DJI Inspire 2 vs DJI Mavic 2 Zoom 4k Cinematic footage Challenge!

in photo •  5 months ago 

Flagship vs the latest offering. I have mixed in both Mavic 2 Zoom and DJI Inspire 2 X5S footage. Both were shot in 4k/30 FPS. Can you spot which footage is which?

Depends on the day and the settings which comes out better. In general, the Inspire 2 is crisper and cleaner and better in lower light. The Mavic 2 Zoom is more stable, better in the wind, and gets into tighter places. Both fly roughly the same speed.

When I fly, I take both. Both excel in different areas.
The Inspire 2 is a beast will out shoot the Mavic 2 pro or zoom hands down in capable hands. I am still learning the ropes and that levels the playing field.

Thus far, I have found the Mavic 2 Zoom to be more stable and more capable of getting in closer. It does not handle low light well.

The Inspire 2 has the option to switch lenses and has a much larger sensor. That generally translates to better footage. That does not mean the best footage on the reel came from the Inspire 2.

Take a look and see if you can spot which is which. I couldn't.

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