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The Dialectics of Liberation: Anarchism, Existentialism, and Decentralism.
Part 3 - The Philosophy of Existentialism: IV - Existentialism: Is Direct Democracy back with The Yellow Vests?

"The dialectic between action and an awakened consciousness is marked by time, but by its force, it transforms the Times." - charlie777pt

1- Introduction

I'm not loosing my line of thought of talking about existentialism in some extra posts, that were not planned, because I'm feeling on the air, that today's reality and actual social movements are bringing back this practical philosophy that can help to liberate the individual by understanding the actual hegemonies of power in the western civilization, as it happened in May 68 in France.

By the continuing growth of a social phenomena like the Yellow Vests, interrupting the narrative of institutional politics, I will keep analyzing the phenomena in a non-structured way, but with the eye of existentialism that resuscitated like a Ghost, to show us that nothing was solved since the May 68 revolt, when for the first time in history the pages of philosophy jumped from the books to the streets, as a practical social movement showing how things were then as now .

Existentialism is alive today because in the last years we have seen that the political and social configuration of the '60s is again in the horizon with the Yello Vests having the same origin, born in social discontent and unrest of the arid social landscape of the post second-word-war, where people started to be disconnected, and not identified with the political-partisan system and representative democracy.
This was the ambiance that anticipated the events of May 68, when the existentialist philosophy turned into an individual political praxis as a collective movement that opened a Pandora's box.

2 - The Yellow Vests - Direct Democracy vs Representative Democracy

Today, like in May 68 in France, The Yellow Vests are people that have started to think out of the actual framework of politics, parties, and the unfair representative democracy, still trying to spell the first letters of social conscience, and understanding how the sociopathic powers are creating an unsustainable future world, supported by the ones that are still blindfolded by the path of money as vesting power accumulation.
For the last consecutive eleven weekends, we see that the Yellow Vests movement is still alive and being aggressively repressed because all the crowds that trying to put the Truth out, so they are enemies not for the people but for the States but it's just a case of justifiable civil disobedience to claim back their ceased rights.

The Yellow Vests are unveiling the actual political forces of representative democracy, that have no solutions to return to the point economic and social equilibrium, and the movement wants to replace it by a more open and participatory direct democracy, based in referendums to replace the self-centered political powers.
The Yellow Vests are alive and kicking, and there is the possibility of a new May 68, but this one seems to be alive for a long time now, meaning that maybe this time the results can be different, in this coup-de-force between centralized representative democracy, and freedom decentralized movements for direct democracy.

The Yellow Vests, call for Direct Democracy, to restore and reinvent it by "popular referendum" political systems, against Representative Democracy, where the elected became a royal class that pervert the expectations of the electorate in a process of a participative bureaucracy called voting.
Direct democracy always was more efficient for smaller groups, because there was no technical decentralized voting system, but with the blockchain in the future it can be a realized utopia, reducing time and expenses, using a trusted application that can help these referendums, and avoid manipulation of centralized electorate systems for voting.

As we have seen in the Brexit referendum, systems can be manipulated by the centralized representative democracy and the party apparatus, taking advantage of peoples' deep fears and anxieties, to pervert the results, but we must not forget that the euro-skepticism played a big role in it, a problem still underlying the actual leaderless spontaneous movements, out of the representative political apparatus.

Direct democracy is false, when it is exercised inside the structures of representative democracy, because it controls the outcome of referendums, by the mediatic waves of propaganda of the political narrative, to stop open dialogue and free debate, that allows to put the right questions without manipulation, with fully informed citizens invested with real political decisional power at the personal, communal, and intercommunity levels.

This contradiction generate the difference between, "They" or "Them", (the state, a representative distant abstract group that we can't influence), "We "or "Us" (as a direct choice of policies made by the interested communities), and the "I" and "Me" (the affirmation of the individual empowered by the natural born rights).

3 - The Black Hole of Authoritarianism

"A society becomes totalitarian when its structure becomes flagrantly artificial: that is, when its ruling class has lost its function but succeeds in clinging to power by force or fraud." - Georges Orwell

Governments today are the representatives of the interests of world-ruling classes, that own the mediatic propaganda to create cultural obscurantism and keep mystifying that they are defending the rights and wishes of the constituents, by emotional manipulation, because they don't have any practical plan to solve the actual society's crisis in culture and values.
The black veil of the spectrum of fascism is getting denser all over Europe and in almost the rest of the world, under the umbrella of economic neoliberalism, the right-wing and a new resurgence of the power of religion commanding most of these new populist politicians, acting just like China's and Korean's capitalist-communist hegemonic dictators, and nobody says a word.

Besides some small examples of some pockets of resistance in the fight against fascism in Europe, like in Portugal and Sweeden, all the European Community goes along with Trump's idiocracy and autocracy, accepting the supremacy theory of American exceptionalism as the right to subjugate any country or group to their non-negotiable demands, by killing any focus of political autonomic behavior.

The examples of the black stain of fascism are everywhere, from Erdogan in Turkey forbidding Darwin and replacing it by the Coran Allah creation, in the US the religious creationist fundamentalists, war monks, and neocon groups behind Trump, or the craziness of the Brasil of Bolsonaro favoring white, male, sexist and authoritarian policies like isolating girls and boys in schools and spanking sons if they are gay, or declaring that he would not rape a woman because she didn't worth it.
Saudi-Arabia is authorized by American war business to even kill, dismember and burn journalists, but on the other hand, Venezuela's is being destroyed by the petrol greed of the US, and one more time there will be attempts and possible successes of financed and trained right-wing groups organizing coup d'etat, that once in power, they kill, torture and silence any discordant voices.
The US has already put its paw in the people'neck of Venezuela, and they don't accept anything besides what they determine by using and repeating the same "stories" and narrative.
Venezuela is the next target of western civilization, always cowardly following the US unilateral decisions in international politics, owing to the Americans undisputable demands.

One more time, the US claims it wants to send humanitarian help for the population they embargoed till starvation, as always, to bring guns in Venezuela, like it was done to supply the contras in Nicaragua, or they murder the leaders like General Omar Torrijos in Panama, assassinated by dark hand of the CIA and the Deep State's businesses affairs.
Trump wants to create bloodshed in South America, to put people running away from the chaos it creates to justify the Wall the is imposing by blackmailing the whole country with the federal budget blocking.
This is a repeating pattern of every bloody war and fascist governments elected by force, that happened in all the history of human bloodshed in South America, and almost all over the world, because the US feel like owning the whole planet and all the other countries.

The last path of resistance was Fidel Castro, but with a high price to pay with the courageous population that went along with all the heroic sacrifices, and the US will not tolerate a "cubanization" of Venezuela.
These ideas can be accused of being "conspiracy theories", but nowadays there is enough trusted data that shows the US is always the number one suspect in any list of political coups around the world that establishes totalitarian regimes.
Today the black hole of Authoritarianism is revealed in multiple words today like neocons, new right, ultranationalism, neoliberal, extreme far right, anti-immigration, authoritarianism, but at the same time, they have twisted concepts of ethnic movement, anti-establishment, anti-government, protest, right-libertarianism, populist nationalism, anti-party, and so on.

Right-wing populism and neo-fascism, are distinguishable from conservatism, although it was its roots, as we can see in the radical right in the US, that is very similar to the grey shade of neo-fascism taking over almost all the governments in Europe and Asia, with its foundations based the post-First-World-War fascist movements that triggered the Second World War.
Right-wing politics use populist rhetoric of intolerance to grow hate towards gender, race or culture, and its themes using a language of the common people, with a lot of emotional content with a total lack of a logical speech to address the unsolvable problems of representative democracy.

"The really frightening thing about totalitarianism is not that it commits 'atrocities' but that it attacks the concept of objective truth; it claims to control the past as well as the future." - Georges Orwell

I feel that I didn't finish flushing my new thoughts about how existentialism is still very vivid today in the streets, so in my next post, I will keep talking about existentialism, decentralism, anarchy, and self-liberating theories, like ghosts hidden in the machine that can open a Pandora's box of social re-evolution.

“The president [Macron] declared war on us and our injuries are battle wounds. The traumatic weapons are equipped with collimators [optical sights] – such equipment is used on the battlefield, at war" and he sees France going through "dark times" - Jerome Rodrigues -Yellow Vest, blind in one eye after being injured by the French police

The mainstream media is Hiding all this

What's next for France's Yellow Vest protest movement?

What They're Not Telling You About the Yellow Vests

Last Video from our friend @lukewearechange :

This video with subtitles in English by a French Philosopher, denies any relation with May 68 and says that the Yellow Vests are like the movement of the Commune of Paris of 1871.
Alain de Benoist about the Yellow Vests Revolution

A seven hour trip with the movement in the last manifestation

The Dialectics of Liberation: Anarchism, Existentialism, and Decentralism.
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- charlie777pt on Steemit:
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Collectivism vs. Individualism
Index of Chapter 1 - Anarchism of this series Part 1 This Series:
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