Part 3 - The Philosophy of Existentialism: VI - Existentialism: The Ghost in the Machine

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The Dialectics of Liberation: Anarchism, Existentialism, and Decentralism.
Part 3 - The Philosophy of Existentialism:
VI - Existentialism: The Ghost in the Machine

"Existentialism is a political philosophy looking at the forces of individual freedom in opposition to the coercion of history and reality." - charlie777pt

1- Introduction

I used a multiplicity of prisms to see the light of reality in my life and myself, and these posts have the objective of sharing it with other people and raise the global awareness of this nightmare reality where our influence was robbed of its rights.

"But the factory knows, we are dreams in cold storage." - Gary Numan

The Machine feeds in the human spirit and has frozen our dreams in cryogenic storage, but the augmented global human awareness of the end of representative democracy is melting down the ice slowly, but irreversibly.
Davos (Switzerland) is the place where the privileged classes meet to make the world and reality better for them, and worst for us, and this year the corporative multinational hegemonist elites, have created so many problems in internal politics of all the countries, that most of the politicians they elected couldn´t be present to cheer them.
In Davos, mainly the influential but decaying Bilderberg group, every year like evil powers trace the growing trends of income inequality and exploitation of humanity, and the spread the denial of the destruction of the people and the planet, to feed greedy imperialisms and the multinationals dominance, assaulting all the poor countries to extract cheap natural resources.

In Existence, the elites with invisible power are in the pillage of system, and they are the ones who rule, using the ones they elect, and manipulate the ones that react passively to the events of reality,
These elites are committing crimes against Humanity, like a plague that shows the level of sickness of society, but with two types of criminals, the ones from the privileged classes that have total immunity, and the growing number of people incarcerated by a legal system and global surveillance.

We live in an Era of the ostentation and the ephemerous, with a pragmatical cynicism about the solidarity for our peers, moral and ethics with a narcissistical search for comfort and security and the blind belief that the rulers are its source.
The ostentation of wealth is aggression when there are human beings who have nothing and die of cold, hunger and thirst.
With the current materialism directing our existence, it is mathematically impossible to create free spirits because its source is freedom, which contradicts the whole current focus on capitalist consumerism, where money is the scepter of power.

“He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetuate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.” - Martin Luther King

2 - The Man-Machine

"Flynn: I’m what you guys call a “User”..."
"Tron: Well if you are a user, then everything you’ve done has been according to a plan, right?" - a dialogue in the movie Tron (1982)

The Biota Man of the Digital era, is crippled in his social human dimensions, that is being replaced by the Technique owned by the Money, as a system that is progressively excluding the need for human work, and till then, there will be no unemployment allowance, social security or health care, a constant decline of salaries, more working hours without compensation, 2 or 3 jobs for the price of one, and increasing costs of life and personal debt, creating conditions for social unrest that can lead to acts of civil disobedience.
Our individuality is obliterated in today's data-driven decisions, using behavioral pattern recognition under centralized money-machine-power interests, defining our values to do choices, against our own benefit.
Our interests are being replaced by an outside intentions agenda, threatening human evolution by structural conditioning Existence and by taking over the Essence of Man, therefore the only solution is to encrypt our lives and communication devices.

We are Human Digital Assets like an informational commodity that we have to keep as our own rightful property because business and intelligence nowadays want to explore the loops of our actions to lead and control our will and choices, and they have taken over Existence that imprisons our Essence to grow as Human Beings.
People are nowadays owned by their devices in cold connectivity to empty content in a disembodied electronic liaison with screen ghosts, like an addiction that blind us from reality, and eliminate the mirror of our real selves, that only shows up in the encounters between people, as the only food of our Essence.
The relations between Science, Technology, and Production are now objectified in great automation of the world machine, that has been expropriated of its main component - the individual who should be its only guiding principle - and has become a mechanism that intermediate the Lords and Servants as an interface of power.

Sciences, Universities, and Research have no conscience today and are dominated by the big capital and state financial dependency, creating biases in the results to fit in their greed and to obliterate the public mind of its insidious influence on modern existence, which became impersonal.
The Machine through the matrix of Technique have mingled with Man and Existence, and dominated its creator, in the name of profit and capital, that give to the machinery their purpose and meaning.
Mankind is disconnected from this new Frankenstein Science, by the centralized interests of the ruling classes, that are crippling human creativity, innovation, and the environment and creating media propaganda for the denial of the actual and future costs that societies will pay to clean up the mess industries are making, like plastics, fossil fuels, water resources, destructive chemicals, unhealthy food, and so on.
The actual global social-scientific-technological-economic evolution of civilization is politically increasing the growing barriers of fears and rage, based in the difference between human beings and cultures, threatening and undermining our human existence with hate, and objectivating our suicidal society evolution, like clockwork machinery.

3 - Hail the Machine

The Machine has been working for a society divided by classes, that own the states in internal politics and determine the rules at the international level, and the world is governed by their universal laws made under lobbying and corruption at the level of national state's policies.
The machine is getting insecure and obsolete and only produces hate and fear to create a sense of insecurity, using with half-truths and lies promising security by killing the imaginary enemies they manufacture, with the goal of getting political national support.
We are just pieces of machinery of the states that are centered on wars, economic exploitation, and massive industrialization to devour the human flesh and eliminate our mind and turn us into automata without spirit and soul.
Robotics and AI are being dominated by Big Imperialist Countries, with the main paradigm of building machine assassins (LAW - Lethal Autonomous Weapons) that goes against the first premise of Asimov, that robots can't arm people intentionally or not.
We will make machines that are not war-oriented, with all the imperfections of Man, but we can't violate human rights by designing systems that are contrary to human life and nature.

Machines and software are microsystems that have embedded the principles of centralization of the authority of the macropolitical dominant system.
Machines are the reflection of people ( its the other way today), and AI must have ethical rules that Asimov has clearly stated to avoid threats to human existence.
Machines have no soul, and they express the wheels of authority, centralization, and domination of the matrix of power, on which Man is dependent on, until realizing that Love is the only answer and the main goal of mankind as the primacy of all values and we won't need the rules of law and power disguised in morality.

4 - Decentralization and Blockchain: The Bug in the Machine

"The concept of individualism is not compatible with centralized and hierarchical structures."- charlie777pt

States, Economy, and Politics, are the living proofs that we are at the end of the era of centralized systems, sponsored by the paradigm of decentralization that will bring a planetary global preservation governance to replace territorial frontiers, because cyberspace opened to a world that can now interact without the third authority parts, controlling the economy and the equal flow of wealth.

Decentralization was a non-realizable utopian myth that suddenly turned reality with the help of a special friend, the blockchain.
The blockchain can be a big world revolution if we could find a way to make the SWIFT obsolete, that would precipitate the end of the dollar is the end of the US empire dominance with its self-invested exceptionalism of brute force and arrogance opposed to dialogue.
The Aladin's lamp liberated a genius called Nakamoto, that fulfilled humanity's wishes with the Blockchain.

Modern economy must be a project for Mankind based in acting and dialogue, with a free debate in decentralized infrastructures to permit the growth the self-awakening superpower, as the only way to replace violent insurgency as the last act of civil disobedience, that unfortunately, the system will use to reinforce its power of dominance.

One of the best actual ways to solve this situation of uncertainty about the future, can only be possible, with a radical transformation by the world of decentralization of communications and open value exchange, sponsored by the anarchic cyberspace and the blockchain, the first technological/sociologic tool that makes possible the conceptual model for real anarchy, individualism and self-liberation and determination, without the intervention of centralized third parts.
We are using cyberspace to be together, but we are not united yet, because Man is emancipating from Creation but still hiding from their selves, by diving inside the machines to avoid reality's face-to-face contact, and self-consciousness, as a denial of happiness because it is based on the encounter between human beings, that should fulfill our selves and make a better sense of plenitude of life and existence.

When we are making contact with people, we can use technology and anarchic cyberspace not as a refuge from reality, but to support the values of a human consciousness and create wealth on a clean planet, for the inner change as a precondition, only happens when we are in communion with other people, modifying Existence.


Kraftwerk - The Robots (live) [HD]

These next videos are directed to insane people that like bad music

Suicide - Death Machine - in this track they don't scramble the machine like in the next live version that I recommend.
The introduction is great.

Suicide - Death Machine - Live London 2005 - Alan Vega, Martin Rev


I am
The death machine
I am
A war machine
I am
Your guard machine
I am
The scheme machine
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I am
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I am
The crucifix machine
I am
The money machine
I am
The devastation machine
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Your death machine

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