❤️🕊 Love & Peace - Farewell to the Pigeon's Shit Series.


It's time to say goodbye to this serial. It has been a few days full of pigeon shit and I have enjoyed seeing the surprise, laughter and disbelief that this series caused in many of you.

I think one of the important elements in photography, is not to leave indifferent to who is watching and I hope I have contributed a little to your creativity so that you keep looking where there seems to be nothing.

I have had the opportunity to tell to the neighborhood pigeon's group the good reception their bombings have had in the Steemit Community and they want to send this message for you:

Love and Peace ❤️🕊.

🙏Thanks so much for such kindest comments and please, watch out where you sit!

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    At last shit series ends lol,great.😀

    hahahh yep! ;) it's what it is... just enough for this time :) Have a great week ylike!

    Congratz, your post has been resteemed and, who knows, will maybe appear in the next edition of the #dailyspotlights (Click on my face if you want to know more about me...)
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    You saved the best for last ;)

    hahahah really appreciated ;) absolutelly with u on that. The dessert at the end of the dinner :) hahah Have a nice week catlady!

    Start your exhibition already, you master of the art!
    I will buy your first ticket!

    hahahh ;) thanks about mate, you are so kind to me :) really appreciated

    Wonderful. Art is all around us if you open your eyes.

    heheh ;) Thanks, i'm with u on that,,, but we should open our eyes of course!! ;)

    Such a short serie. And finishing it exactly when we got used to these shitty photos. 😂
    I'm wondering what will follow. I heard that rotten leaves are quite exquisite this time of year. 🙂

    upppsss,,, hahahh, who knows what follows, by the way looking for sun and beaches :) have a great week roxy!

    Have a great week, dear friend. 🙂

    ;) likewise roxy! :) enjoy the week as well! :)

    Como vas a llamar la exposicion? El arte de la mierda? 😅

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    well I have enjoyed these photos , and this one is a cute bit of poo !!!

    hahahah thanks Donna ;) glad u liked so :P have a nice week and take care of the jungle-garden! ;)

    Awwww - Que bonito. Un corazón de caca. jijijiji Ese pajarito estaba pensando "me cago en el amor" cuando dejo salir la esa ¿no?

    jajajjaj pues si, yo no paro de sorprenderme de estas cosas :) hahah que tengas buena semana ;)

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