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Genius Is Not A Person But A Universal Force


The cosmic webbing of innumerable lights,
Emanating their glorious intellect
To those receptive vessels
Which gaze upon their
Otherworldly light
In aspiration

        With regards to the areas of creativity, intelligence, and genius, the popular view could not be more hopelessly mistaken. These abilities are not special, exclusive characteristics of the few, but innate to all entities, both animate and "in-animate" within the cosmos. Rather than spend our energy to dismantle the absurd and offensive idea that humanity is divided into the brilliant and the stupid, the peon and the hero: let us propose an alternative perspective. Let us explore the possibility that Genius is a universal force of the Cosmos that is everywhere present, and constantly seeking conducive outlets for its transmission.


Genius is Everywhere Present


        Genius is when supposedly separate aspects of life are seen to be integral to each other. It is the grasp of interconnectedness at deep levels, and the dilution of this great truth to the least degree possible. Everywhere nature is conspiring; Everywhere there is cosmic co-operation that baffles linear comprehension. Everything is entangled. Removing variables from the equation is for the comfort & entertainment of the mind alone. As the addiction to "sophisticated" (needlessly complicated) thinking is epidemic, genius is said to be rare. However, it is brimming forth from every crevice of reality; it is singing through the many voices that attune themselves to its subtle harmonies. Those standing deaf and mute in its awe-inspiring presence, preferring at present the false light of ignorance, need only learn the procedure to unplug their ears and unfreeze their tongues to join with the celestial host.


Genius Is Constantly Seeking Expression


The teacher is ready,
Yet the student does not appear.
The meal is laid out on the table,
Yet the starving fool refuses to eat.

        Reflect upon this saying & you will comprehend the whole tragicomedy of humanity's deadly over-attachment to its Shadow. There is the projection of inadequacy by the one who is frightened of their potential. This is the misguided denial of brilliance which results when one has a deep love for ignorance. It is like a man who chooses a wicked & abusive old crone to be his bride and slams the door in the face of the young, beautiful, kind-hearted woman who truly loves him. Or a woman who selects an ugly, cruel-hearted, and poor man for her mate over the charming & gentle suitor overflowing with wealth. Such is the choice of much of humanity, who then declare that only the select few are capable of genius!


        Genius is not a trickle, but a thunderous waterfall of intelligence available to those who will overcome the fear of their magnificence. Indeed, every being is a wonderful and unique fount of creativity, waiting to be activated!


I cried out & heard a voice,
I was silent & the universe sang to me.
Then I said thanksgiving to the beauty I beheld,
And danced in rapture to the rhythms of the stars.


Genius Is A Universal Force


        In compassion and clarity, our perspective on genius shifts. It appears that what seemed its scarcity was instead the decision of the many to not receive it. The unlikely empowerment of this conclusion is that it is within the responsibility of each individual to claim their divine birthright of creativity, intelligence, and genius. How beautiful, that each possesses the degree of autonomy necessary to make this decision in the proper circumstance and timing! How wonderful are the endless variations of Genius' expression! How unique the beings that are its whirring transmitters!


Let us give thanks for the infinite mystery of the Cosmos, whose magnitude and scope we can only begin to imagine. Let us daily dwell in gratitude for the wonder and joy that the experience of life brings. May we allow the Genius of reality to flow through our veins!


In Wholeness,

night-clear-bright-blue-white-stars-above-trees (1).jpg

Written by Daniel Pendergraft on 7/20/17
All images are public domain use.


What do you think Genius is? Where does it come from? Is it personal or universal, or both? What did you learn from this article? How does your perspective differ from mine? Let me know by commenting. Have a wonderful day!



Beautifully said. You only have to accept the gift.

@d-pend, I loved your post, "Genius Is Not A Person But A Universal Force", because you spoke the truth. We all have the ability to do anything we want.....we just don't know how to tap in on these abilities. Some of us are closer to being open receptors and others are completely closed off. People don't understand that we limit ourselves. We stop ourselves from being because of fear, denial, ignorance, or avoidance. Sometimes I think that as one ages, one becomes more real and open. That is why they say, honor the elderly for they hold wisdom and knowledge.

I have to admit that life lessons have made me wiser and more grounded. I still make mistakes but have the capacity now to accept that I am not perfect. I am not a genius but I feel that I've come closer to it than when I was younger. To me, genius is having greater awareness of all that is around us. It is the ability to know how to utilize universal properties to benefit all of us as one. Genius is knowing how to more forward, not backward. Genius to me is universal for all.

Once again d-pend, you put my brain to 5th gear. I will sleep good tonight! :D

Ah yes, the great mystery of the human experience and discovering ourselves and our place in the cosmos. I think that genius can be accessed in part, by us making some adjustments in our thinking, the way we go about getting things done, etc. That said, our ability to make those adjustments, and the fact that we even exist to carry it all out, is the result of something that I'll just refer here to as "The Source". Thank you for this.

It is the infinite consciousness of all that propagates through each and every one of us.

Well said @cosmicorder. Thank you for your input brother

I'm just happy to be able to enter into conversations such as this and connecting people like you. Thanks again.

Now THIS is my cup of tea!

I don't know if what you say is true, but it "resonates" as something that can definitely be true and something that agrees with my own experiences and personal experiments.

If this is true, I am the student and the fool here:
"The teacher is ready,
Yet the student does not appear.
The meal is laid out on the table,
Yet the starving fool refuses to eat."
I haven't always been this way, but have 'lost my way.'
Even my efforts here on this speak, and hear, and be heard are futile to me it seems. Either I don't see how the web is woven or my ability to channel the focus has left me.
It is very frustrating!!

Prove to the world why you deserve what you think it is that you want/ need.

Do you even believe that you deserve it, in the first place?

More often than not, we're our own worst enemy when it comes to achieving our goals (fulfilling our desires). At one level, we burn for something. At the next, just beyond our reach, we push back and sabotage everything that can and will lead to obtaining it (subconscious mind). Is there any reason why you should feel that you don't deserve to get what you think you want? It might be worth looking a little more deeply into.

Do you really even want it?

A lot of times we don't put forth enough effort to get what we want out of our "transactions" and probably more often than not it's because we're not really convinced (at a deep level) that we want it or need it...and a lot of times it's precisely because we really DON'T need it.

Two checks above and you're good to go...universe pays you for playing its game to your advantage.

Once we can go "full-hearted" into something, knowing that we want it and having the conviction that we 100% deserve it, then we are in every way aligned with allowing ourselves to do the right things and say the right words to get there. Then we have the backing of our subconscious minds, which, in a lot of ways, is more powerful and influential than our conscious awareness.

Powerful words from brother @jamesbrown!!!

@em3 these fluctuations happen to us all. I have lived much of my life squandering my energy and carrying the excess weight of defeatist belief systems. Don't give up hope!!!

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you put it like once it was. a power greater than ourselves. our learned limitations hold us back. the burden that we are somehow responsible for it hold us down. if we just listen and let it happen the "genius spirit" will show.
really nice. looking forward for more. thank you

awesome post and really dig the way you formatted it, whenever people say to me "I wish I was creative", I used to tell them, EVERYONE is creative, there are just different types of creativity <3

nice post, well explained, u r a genius ^^

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