Why "Do Unto Others, What You Want Others To Do Unto You" Is The Real Golden Rule And Not The "Do Not" Version?

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Some people who are not really paying attention to the more "important" principles in life have confused the two versions of the "golden rule" namely:

  1. Do to others, what you want others to do to you.


  1. DO NOT do to others what you don't want others to do to you.

What's the difference?

There's a world of difference between them!

The first one is the real deal. Spoken by Christ himself, at Matthew 7:12. Saying further that the "law of the prophets" is summed up in this "action".


Why is it important?

Because all our relations and interactions hinge on this.

We should do to others WHAT WE (expect, want, need, deserve) others to do to us.

This is deep. The repercusions are immeasureable and yet it is what we all need to do. AND MOST OF THE TIME DON'T.

You see why this version is the GOLDEN RULE is because of the reason that this is POSITIVE and ACTIVE.

To fulfill the admonition, WE NEED TO ACT POSITIVELY. We have to do something to our fellow, to "others" which incidentally includes even our closest relative. (Our family for example are the nearest "others" that we got)

It requires our action, it requires that we INITIATE the chain of GOOD ACTS instead of waiting to receive one from the "others". It encourages us to kickstart "good karma". Then imagine how well our society will do IF EVERYONE THINKS AND DOES THE SAME. (like upvoting and following for example)

The "Golden Rule" is so good if properly applied, that someone mistakenly thought that, it is all we need to have fulfilled all of God's requirement from mankind. Because, if all people ADHERE to this rule, we will avoid doing harm to others.

With the exception of the mentally unstables, people will usually avoid doing harm to himself:

  • Physically
  • Mentally
  • Emotionally
  • Financially
  • Other ways


Think about it, what sort of damages and conflicts, we all could avoid if we can ONLY LEARN TO APPLY THE GOLDEN RULE?

Crimes of all sorts would be eliminated, relationships will vastly improve, progress will be linear and continously UPTREND when harm against progress and the people behind them are eliminated. Utopia will be realized.

And it's only a representative of the HALF of God's laws. Yet, If only we can all learn to apply this ONE principle, our society will be so much different than WHAT IT IS NOW.

And here's the funny thing.

So many people confused this GOLD to a bleep rule:


I do understand the why of the confusion. But let me tell you why it cannot really compare to the real golden rule above.

This pseudo-principle is demon inspired, this is fed to the masses to sow confusion of what we really SHOULD DO.

Look at it. It is actually evil.


Because it is the very opposite of the real Golden Rule and it is NEGATIVE in nature!

Even a DEAD PERSON fulfill that useless principle!!! It is so useless, that YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING and you got it covered. Got it?

Yup, that is why this is propagated by the enemies of God. It makes our society complacent, indifferent and "to each his own" kind of society, which LED US TO WHAT STATE OUR SOCIETY IS NOW.

A society that is full of hatred, harm, confusion and on the brink of total annihilation FROM ITSELF daily.

With almost everyone thinking "riches" is the sign of success, no matter how you get it. To the detriment of everyone.

So please, do not be confused, and if you really, really appreciate "good life", practice it. Because no one can live happily in a ROTTING SOCIETY, do not think that, being evil will result in a happy life. YOUR ACTIONS will breed reactions, so if you act against the golden rule, you will reap the results. That is how the society will then OPERATE.

"Do unto others what you would want others to do unto you" IS THE GOLDEN RULE.

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easteagle13 is a "messenger" to assist people that are willing to enjoy the best of life has to offer.
Be it material riches, spiritual truths or even Life.
He knows the "real state of things", although they may be hidden behind veils of deceits.
Therefore he does not really care about the PRESENT SYSTEM OF THINGS (governments, commerce, religions and evil people), knowing they are bound to be replaced by the best ones in God's due time soon.


The Golden Rule is the root of all evil. I know, blasphemous, but it's true. I've written briefly about why here: https://steemit.com/life/@limitless/five-bullet-fridays-8

Basically, your desires are not the same as other people's desires, and when you fundamentally views life different from others and seek to spread what you perceive as being good, you end up harming others. It is completely possible to commit mass murder while following the Golden Rule if you simply slightly change a few seemingly harmless beliefs.

I also have a recent anecdote of someone who was spreading too many positive messages around the apartment and was making people feel creeped out. She thought that she could convince people to act nicer to each other, but instead it only caused inconveniences for people and mentally drained them.

Please do not follow the Golden Rule. Your "Good Acts" can bring people annoyance, pain, and even tragedy. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Avoiding harm is wiser. To imply that you know what is better for others than they do themselves is egocentric.

Good intentions are not good acts, "good" on the other hand has also been confused by so many.

If Golden rule of "doing to others WHAT YOU WANT others to do unto you" have so much evil results into it. What IS your alternative?

Anyway, don't mind me. You are free to do as you please. :)

Murder-suicide cases are perfect examples of following the Golden Rule. They truly believed that the world sucks or that there's a better life in heaven, so they decided to take others with them. Hitler also very much had a utopian vision.

"Not every metaphysician is violent, but every violent man is a metaphysician." - Decline of the West podcast

Utopias are naive visions that cause far more harm than good. Eve shares the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil with Adam. Sharing is caring... and you see where that leads... The Golden Rule is the root of all evil.

There is no absolute morality in survival situations either. In war torn places where saving your own child would lead to the death of other kids, what would you do? There are no real answers.

I understand the points you raised, sadly it is a "twisted" application of the "golden rule", which is the summary of the 7 Laws of God that includes "YOU MUST NOT KILL". So killing self or others are definitely NOT INCLUDED in the correct application of the rule.

Eve's sharing the fruit is also NOT included, because BEFORE the golden rule, there is another HALF, which is MOSTLY overlooked nowadays, that is HAVING GOD to worship alone. Which coincidentally requires someone WHO APPLIES the second half(golden rule) to OBEY GOD. Eve having disobeyed God already by eating the fruit, is actually DOING harm to his neighbor. THUS IT IS NOT A CORRECT application of the rule whatsoever.

Disobedience to God is the "root of all evil," until an anti-Christ like Paul, twisted the matter.

You know the answers, it is only hard to accept them, sometimes.

You're assuming sufficiently complete information datasets and rationality of decision making.

Interesting post! While I agree with the post, it's easy to come up with objections, like "I wish someone killed me, therefore I must kill someone", or "Materialism is bad for me, so I must destroy peoples belongings". I hope you address these objections here or in a separate post.

I think the golden rule is a bit too open to interpretation if taken out of the context of the bible, so it shouldn't be used as a separate principle. The silver rule is better on it's own, but of course the teaching of the bible is much better as a whole.

It's easy to come up with obejections to anything. To some people, it is not really a problem of "knowledge" or "proof" but attitude. Some can heal, some can't.

Even God does not hope to save everyone. Only those who will volunteer. Thanks for the interest, I hope you'll read my future posts.