Foggy Autumn forest picture sale!

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Is this something you would hang on your wall? Trying to make a living out of my photography! I went to IKEA and there you see pictures on canvas of 1 meter by 1 meter 50 for just 5 euro. I cant compete with that!!!
Maybe one of you guys got some tips for me?






Sorry, no real tip - you cannot compete with their prices, but with better quality and that your photos are unique, personally signed and numbered...

I don't know if you know Thomas Heaton or one of the other big Youtube landscape photographers. They sell prints too, which are limited editions etc like I said above.

Where the ... is this forest? These photos are amazing beautiful - in our forests there's only a mess ;)


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Thank you so much. This forest is in the Netherlands near the town of Amerongen
I think i will look in to that exclusive limited editions stuff! But i have to make more off a name first i think :p
And thank you for making this post trending :D @trendotoken, thats something new i have to look in to :)

You're much welcome @haastrecht 🙂
Of course you have to have a quite well known name also, that people find you and buy your images.

There are a lot of tokens like the trendo or the !BEER and the !DERANGED tokens around lately. I like to reward the people by giving these tokens, which are sometimes more worth than a small upvote.

Thanks for the Google Maps link - I will save it and you may be sure that if I ever should come to the Netherlands I will visit this forest 😉

I wish you a nice evening and a great weekend @haastrecht 🙂

!BEER -- thats a good idea. wish your plans fulfil.

Thanks a lot for the !BEER @qwerrie 😉

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Thank you so much, i really like pages like your. thank you for the exposure :)

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Yeah thank you :D

Hey @haastrecht, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

That's definitely something i like :D Thank you!

Your pictures are great and definitely not comparable to a 5 € print. Someone who doesn't photograph himself has no idea how much work is behind a good shot. It's not just the actual picture, but the preparation necessary to take pictures like you show them. I love such pictures and hope that you can show us more pictures.

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I am practicing photography for 20 years now. That are unpaid years :p Now its time to harvest hahaha.
I will try to upload pictures as much if i can up here.

You're definitely very welcome!

20 unpaid years?! too bad...

Not totally but its more of a hobby. But now its time to conquer the world!

well, I reacted so cause it looks like totally same thing with me. an amateur, taking digital pics since 2005. last year I invested some royalties from my extra job into full-frame camera and enlarged my lens arsenal... still dont think I will see money on the horizon... too many cameraman around, anyone can be photographer having a camera and a pirate Literoom... wide "suggest" balances the price low on the market...

heh. lets preay for better! but some cool tips and know-hows would be really handy.

The bright yellow and the fog is such a cool combination!
Ikea has mass-printed stuff. Cant really compete.

@tipu curate

Thank you, i am just wondering if there is someone that got a big tip ore idea that i can do :)
I declare a war on the IKEA prints :p :D

wow, beautiful. I like this autumn scene.

Thank you so much, autumn in the Netherlands was awesome this year. The whether was very good.

I am gladly upvote your post with all my neox / ccc / steem stash. sadly, I cant do more. your photo art is perfect

Thank you so much! I think i understand what you didt but realy dont know how you did it :p
I really have to delve into it a bit more

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Nice, didnt know about the steem engine market :) thank you so much :) I do my trading on bittrex :p

vice versa -- i have abs. no idea about bittrex!
ps. but are all those tokens 'claimable' thru the bittrex? I slightly suppose they all are binded to SE...

It's just like the Dow Jones index, trading platform for all kinds of crypto. And you can send them any where ore sell them again for dollars ore euro's. Dont know what SE is!

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Thank you so much :)

Where I live photographers like you are able to sell such things at a decent price because there is tourism. There are lots of places to find beautiful artwork of the natural surroundings for sale, and the visitors buy them to take home and remember the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Perhaps you can look around where you live and find a way to market to the visitors who come to see the beauty you photograph?
Also, because there are many talented artists and craftsman in this area of the Appalachian mountains, there is a crafter's guild of sorts, I believe. Maybe you can find such a group in your region?
Your work is certainly beautiful and you have quality to sell. Keep looking and you will find your market niche.

That's a good tip, because the dutch are "going dutch" :D My work needs to get out somewhere and more. I definitely think of this, thank you!

Wow...sorry I just now see this post, I can not upvote... but this photos look very cool. 👌☺️👀👌👌👌👌