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In this version of #bisteemit, and as requested by @inquiringtimes, and being a bidbot user myself, let's look at the return on investment or ROIs (I'm not sure if that's the correct term) for the different bid bots available.

Due to the large number of bots available, I trimmed down the scope to the top 4 bots with the highest vote values. And they are:
(data retrieved from steembot tracker 2017/11/03 23:14 UTC+8)

accountvote value
bellyrub$ 235.35
buildawhale$ 191.69
booster$ 62.96
boomerang$ 14.23

1. Preamble

1.1. Computation of ROI

The ROI assumes a 75% author reward and a 25% curation reward. ROI is computed as follows:

ROI = (author reward - amount sent) / amount sent

For example:

I sent $1 SBD, and the bot's vote value is $2, the bot vote value will be split into a 75% author reward ($ 1.5) and 25% curation reward ($0.5). Which will give us an ROI of $0.5 or 50%.

ROI = ($1.5 - $1.0) / $1.0 = 0.5 or 50%

1.2. Extracted Data

The data extracted was for 1 week (from 2017-10-26 to 2017-11-01). Data was extracted on 2017-11-02 15:47 to 15:55 (UTC + 8).

1.3. Deleted Data

When I extracted the data, there were data wherein the user sent multiple times to the same bot within the same time frame. I call these 'dirty data' and were excluded from the data analyzed.

Out of the 3000+ data analyzed, this was around 100+. You can look at the raw extracted data in the Github repository shared at the end of this post.

1.4. Excluded Guilds

As pointed out by @buggedout in the comments below, this does not take into consideration the front-runner guilds that these bots may have.

With these down, let's start.

2. Overview

Again, before looking into the details, let's look at the performance of the bidbots.


We can see here that there are days that the bots are profitable, and there are days they're not. @bellyrub, the bot with the highest vote value, is most profitable on Wednesdays. While @booster, the bot with the lowest vote value, is profitable on all days of the week. Here's the data in table format:


3. Individual Performances

Let us now look into the individual performance of the bots.

3.1. @bellyrub


The graph on the left are stats for each weekday. While the stats on the right breaks it down into weekday and time.

We can see here that @bellyrub is most profitable on Wednesdays, around 1400H.

3.2. buildawhale

Let us now check @buildawhale's performance.


We can see here that @buildawhale's most profitable day is on Thursdays. But the peak is on Saturdays, around 0400H and 1800H.

3.3. booster

Let us now check @booster's performance.


We can see here that on average, you lose when you use @booster. The possible time you'll get a positive ROI is on Mondays, around 0700H with an 80% ROI.

3.4. boomerang

And last, but not the least, @boomerang.


We can see here that even though @boomerang, has the least vote value of $14.83, you'll see that you'll get a positive ROI on all days of the week.

Zooming in further on the time, the best time to bid is BEFORE the bot votes on Mondays around 21:00H where you can get 204% ROI, and BEFORE the bot votes on Saturdays 22:00H where you may get a 209% ROI.

4. Conclusion

Here, we've looked into four bidbots that have the highest vote values in Steemit. We saw here that even @boomerang has the lowest vote value, it can give you an average positive ROI of 33% on all days of the week. While one the contrary, on average, you lose when you bid on @booster.

@bellyrub, the one with the highest vote value, is most profitable on Wednesdays, while the next highest voter @buildawhale gives a 24% ROI on Thursdays.

5. Disclaimer

Again, I don't recommend using these bots if you don't know what you're doing and you don't know the performance of the bots. These statistics and data change over time and the scope of the data analyzed is only for one week. I only provide this data to give you an idea (a benchmark perhaps) of the performance of these bots. Please use them at your own risk.

These data are based only on past data and is not meant to be used to forecast future performances.

6. Open Source

For transparency, all extracted data and SQL are uploaded in the ff. github repository:

I am part of a Steemit Business Intelligence community. We all post under the tag #bisteemit. If you have an analysis you would like carried out on Steemit data, please do contact me or any of the #bisteemit team and we will do our best to help you...

You can find #bisteemit on discord -

7. Credits

Data retrieved from steemsql by @arcange.

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A friend asked me this question earlier (Which bot gives the biggest ROI)! Thanks for giving detailed answers again. I like the way you analyze data. It's very helpful.


Thanks bro! Actually, these are only bidbots. Upvote bots like @randowhale and @minnowbooster will be included in my next post, Gw.

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I like my Posts well done and yours is written to perfection. You earned this 0.27$ Upvote!

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Good job with this analysis. One thing to also be aware of is some of the bots use frontrunners and they can add to the value of the bot. For instance the last time I used @booster I had over 160 extra votes come in from their frontrunner guild. No idea what value to put on that but there is definitely some.


Thank you for pointing that out @buggedout. That's one thing that is not included in this analysis. And is something I'll put in the disclaimer.

Calling @originalworks :)
img credz:
Nice, you got a 4.0% @minnowbooster upgoat, thanks to @eastmael
Want a boost? Minnowbooster's got your back!


Interesting that you used this rather than boomerang....

It's amazing how you got a hold of and compiled all these data, kudos!

Your post has been upvoted and resteemed by the @bayanihan curation team.


Thank you @bayanihan. I appreciate the recognition. :)

Once again, the post, and data you presented is amazing. The only bidbot I use is @minnowbooster. I only use it at least on the 6th day of the post or before the 12 hour deadline for upvotes to prevent my upvote value to decrease. Never really analyzed the data if it is profitable, with your post I will try to analyze the returns.


Hello @vallesleoruther. Thank you for your feedback. Actually @minnowbooster is not categorized as a bidbot because once you send SBD to it to upvote your post, I believe you always get at least twice of what you sent.

Bidbots are different. It's where multiple people send different amounts to the bot and when the bot reaches 100% voting power, it distributes its votes to the senders proportionally. The immediate case that comes to mind where bidders lose is when the total amount sent to the bot is bigger than the bidbot's vote value.

In this case, it's only the bidbot that wins and most of the bidders lose.


So technically speaking, @minnowbooster is an upvote bot and not a bidbot. :)


Oh I see now, yes thats the difference, bidbots just vote 2% of their 100% power so bidding lasts for 2 hours. Minnowbooster and Randowhale are upvote bots. Thanks for the enlightenment.


Thank you for accepting the correction. Yes, MB and randowhale are upvote bots. :)

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well coordinated post, keep it up


Thank you @udibekwe. I appreciate it.

Impressive analysis, and thanks for taking the time... I just haven't used a bidbot in many months... but I have watched them rise and fall. Seems to me that ultimately the only ones who gain in the long run are the bot operators... everyone else comes our about even to down slightly.


Thank you @denmarkguy. The result of each bidding round is unpredictable. One idea that came to mind with this comment is perhaps this bots should have something put in place that in case that if the bids that have come to a certain round has been reached, they will no longer accept additional bids.

The reason I do not use bot services anymore - it's a gamble - I'd rather find ways to earn organically. Their boost doesn't really do much for me. You're very good at compiling all these data @eastmael. Doing great!


Thank you @deveerei. Yes, that's why I stopped using bidbot services for now. They are a gamble.


It's also not a guarantee that your post will be voted on by big peeps when it's on the trending or hot page.

awesome post and what is remarkable is that this is the product of a request to the BIsteemit team. You have done the team proud with this post. @inquiringtimes is away at the moment at steemfest, I am sure he will reply on his return


Thank you for the feedback and the update about @inquiringtimes. Yes, it had a different satisfaction to it when doing something for others. (On the upside too, it helped me with a topic. lol).


Will you please include minnowbooster?


Sure will. Will create a separate post for that.

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