Comforting Foods: My Nominations for the PHC Top 3 Monthly Contest – Top3 COMFORT FOODS

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This is my entry into this month’s PHC Top 3 contest.

This months topic is TOP3 COMFORT FOODS

To me, comfort foods are foods we love that provide the added factor, (and benefit), of putting us into a nice mood, whether we’ve had a rough day, spent lots of time outdoors in the cold or we just worked really hard that day. Seeing our favorite comfort foods on the table can make us forget the trials of the day and then everything is just fine.

Isn’t this what our comfort foods do for us, and the reasons why we call them our comfort foods?

When I hear “comfort food,” I always recall one time when I was a kid and it was pretty chilly outside. I had that hungry, worn-out feeling that being too cold for too long gives us. I started imagining that my mom would have beef stew for dinner and it made me crave it so much that I was real disappointed that my mom had made pork chops, mashed potatoes and green beans instead.

I liked pork chops, mashed potatoes and green beans, but beef stew would have really lifted my spirits that evening. It would have definitely brought me more comfort.

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My Nominations are:

Nomination Number One


My Reasons for the Nomination

When I think about foods that make me comfortable and happy, pizza is at the top. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you can grab a slice and chow down. Even if you’re out in the garage working on the car, if someone pops in with a pizza, it’s on! Pizza is likely also a staple at your workplace, especially if you work in an office setting.

At office meetings, celebrations and other company functions, pizzas are often served, and provided by the company. That is, providing you work at a decent company.

It’s not just because pizza tastes so good, or that most everyone loves it; it’s that it has that special ability to make us happy when we eat it. And it’s even better when we’re having it with friends.

Not to push any brand, but Mellow Mushroom’s Kosmic Karma is my favorite pizza pie, although I like the old standard pepperoni/mushroom pies also.

Nomination Number Two

Mac & Cheese

My Reasons for the Nomination

Mac & cheese is a food that definitely has that “special” ability to make us happy. To many people, having mac & cheese can make them as happy as going to their favorite vacation spot or winning ten dollars on a scratch-off lottery ticket.

Every bite is its own experience to be enjoyed and savored, making it impossible to remain in a bad mood for long after digging in. If you’re seeing someone having mac & cheese, you’re probably looking at someone who’s full of comfort.

Hell, with most people who love mac & cheese, just seeing it on someone’s plate fills them with exuberance!

Nomination Number Three

Chicken Soup

My Reasons for the Nomination

This probably won’t be one of the top food items in the contest, but when I think about comfort food, there’s nothing more comforting in the food category when I have a cold and/or sore throat, than chicken soup. I like it with noodles or rice, but even just the broth alone is a real pick-me-up when I’m feeling down, congested and achy all over.

Comfort has a lot to do with aiding us in feeling better. The comforts we find in chicken soup, which does make us feel physically better when we wouldn’t otherwise, makes us happy because it eases our suffering that was brought on by the illness.

Over the counter products for relieving colds help us to feel physically better, but there are chemicals involved. Chicken soup, while it doesn’t last twelve hours, makes us feel better both physically and in our state of mind.

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Sources for photos used:

Pizza: Image by Nancy Hill from Pixabay
Mac & Cheese: Image by Tony Zhu from Pixabay
Chicken Soup: Image by kalhh from Pixabay

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Great entry @free-reign. Good luck in the contest! ☘️

Thanks! I haven't had time to check yet but do you have an entry? Hope so! :)

Yes, I put in an entry. 😊

I've got to spend some time reading the others today! The past couple of weeks have been a little hectic, with regular things popping up that need taken care of. :)

I think you nailed it on both the description of a comfort food and your choices! There's nothing better than coming in the house after hanging out in the cold all day to enjoy a bowl of steaming goodness. Especially when mom made it with such love. Your first two choices I imagine will be definite favorites, but I think your third is a great one, as well. I know quite a few people who crave that when their under the weather or just when the weather gets cold. ;) You never can tell how the dpoll will go, but I think these will all do very well so good luck!

Thanks for the encouragement! It's going to be interesting to see what the 3 majority-decided favorite foods of the whole group of contenders are at the end!

An absolutely fine selection of yummy comfort foods! I got super hungry just reading about the first two choices! Throw a bit of bacon in the mix with Mac and cheese and I'll start dribbling on the spot!

Good luck with the contest!

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Mmmm... mac and cheese and bacon - that's a good combo, but there's little that bacon doesn't combine with well, when I think about it! I love club sandwiches with bacon on them, along with all the other ways I love bacon.

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Love your choices @free-reign

They definitely got my tastebuds working overtime!

Pizza is such a great choice for almost any situation. It just works. I get a real buzz from a freshly made pepperoni! Mac n Cheese is massively popular and covers a big range of ages too. Chicken soup, coming in from the cold. probably after a snow ball fight with the neighbors. Awesome.

Great job. Best of luck.


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Fantastic choices and yes, there is a huge difference between beef stew or chops and mash! Of your three, mac and cheese might be on my list.... ;)

It makes me laugh sometimes when things like this suddenly appear from my childhood memories. It's like it make a permanent mark on me, lol. This one always comes back so vividly, like it just happened!

I have those memories, too. I think that because smell and taste are the most ancient of our senses, those associations are indelibly etched in memory.

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I think you're right! Makes perfect sense, and like you say, those are ancient and important senses.

All look great and are well loved - but chicken noodle soup would be my favorite comfort food!

I know... it's just so soothing and it really does make me feel better, every time. Thanks for reading!

Awesome choices, Chicken Soup and Pizza are two that came to mind for me as well once I read this months question.

Thanks! These foods really do have the potential to make us feel better. I like the subject this round, so much to choose from, and so much the same for so many people!

Excellent choices. Even the images made my mouth water...

In Lak'ech, JaiChai

I'm not real happy with the mac & cheese photo, but I checked several sites and it was the best I could find. Thanks for reading!

In Lak'ech

Yep, spot on about the chicken soup! Especially on a chilly day, coupled with a grilled cheese, it may be the perfect lunch.

Ah, in my elementary school cafeteria we had grilled cheese with tomato soup, so that's my go to for the sandwich/soup pairing, and I love those together on a chilly day. I'll have to give the grilled cheese with chicken soup pairing a try!

You've got some great choices! I mean who doesn't like pizza???

Mac n cheese is a winner with the kids and also with the adults when done right! Lunch idea for tomorrow 😝

And soup! Soup warms the soul baby!

Actually my dad wouldn't touch pizza for years, and then he finally tried it and loved it. He became a real pizza connoisseur after that. It was the funniest thing I ever saw him do, and the only time I know of, that he ever turned around his opinion on anything!

And yes, I am a real soup lover too!

I'm happy that worked out for your dad. Pizza really can be for everyone.

Pizza is great!

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Excellent selections, @free-reign! I love them all. Chicken soup is really one of the best of all time, and I believe they even think it has health benefits. Nice work and good luck in the contest!

Thanks! I'm pretty sure I've read something within the past 5 years or so, about researchers discovering that chicken soup actually does something or has something that boosts the body's defenses. Good luck to you as well!

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