduction about the Hall of Famer for this week, @zikmaulana joined Seemit on the 25th of July 2017. He is a freelance photographer. Although his posts are random great images, his aerial photography are truly outstanding.

One of his best aerial photography was featured on the early days of the photocircle project, it was last month, in the 35th edition of Daily featured authors.

He is also one of the first contributors to the project, we first discovered @zikmaulana when we published the 8th edition of Daily featured authors about two (2) months ago.

The talent of @zikmaulana in photography has won him major contest awards in Steemit, these are My Picture Day contest by @timsaid, 7 World's Continents Photo Challenge by @czechglobalhosts and many more.

Outside Steemit, @zikmaulana’s photos was also featured to major publications & various news portals, feel free to view his inspiring post here:

With all his achievements mentioned, it’s truly an honour to award to @zikmaulana the Photocircle Hall of Fame badge.

And without further ado, let me present to all of you the amazing contributions of @zikmaulana for this week:


Please visit the post entitled "Yacht Enjoying Sunset in the Oceans"


Please visit the post entitled "Completed the Construction of the Mosque"


Please visit the post entitled "An Urban Angle with Triangular Views"

Together with @photocircle team, we encourage everyone to support the featured author for this week!


The recipient of the Hall of Fame Badge will be rewarded with:

  • A feature in the Photocircle Hall of Fame post
  • The @photocircle account will support one of the photographer’s daily post by means of an upvote and resteem for one (1) month
  • 5 SBD reward to be sent to the author’s wallet as a token of appreciation

That sums up the 3rd edition of the Photocircle Hall of Fame. It has been a successful week of curation and an enjoyable experience to view the works by the photography community.

We hope that everyone had a great time and we are looking forward to your upcoming contributions!

Stay tuned for the next edition!

With appreciation,
Photocircle team

Learn about this new photo curation project by clicking >here<

To learn more about the new project feature, please click on the quest image below.


Thank you very much @photocircle for this amazing project award, I am honored and proud of this achievement, and thank you for my brief profile that has been submitted to all followers of this project. Cheers! Regards

You deserve it and also give your thanks to @tcpolymath, @taqincz, @watchlist, & @alexanderfluke who are also responsible in choosing you to be the Hall of Famer for this week.

On behalf of the Photocircle and its curation trail, we are happy to support you on this coming month. Cheers!

Hello !.
Congratulations @zikmaulana.
You are doing amazing photos.
Best wishes.

Thank you so much!

congratulations bg @zikmaulana

Thank you so much!

Congrats! @zikmaulana not only for being a Hall of Famer but also to the achievements you have outside Steemit.

Keep up the good work.

Yeah, thanks @funtraveller for your support, hopefully your project with team continues to be successful and be the best.

Selamat abang @zikmaulana benar-benar menginspirasi

Thank you so much!

Selamat bg @zikmaulana hasil karyanya memang juara punya, selalu menjadi inspirasi.

Welcome to the Rock @zikmaulana!

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