just another day in para dise.. parra parra dise...

in photo •  8 months ago

Usually I just do the sunset pics, but something about the sky, lured me to sunrise side, where i took these







then i shot over to the regular spot.
and took these.






and then i went to head home. but found a pile of hard rubbish.
(will post pics of some of the stuff i found in a future post)
mid way through my rummage, i noticed the sky had changed.
alas, by the time i noticed, and shot down to my sunset location,
i missed about 15 minutes of it. still managed to get these though :)



anyways, just wanted to share this little snippet of my day.

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these are really gorgeous pony! love!


thanks @torico . many in the set, just shared a couple :P

Really great pictures!
That last one has some awesome color in the clouds!


Really great pictures!
That last one has some awesome
Color in the clouds!

                 - amberyooper

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Just lovely!