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I have been on the platform for almost five months now and I have not really taken the time to thank a person that helped me on this platform. We both entered the platform at the same time and had grown side by side supporting several projects and initiatives.

She is the crypto chick that would ask people if they needed help in cashing out. That resteems undervalued content to her more than 3000 followers and a number of them are Whales. She also provides feedback and mentoring to a lot of new people.

She often hangs in the #introduceyourself tag to welcome and give a boost to new people. Imagine that your introduceyourself post shared to over 3000 people at once thus giving you a huge visibility in this platform.

If someone had done that to mine I might have more than 5 upvotes than did not reach 0.06 cents. I received 2 comments in that post and one of them was from the ever-supportive friend that she is.


I am talking none other than @ankarlie the 19-year-old girl who is well loved and respected not only by the local community but even outside of the country.

If there is anyone who can outcomment me it is her! She is warm, funny and exudes a positive energy that makes you feel you can do anything.

How I met Ankarlie?

I was researching a lot on how to earn from cryptocurrency because I wanted multiple streams of income. After failing in making Bitcoin Miner rig from several scrapped gaming computers my friends had because of the high energy cost here in the Philippines we decided that trading and investing was the way to go.

So in my research, I found her crypto group. At first, I just observed and read their conversations and analysis. Slowly I began to interact and give my opinion on several ventures that they were into.

We went into all sorts of things like trading, mining, exchanges, ICOS some even were doing CAPTCHAs and faucets. We unfortunately even joined a couple of cloud mining scams and even the dreaded "Online Paluwagan" or Online Matrix scheme. If you want to know more about that topic you can read it in this post Online Paluwagan, MLM and the lure of easy money

What I liked about Ankarlie is she always looked after her people. When they got hit by scams like the "Online Paluwagan" she tried her best to get back the money from scammers by investigating and pursuing them. At a loss, she even gave money back to some members who had sunk so much money into it.

So last October when we got invited to Steemit we took the plunge.

Ankarlie in Steemit


So we both have been writing, mentoring, community building and trying to inspire people. It is hard I tell you. Especially that period after the introduceyourself post that earns a lot for most people. The first month is the hardest. To see all that attention dry up and votes come down to single digits.

@ankarlie comes in and like a hero helps bring them to focus and receive some much-needed upvotes.
She does not do this to make people worship her, or to lord it over people that she has strong connections or feel superior to others. She does because she genuinely wants people to succeed. Their triumphs are her triumphs. When they are able to provide for their families then she is happy that she was able to help. It is quite refreshing to see that she is humble even if she has done so much.

Unlike some other people that I had the misfortune to know @ankarlie does not go bragging that she knows @surpassinggoogle or that she received an unexpected delegation from @stellabelle . She doesn't boast that she is doing so well or is a leader. In fact, there are times I want to smack her in the head for feeling she does not have the ability to lead or inspire people. It is not about age, social standing nor experience to be a leader. It is by inspiring people to become the best versions of themselves that make a leader.

She was even asked to present one of the SteemSecrets and she talked about taking Steem to the Moon!

"Instead of spending too much time dwelling on possible reasons why steem is likely to fail, take the high road instead, focusing on how steem can't fail, for the sole reason that "you" are here".

The Dream



During one of those days that we would talk together with TL that her dream is to be able to provide people with the opportunity to earn and live a happy life. A lot of Filipino families don't earn much. A lot are below the poverty line and can't eat three meals a day let alone have basic necessities like water, food, and a roof over their heads. It is her dream to be able to provide that to people by means of cryptocurrency and financial education.

She has done it all and our latest way is Steemit. With proper guidance and mentorship she is making a difference in the lives of people.

I share this vision of hers and will strive to make it a reality. As we build a community of people who are creating good quality content, investing more in Steem and engaging the community making it better.

Get to know @ankarlie and join us in our journey to help more people.

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I support @steemfreelancers

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I couldn't agree more. I am one of those people whom she help so much, from mentoring me about crypto to giving earning opportunities and even here in steemit. I couldn't be grateful enough for every kindness I recieved. She is young but her wisdom and dedication exceeds her age. A true person whom you can trust and whom you'd grow to love too. I am blessed to have met her and be a part of her team and online family. And also I am grateful to you too sir @mav, you've been very helpful too, those times when the team is still active and even now you are still helpful as ever. You and sis @ankarlie are one of the people I am so grateful to know of, an inspiration for us. Thank you for being your awesome self! ❤


Awww Jhie thank you Ankarlie and I will continue to try to help as many people as possible.

We hope to see you do well here too.

I am humbled and surprised to be accorded such an honor specially coming from you @maverickinvictus . Thank you for featuring me. You has been an honor working by your side and you know that I will always be here for you as you have been for me. Let us, together with other like minded steemains make steemit a better place to be in for EVERYONE! Lets make STEEM go to the MOON!


Oh Ankarlie these mere words are not enough to show my gratitude to you. You have changed my life that I am able to make use of my creativity again. We have been able to help build communities and changed lives of people.
Indeed let us continue with the ideals we have set all those months ago of helping people have the financial freedom to have more opportunities for themselves and their family.

A Steemit for everyone that has something to offer. We will be part of the people who will take Steem to the Moon!

Yeah, she is a really good person. Even helping others to claim their earnings, a really big help to those that want to have their profit convert to paper money


Yeah she is very kind hearted and thinks of other people first.

She seems like an amazing girl and an amazing human!
You did well in paying tribute to her with this post... plus, cool to see you're on your way to getting a new muse :P


Yeah max she is an amazing girl indeed. She is the main reason why I was able to get into Steemit. She continues to be one of my main supporters.

Hahha she can't our team leader is her boyfriend and besides she is too young for me hahaha

I couldn't agree more! @ankarlie is a wonderful and kind girl who isn't selfish. She has helped me a lot in terms of learning crytpo and never asked for anything in return. Unlike some people here in Steemit, she never brag and is down to earth. An awesome person indeed!


Yes indeed she has never asked for anything in return to all the help she offers and is very humble.

this is so sweet, it nearly brought me to tears ... i hope you find a good woman like this one one day mave! put you in line! LOL :P


Yeah she is pretty awesome and I count her as my mentor.

Are you implying that I am a bad seed :P


Awww so sweet, loved your write-up. Very touching. (I will not suggest what kind.)

Bad seed? Nevaaaaaaa ... not youuuu! You are our boi. xx Eagle

Hi @maverickinvictus , as i have mentioned in @alllerie's post , @ankarlie is a little girl who is willing to help people in steemit. .Like you @maverickinvictus , I owe a gratitude to @ankarlie both of you guys are truly great persons in this platform. I believed that @ankarlie is an instrument also to make steemit a better place..God bless @ankarlie !


We try our best :) Ankarlie possesses a huge heart and I just want to help her make steemit a better place.

I could not agree more. I know a lot of people can attest to this great post. Both of you are legends of the steemit family worthy bearing the Philippine Flag on your profile. Wala na akong masabi at idadagdag pa.


Thanks man! we try out best

I agree. She never gets tired of helping people. She has done so much at a young age. Lodi @ankarlie!


She will continue doing so because she has the abundance gene aplenty.


So are you kuya mav. :) Kumusta po?


I'm doing fine Kaye :) A lot of good communities out there.

  ·  last year (edited)

Very well said @maverickinvictus..I was amazed by her.. Knowing she's only 19 ..she did a lot on this platform..and yes she have a very kind heart.. She will try her best to help the newbie.. And I'm one of them.. 😀the thing of it is.. She's willing to help anybody..knowing her a bit made my heart crushed because of problems she encountered at the very young age.. But now she's very much fine and standing with humility.. 😍i Love her way of thinking.. Thank you for sharing sir.. special thanks to @ankarlie..


Yeah she is a strong person but even strong ones needs help from time to time. The things that happened to her made her the person she is now and we just want to make her realize that a lot of people are behind her and cares for her.

People like you and @ankarlie need to be treasured. You both are kindhearted and willing to help the Filipino people who are suffering from poverty. I want to share your vision, too!


Aww thanks. She is indeed awesome and I support her in her vision.

ankarlie is so talented and a very versatile person. She deserves all the blessings for helping others.


Indeed she is a great person

Yea for real....@ankarlie is really a wonderful person. Am one of the new members of steemit and she really made me feel at home with her warm welcome note and I'll say I gained a lot from the valuable information she dished out and still dishing out. God bless you @ankarlie


She is one of the greatest mentors I have known. She is extremely patient and full of knowledge! I am glad that she was able to touch your life.

I agree sir mavs, bunso ankarlie is indeed everything you've said , she loves to help others
And i admire her on the crypto thingy, i dunno much about that
but she is indeed a crypto chick 👍👏

So sweet of you too sir @maverickinvictus too have this for @ankarlie ❤️❤️❤️


Well I haven't thanked her enough so I think it was high time to do so.
She is absolutely amazing.

That's a huge step in helping others. God bless her. There's so much steem can offer and what others got from it they also give it back in a way to help others.


We both agree that there are just so many the things that can be done with Steem. It will pave the way for a gifteconomy that people can share their creativity.

I was amazed when @ankarlie resteemed my introduceyourself post. Knowing that she is that kind of person who cares for others. Thanks for all the good things. More power.


That is just how she is. Powerful and yet humble. She likes helping people out.

  ·  last year (edited)

A person like her with amazing personality must dominate in this community 😊

wow, it's great that you shared about such a wonderful person as @ankarlie...

we need more persons like her and I think you are one such person, you have been kind and friendly to me since the time we met and I know how community oriented you are and how you help people. keep up the great job you are doing Mav :)


Lol you are the bowel cutter man! I don't want mine cut hahaha
Well we are from the same Empire. We all have that vision of cooperation and community.


Yes we will all grow together and help others grow

I can attest on this sir Mav. My Wife and I are thankful because of her life. The good Lord will bless her because she blesses a lot of people. Very humble and supportive person. Full of credibility and accountability.


Thank you sir :)


Indeed she is blessed and will surely have a lot of people who would be glad to help her out. I agree with you that she has full credibility and accountability. She is very humble which is a very endearing trait.

She really is! <3


Indeed ankarlie is a treasure

Indeed, a very supportive kind of person!


Yes she is

A young dreamer and achiever! A big thanks also to @ankarlie for she helped me before to have my first cashout. A young lady nurtured and raised so well to live a legacy of being "mapagmalasakit sa kapwa".. May God bless you more.