How mathamagic was used to break logic and reason in society.

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People are constantly trying to use imagination to perform analytical logical reason when in fact it is not possible to do. Logic and reason have this in common with real math and our reasoning mind. That is that in math the functions  + , -, x,  and / that is adding, subtracting, multiplication and division, in order to work, must be a representation of the conditions you are describing. Just as the functions have to have the integers be related to the something so does your analytical mind have to have a something to work.  

So 10 x 10 = 0

The number 10 by itself doesn't actually mean anything, unless it is describing something in  the real world. Ten nothing x Ten nothings will always equal 0. So why do people get this wrong all the time? What is different about our reasoning mind is that it operates based on habits. So when you constantly in school practice incorrectly using functions, that require a something, to actually mean anything, without that meaning, well the mind begins to think it is normal math and doesn't even notice it is mathamagics. This begins the process of creating minds, that cannot use their natural ability, to discover the logical condition necessary, to use reason about those conditions.

How do we fix this problem. We insist on writing the something into the equation. Like the following. 

So 10 Pens x 10 Pens = 100 Pens.

Does this apply to the higher math. Why yes. It always applies to math or what you are doing is not math, but mathemagics. One could say that the functions require that the numbers be related to reality or they do not work and do not supply you a condition that is usable logically or reasonably. This is because logic is the condition you find something in and has no relations to your imagination. Reason is what you discover will happen if you change those conditions and also has nothing to do with your imagination.

What is the proper use of your imagination?

Thinking in terms of the conditions you find things in comes a list of things that happen as a result of those conditions. Thus when you come across two conditions that have different things, that happen as a result of the conditions, one can use there imagination to see if they can reason what will happen, if the two conditions are put together. Logically and reasonably one has to then design a experiment and see if their imagination was correct. Most of the time it is not correct and this condition that is related to imagination logically and reasonably leads one to the conclusion, that :
trusting imagination when using logic and reason is a very bad idea. 

Was this done on purpose?

Honesty requires that I tell you I see this with no problem, because I always insist on writing the something into math equations. Logically and Reasonably there is no way for me to know if it was done on purpose, because one cannot use logic nor reason on their imagination and has to be present to the conditions in order for it to be based on reality. It just doesn't work.

Doing so will create the condition of not concluding from reality and so I wouldn't even attempt it. So don't pollute your analytical mind with mathamagic!

However honesty requires me to also tell you that I cannot think of any way our logical and very reasonable ancestors could have not known this could happen. I can't even imagine a way in which this could happen by accident. It doesn't mean however that it was done on purpose. Personally I don't believe in coincidence however because I have noticed that in most cases one can find the reason if they dig hard enough. Another post I wrote you might find of interest is  Getting closer to the slave trading owners.  

All  photo's are from Pixabay. I am not responsible for if you   think, how  you think, what you think or what you do. You are! If you   like my  content consider up voting and following my blog. Peace!   What do you think? 

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It gets you thinking - that's for sure. Good production quality. Gonna go out on a limb and say you've got a professional history in analytics or math instructing. If not, someone needs to pay you for it.


Thanks no I got none of that good ole boy fraud before my name. I am self educated. lol

Well that's good to hear. Funny how they make homeschooling illegal in some areas - wonder why they'd do such a thing...

Cause they want you to learn what to think and a civilizing education, which you have to acquire on your own teaches you how to think. Bullshitters don't what you to know that they are full of

I keep trying to tell people our math system is flawed at the assumption level, and they say that i am insane.

One of the assumptions of mathematics is that you can always add 1 to a number. (and thus we get infinity, in a linear sense, and totally broken mathematics)

Lets use the pens you used above. If there existed 10,000 pens.
10,001 has no meaning.

And so, i see much of theoretical science as complete junk, because it relies on numbers that don't exist. Not even in the imaginary sense.

Yep in real science if you cannot verify and confirm through repeated experiment than you don't have analytical data. One as I said in the post must be present to sense the something. Otherwise it is imaginary and not logical nor reasonable material, but imaginary. Lots of so called science today is really a philosophy of religion that denies data that goes against there religion. That is how you get fraud in science.

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Awesome post!! Keep it up and check out THIS POST as well as I have something similar.