Golden hour photography at the Keppel bay area

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Last night, I finally had time to browse through my archive of photos for editing. I have a habit of keeping a lot of RAW files in my drive until I edit it or delete permanently.

Mentioning about RAW, @mikeycolon made an informative video that you can watch from this link: Welcome to Mikey Colon Photography Season 1!, in this video he explains the capability of RAW and he also demonstrate how to edit the photo using Lightroom.

Do check it out, it’s really helpful.


Both photographs in this post were RAW, edited in Lightroom and exported to jpeg for posting.

These images are part of the series from my explore at the Keppel bay area & it will serve as my 4th entry to the Harbour / Yacht club photo fun contest.

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Thank you for viewing my post.


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All original photos by author using Sony RX1R with 35mm lens

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I love the colors @funtraveller:) - its useful to have a bunch of photos in the archive. I try not to delete too many, I might become later on fond of photos which I didn't like in the beginning...:)

I tried to manage my archive to salvage some photos and delete the ones that I really deemed useless (out of focus or bad lighting). Hehe.
Thanks for liking this set. Cheers!

Stunning !!
Beautifully captured mate

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Pemandangan yang indah.. kapal layar itu terasa indah saat jam emas

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