Long night thoughts

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Hello my dear friends,

How are you today?

Yesterday I couldn't fall asleep till almost 5.00 am, so it's actually today😭

I am staying at my friend's. Their neighbours had a birthday party yesterday.

Happy birthday to whoever he or she is! But it's unbearable 😫

It was so loud. They were so singing, talking, and laughing... Apparently, they were having a great time. Good for them! But not for me:(

So I had a plenty of time, unfortunately.

I was looking through my pictures,deciding which ones to choose for Instagram 😂

I want to have the pictures in a specific way, arranged according to colours or something like that.

These are some of them... In a red colour😉




How do you keep your Instagram page?

I've just recently decided to show myself😁

Share a smile and keep yourself happy

💕From Thailand
With love



The next time try go joint the party :))
I hope you was also get small sleep so you not must sleep next day two times more then last day :)

Yes, perhaps you are right. I should have joined the party:)

I slept for two hours 😫

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And it was just one sleepless night... I'm sure next nights you get lot sleep :))
Abd how is the weather there, here still cold .... but nature is green back :)

Lol if you can’t beat them, join them! Not like thailand is ever a place short of parties! So are you planning your Instagram fame? Living that influencer life

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I've been already planning my fame for a long time 😜

Just doing nothing, only planning:)

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Great photos, Natasha. Thanks a lot for sharing. 😊

How do you keep your Instagram page?

I don't. I don't use Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp. 😛

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