It's About What You're Willing To Sacrifice

in philosophy •  7 months ago

We like to fantasize about that place where we've done it all and we're sitting on a beach drinking martinis, but that's not the end game. You know why? How long can you sit in the sun drinking martinis before you're severely sunburned and dehydrated and quite frankly sick of it. It's nice to think of when the going gets tough, but that's not what you really want.

What we all want is to have a purpose in this life and feel fulfilled in what we do. We want, nay, we NEED self actualization. What anyone really wants is to overcome the challenges presented to them. We may not want to partake in the challenge, but we all want to overcome them. The reality is the process, the struggle to overcoming adversity on any level that it hits you and to own it and really swing with it.

I've struggled for a long time to find who I was, but you do so by discarding the things you are not. It's a lot more about removing the negatives to make room for positives than it is about seeking out the positives and hoping you find them. It's about getting aligned and being in the space where opportunity has the chance to present itself to you. Maybe just maybe in that space, you will achieve everything you've ever wanted, but you have to really want it. You can't just wish it, but really want it so badly that you're willing to risk failing. I've regretted only things I've not done in this life, not the things I did do for I learned and grew from those trials. I still let many things pass me by, but only because I know those things are not me.

Create the you that you want to be today because tomorrow never comes.

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This lifetime is not without a struggle to make us stronger and not without problems to solve to make us wiser, it is a jungle and we have to survive and keep up with the changing times. @scottcbusiness


Exactly, well said :)

I guess you are lucky you weren't born a woman, a minority, disabled or had to struggle through extreme poverty before getting to such a feel good place in life. Yes, life if hard, your learn from your lessons but one person's rose colored glasses are not going to be the same as looking through someone else's.


The fantasy I'm referring to doesn't matter who you are. The work ethic is what matters. Sure I'm lucky, but that doesn't make any of it less true. Luck is a way to put blame and responsibility to anything outside ourselves. It's still real, but it doesn't help


Yes it does. Yes work ethic is what matters but those denied their ability to perform to their fullest ability by discrimination or sexual harassment have way more ladders to keep trying to climb when someone pushes them off one. Somethings just can't be sacrificed. Some people just get tired of being pushed off ladders. I am just saying the picture can't be painted with one broad brush is all.


It's by no means a broad brush, it's still what you will sacrifice and not what you want. Wanting something in no way helps you get it. Sacrificing time, money, leisure, etc. will get you closer. Being discriminated or harassed is awful except it doesn't stop you in any way from dedicating more time or spending less time and money on leisure. I'd say if anything it should motivate you even more to go beyond those things and then be someone who can impact change to fix those issues

I haven't felt this proud about having voted anyone as a witness. You are not the most talented person or the smartest person. But you are a genuinely good person. That matters. Your message is one that needs to be heard these days. 100% upvoted!

Keep up the good work and spread good ideas. Ideas are bulletproof and they are what build civilizations.


Wow thank you so much for your kind words and support! Let's change the world together :)