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The Dialectics of Liberation: Anarchism, Existentialism, and Decentralism
Part 3 - The Philosophy of Existentialism - VII - The Meaning of Nonsense

"I act , therefore I am" - charlie777pt

1 - Introduction

"Is there someone who has the key to the door of being, which has no door."
"And you can open me with reasons of the intelligence of the world."
- Fernando Pessoa in Poetry of Álvaro Campos

It is undeniable that Existentialism is completely alive and embedded in our lives, in philosophy, in psychology and psychiatry, psychoanalysis and existential-humanistic therapies, literature and visual arts, that was established during the second half of the last century and generated a lot of extensions till today.
It seems that the existentialist movement has disappeared from the news and mainstream printed media, but it is being resuscitated by the actual social unrest and uncertainty, to which actual politics have no answers about the future because they created this cancerous reality.

"When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves." - Viktor E. Frankl, in Man's Search for Meaning

When the citizens feel that the law is not applied to the powerful politicians and to the nation's crimes, as the murder of ethics, it creates general disbelief in the equality of Justice because representative democracy is no longer the government of the people.
Politics is losing space on printed media, TV and social media because it is irrelevant to the common citizen, that is treated like an object, or a trained monkey, not a Human Being and showing that the pseudo-democratic society never changed, it is just getting worst.
The persons of the privileged classes, like always in History, have a superficial approach to reality and truth, always creating fictions of false narratives of fear, to elect their right wing fascist clowns married to the corporative world.
Fear is the base of Hate, a human disease functioning like a blindfold stops us from seeking the truth because it can only be seen in the eyes of Love.

"It is enough for one man to hate another so that hatred gradually gains the whole of humanity" - Jean-Paul Sartre

2 - Existentialism: The Meaning of Nonsense

"What do I know that I know, I that do not know what I am" - Fernando Pessoa in Poetry of Álvaro Campos

Freedom comes from enslaving self-discipline about our responsibility, but a free being is simultaneously the subject of liberation creating a nonsense paradoxical paradigm of reality, where the individual makes an attempt to build the meaning for existence.

Existentialism, in the anthropologist perspective, sees the historical processes like a social phenomenology in a series of totalizations (equilibriums), and Detotalizations (chaos or instability), in a diachrony of Retotalizations of Existence, by the interaction of people's Essences.
People suffer Tensions and Distensions, with existential Angst, as a byproduct of our internal dialectics between the latent (non-observable), consciousness and experience, and the manifested (observable) in the mutual behaviors of the encounters between human beings.
Every conscious act of man/woman is his/her own total responsibility, based on freedom of choice, which transforms the Essence but also affects the world around, being irreversible, and even Sartre claimed that this option can be an Absurd too.

"We do not know what we want and yet we are responsible for what we are - that is the fact." Jean-Paul Sartre

Existentialists see existential angst, despair, or anxiety are the main signs of the nonsense of a meaningless life, and it is born in act of choice, and by the responsibility as the counterpoint of freedom.
The existential Angst is as a normal consequence of existence, marked by age decay and death, feelings of detachment, isolation, and meaninglessness, that positively can take us to a new kind of awareness to enrich our experience, as an attempt of the subject to construct a meaning for its Existence.

Like Heidegger noticed anxiety can also be the genesis of the feeling of a liberating mood, with inner sensations of a peaceful state when we can feel our real and authentic Self blooming in Reality.
The anxiety of meaninglessness and nothingness can be the fuel to transform our Essence for a fulfilled meaningful life.

"I'm nothing" "I'll never be nothing" "I can not want to be nothing" "Apart from that, I have in me all the dreams of the world" - Fernando Pessoa in Poetry of Álvaro Campos

To climb the stairs of the levels of consciousness we must face that we have to unmask the materialistic possessions based society, and the competition as a base for the will for power inculcated by our education, as a way to attain a meaning life.

3 - Make Sense in Life

We make sense out of Life.
Life has no sense, and there is no purpose for living.
My initial quote in this post can be enhanced with - "I act (Existence), therefore I am (Essence)."
The most difficult concept to understand since we are born is that action precedes thought and not the other way round.
Piaget has shown the same in his genetic psychology that is the action that structures children's intelligence with the differential states of sensorial motor perception.
It's in our actions and will, that we try to make sense of the world when we act in Existence to transform our the Essence of our Being.

"Between Stimulus and Response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom"- Viktor E. Frankl

Schopenhauer said the World is just a representation of our own will, meaning the more you know yourself (consciously and subconsciously scratching) the more the events of reality surrounding you, seem to be a product of your control of the will exercised over Reality.
Freedom means human consciousness in existentialism, and when we make our dreams come true, it allows us the freest possible use of our reasoning, but it always starts the total responsibility of acting in reality.

"There is no traced-out path to lead man to his salvation; he must constantly invent his own path. But to invent it, he is free, responsible, without excuse, and every hope lies in him." - Jean-Paul Sartre

Certain empowerment over our acts comes from desiring freedom's essence in self-consciousness, with the necessary awareness to overcome the forces of reality, that will never be totally tamed.
Hate, intolerance, and exclusion are tools of war, that are overriding peace and inclusiveness for a peaceful world, that we have to help to build with introspection, self-awareness, and insights to change our inner-self under the umbrella of love for the others, to understand them.

"I who can stand with me and with my selves of me" - Fernando Pessoa

Existentialism, Anarchism, Individualism or Decentralism are philosophies that are friends of freedom as wisdom for the fight for individual and collective freedom, maybe a kind of nonsense to make sense out of the meaning of our life in Existence.


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Great one once again.

Ultimately, we each give our own meaning to anything. Actually, Love doesn't deserve meaning because from my experience Love in the end is the freedom to create anything we want including all in existence. Defining Love ultimately gives it a reality it does not deserve. So even though the world as it is in a state many don't accept as that anymore, it is great to realise that when we have the power to evoke change within, then without, that on some level we were the ones that allowed the current state of the world to come this very point, because in the very same way self-empowerment is a choice, disempowerment and self-victimisation has been a choice as well we each started cultivating for probably individual reasons.

Thanks! :)

Thanks a lot my dear friend for the compliment and for the wise, sensitive and intelligent comment, as always.:)
You are 100% right, we have been complicit with the current state of society.
Meaning to the most majority of people comes from outside, not the inside, making the difference between conformism and autonomy.
People prefer to die inside to be in peace with society, than to fight the world to find inner peace.
In our era of Intolerance have long surpassed Love, leading to War that is drowning Peace.
And thanks for the comment clearing up my impression that Steemit (or me) is creating content in an empty shell no one opens to see the pearls, because the prevailing model is automated finance of a vicious casino where the users are trying to milk the conned nickel machines.
Thanks for the human contact in the world of bots.

Posted using Steeve, an AI-powered Steem interface

From the beginning I have been of the opinion that Steemit has never meant to become a "high consciousness platform" but "just" the next big step in social media. What I do believe however is that those living more consciously and spiritually from the Heart have been given this "early adopter Steemit gift to build themselves a decent foundation in time so that when the masses flood in ( I truly see that coming) we already have a foothold here. Otherwise I think the concept of paid social media would have been strongly detested by those with more Heart-focus.

Clearly feeling all this is what makes me easily accept this place the way it is right now, while some very good articles like yours make the stay even more comfortable ;)

Great reflexion on the "state of things" on Steemit.
I really like the "high consciousness platform" designation of what steemit should be.
I don't care about the financial part, but a friend told me 2 years ago that if I wanted to pass my message the best way was to be on the trending page. :(
Like any early social-technical phenomena that I call the "Nascent State" (Alberto Alberoni) it is an illuminated collective involvement, that soon will be invaded by the masses that overcome this state of liberation and turns that social change happening into an imprisoning dark institution with moral laws like any other common social process.
The Yellow Vests are an example of a movement that is almost finishing because today the mighty powers are very fast in destroying this kind of movements, and the nationalist-populist right-wing leaders are trying to glue to these spontaneous social movements as a strategy to assault the power and augment the income of their sponsors.
Thanks a lot my friend for feeding my writing vein, and my spiritual growth, that I hope to work both ways.
People like a lot the song "Don't worry be happy", by I like the lyrics "do worry to be happy". :)

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