Natural Law, Trivium and Consciousness Chart

in philosophy •  5 months ago

This is a chart I made to incorporate my understanding of Natural Moral Law, the Trivium Method, the level of consciousness that results, and also the negative manifestation and unconsciousness when we reject these understandings. This is how we actively create reality, or allow reality to be created for us towards control and enslavement through our programmed, conditioned and mind controlled ways of living in falsity, wrong, immorality and evil.

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Made a copy of your chart to refer back to.

Dead people/walking asleep. I believe for the majority of folks, they can only be startled from something drastic shaking up their entire program. Shaking them to their very core so violently that it is impossible for them to pretend their limited view from their programs is the sum scope of all there is that should be important to them.

There is little in the way of references I have come across that would suggest man's natural state is not to be controlled by an elite group bent on exploiting the masses. The closest that comes to mind is the Hunza, and that seems to be more from a lack of resources worth the effort to extract as to why they have a somewhat natural, balanced existence.

The dark sorcerers who create most of these evil programs as a control mechanism are also prone to using violence to let those who start looking up over their programming know bad things can happen to those who deviate from the program. Do what you are supposed to according to the illusion masters and good things "might" come to you. Don't do what you are supposed to by their rules and lots of bad shit will rain down on you. I sometimes wonder how many get some of this, never having totally given in inwardly to the confusion programs. They give in to their fear of being ostracized or worse from the group if they show they are "different"

Appreciate your speaking out, although sadly enough those who are in need of hearing that there are other modes that can free them aren't naturally prone to investing in the time to study your chart and listen to the structures you talk of.

On a side note, I have thought the same on karma being more of a scientific fact having to do with the here and now, not something I did in some other life 1400 years ago. I remain unconvinced time is what we experience it as. It seems possible to me, given the little blips of precognition I believe not just myself, but many experience, suggests everything may have already happened and time is the vehicle we use to isolate its different occurrences.


Yes, it takes a catalyst to awaken,and often that is chaos/negative that teaches... Our natural state is many things, both capacities to create good and evil. Our tendency to trust in order to survive cooperatively allows us to be manipulated and controlled. The threats from authority we trust to help run life for us is what then keeps us in line and living according to their rules and their agenda.

I don't subscribe to the time ideas you have. We move forward as that's how things are. No time is just nothing happening, and non existence. Moving backwards in unraveling existence. Time isn't a thing in itself as far as I understand it. It's a reference word symbol for measurements.

Thanks for this video! Is the chart available for download? Resteeming.


You're welcome :) Here's a HQ PDF or PNG image.


Thank you so very much! I will share it with my spiritual groups.

Thanks a lot for being such good witness, I updated my vote, I do that every 2-3 months and I'm still voting you as a witness and I included you in this post to introduce you to a very good steemian : One of the best steemians


Thanks for the support, appreciated ;)

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Words can't even describe how phenomenal this is. All the talk, all the attention and energy placed on surface-level effects in the world - billions of futile internal and external voices prattling on incessantly... Meanwhile, a half-empty room of earnest truth-seekers sits facepalming while the world goes up in flames. This information is fundamental to any consideration of human society. The fact that it goes thoroughly unnoticed or unheeded is ironclad evidence of a purposeful attempt to dumb-down the world population.

No one in their right mind would ignore such critical information if not drawn off in other directions by heavy-handed deception. To ignore this is to say "It's better to base our actions on false information than to know truth and act in accordance with it." No one knowingly says this, though they adopt the position because truth has been replaced by a decoy, and they have not been taught to value the mental endeavors that would lead to the real thing. All evil is a perversion. The human vault is filled with fool's gold, while the good stuff lies about freely available in posts like this.