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RE: What Do the Games We Enjoy Tell Us About Income Inequality?

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How do you get/buy plots to rent out to other people? Also why does the game require you to log in with Google or Facebook to play?!?


The Google/Facebook login part sucks, for sure.

You can only rent plots, and they are super expensive right now. The screenshot in the post shows how much gold it costs and one PGL is worth 1,000 gold so renting a plot for just one month is almost 290,000 gold which, at current PGL prices, is almost $100. Super pricey to me for just one month of rent. I just started playing and am about to build my first shovels using resources I mined by hand. One interesting aspect of the game is the need to manage your travel times. It can take hours to get your workers together to trade resources between them. Sometimes it makes sense to do a transportation job if it will get you part of the way you want to go anyway.

Part of me wants to try renting a plot and building a building, but I also know it's kind of a waste of money. Unlike Steemmonsters, there's no chance of getting some special gold foil legendary buried in the ground to make it all worth it (I still have my gold Spirit of the Forrest :)

Who are you renting the plots from then and how is the price determined?

Sorry for all the questions...I just don't have the time to figure all this out on my own :-)

No worries. I think the plot rentals go to the game fund which is kind of like a government. They also have taxes as well. From that fund, as more people join the game, they will expand the map and bury those resources into the newly added plots. At least, that's how I think it works.

The other aspects of the game (hiring for jobs, trading resources and tools, etc) seem to be player to player with a tax.

I went ahead and rented a plot for a month. You can find me at 12/-19. I know it's a waste of money, but I plan to enjoy playing for a month and see if I can earn my rent money back. I'm sure it will be a huge time suck, but I'm a sucker for blockchain games. :)

I'll let you know how it goes. If you do create an account, message me as 1lukestokes1 or stop by and say hello. Maybe I can find some work for you.