Exchange Scam alert, Cryptopia phishing link on Google first page, always be careful.

in #phishing2 years ago

Scam alert, be careful. Don't lose your hard earned money to scammers.

I just decided to bring this up to help especially the newbies and the lazy ones.

  • Firstly What is phishing link?

Phishing is the process of gathering sensitive information from victims such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details etc. Mainly for a malicious reasons, by disguising as the official site or entity. Read more from Wikipedia

  • Never search exchange site on google, even if you do, make sure you cross check the link or ask trusted friends if you don't know the main link.

Check below screenshot, I decided to search "cryptopia" on google, a phishing link was the first result.
I searched "cryptopia login" same phishing link was on the first page and first link. Check below screenshot.

  • You can check it on your end, search cryptopia or cryptopia login and see the results.
    When I visited the link and found out it was phishing link, check the screenshot below.
    Screenshot_20180222-103348.png Screenshot_20180222-103412.png

Same thing applies to many others exchange too. We should almost be careful.
Must times it is not hackers that made us loose fund, it is just carelessness.

Want to save others? Please resteem to reach more people or you can copy it and send to your friends.

Thanks for reading and saving life.


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