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RE: Simplify laws: No Victim, No Crime

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I see that you are knowledgeable about law from a voluntary perspective. I suppose you are familiar with the sovereign man/free man movement and the work of Dean Clifford? I recently stumbled upon an article about a man in Croatia who declared himself as a living man, and terminated the contract with the state of Croatia which in theory means that the law has no jurisdiction over him, but he is now experiencing problems and facing potential imprisonment for a traffic violation. I think he was done something wrong, but I don't know much about this topic, as I just know about the concept. Check it out, I would like to see your opinion.


I've seen people TRY to do this in the U.S. too. The problem is the corrupt established system is still ACTIVE and all around us even if we say "No more". So we need to be smart about how we approach things and we can't realistically expect instantaneous change and acceptance.

Do you follow the work of Ken Cousins? In my mind he is the best when it comes to this. He established his own private society called Panterra D'oro.

No he does not sound familiar. I may have encountered him before, but I do not recognize him from the name.

I first saw the interview on Anarchast, and then watched all the clips on youtube. After that I checked out his gemstone university. Interesting stuff, and he sound like he knows his research. Check him out:

I will. Thanks. He might be someone new in these movements that I haven't encountered before.

Great video. Thanks, I had not encountered this guy before. I've encountered a lot of what he is speaking about before, and perhaps I was reading something he wrote years ago.

In my mind he is the one who went the furthest, but am not that conversant.

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