To Cast a Spell, Try Spelling [Dabbing with a Mage episode 166]

in philosophy •  6 months ago

Spell is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as such: "Verb: Mean or have a result." So to cast a spell one is attempting to have results develop. One of the easiest ways to conduct this action is to resort to none other than Spelling in and of itself! Join me in today's episode as I go into further detail about how Spelling can act as a way to cast a spell.

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That bigger dab sent you off on a wander, haha! The power of words and their spelling is quite an important thing to understand, that's for sure.

Have you ever listened to Jordan Maxwell? He's a bit abrasive, but pretty spot-on around these things.

When are you doing your class with the Thelemites?


That it totally did, haha - Oops! XD

I'll check out Jordan Maxwell, as I have not heard of him.

As for doing the class, most likely some time shortly after the Vernal Equinox. :)

@alchemage i am curious as to why you quote the oxford english dictionary instead of an etymylogical source...

Heres the etymology of the word spell from an online source as a reference.

Keep on dabbing and sharing brother


Good question, @belfastshaman.

Language is extremely fluid, consisting of many working parts. Etymology is just one of these portions of understanding language. So when recognizing a word, I find it important to pay attention to not only the etymology but also it's evolved usage and varied meanings. Thank you for bringing up the etymology!


Great Post with Great Information.