Weekly Petshots Contest #1

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EARN FREE SBD! This is the introduction of a new weekly contest. Dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, rodents, reptiles, spiders, amphibia are welcome!

Animals are lovely

Many of us have pets, we like taking care of them (at least I hope) and they return (or not) the favour in many ways. We enjoy their companies, they make us feel happy or sometimes even angry.



People love to take photos of their animals and several times the outcome is funny, cute or simple phenomenal. I’m looking for this kind of pictures to cheer us up. You can give a short comment or some words on the photo to make it more attractive. Please do not mix pictures with photo editing software. We need real-life moments.

Important rules

  • You mustn’t endanger your pet life or health any way taking the photo!
  • You mustn’t harm the animal taking the photo!
  • Take care of yourself! Animals can harm you if they feel danger!
  • The photo you share should be your own property!
  • If you share a photo you found somewhere else you will be flagged, banned and blacklisted!

Steps of participation

  • Take or select a photo.
  • Post it with #petshots tag. This tag should be the first tag of your post.
  • Upvote the ongoing Weekly Petshots Contest post by me.
  • Put your post link (and the photo if you wish) in the comments. PLEASE, DO NOT UPVOTE YOUR OWN COMMENT!
  • UPVOTE AT LEAST ONE ANOTHER COMMENT WHICH IS NOT YOURS and contains an entry for the weekly contest!
  • You can have ONLY TWO ENTRIES each week. If your post contains multiple pictures only the first one will be considered.
  • The weekly contest ends on every Saturday 10 pm (UTC +1).


Who has the most number of upvotes (and not the value of the upvotes!) will win the weekly contest. I will select the winner if the number of the upvotes on any comments is less than 10. If the numbers of the upvotes are equal, the winner is who made the post first.

The Prize


Prize pool

100% SBD of the author reward of my ongoing Weekly Petshots Contest post will be transferred to the pool. In the first four weeks, I offer up to 3 SBD/week from my own budget if the author reward will not reach 5 SBD.


  • 1st place 50% of the prize pool
  • 2nd place 30% of the prize pool
  • 3rd place 20% of the prize pool

Other things

If you would like to contribute to the prize pool, please transfer donation to my account @gabeboy with memo ‘donation to Petshots Contest’ and leave a comment at the ongoing Weekly Petshots Contest.

PLEASE RESTEEM this post to make the contest popular!

I appreciate if you follow me!


Great initiative but may I make a suggestion. Will you chooses the winner. Everytime winning a competition relies on the number of votes, voting circles and duplicate account voting rears its ugly head. Ive even seen people paying for votes on crowdsource micro working websites.
It puts people off entering.
Just my thoughts my friend. Good luck with the competition :-)

Thank you for your suggestions!
Being a new contest first I need some experiences, and after a few turns, we can draw the consequences. I don't think that there will be an entry with 10 votes at the beginning, so I will choose the winner.

I'm Speedyke, Hungary's oldest Italian Greyhound ... I'm 16 years old in July.


hola amigos , aquí mi entrada


Your challenge was added to Steemit Contest Compilation (05.02-11.02): Win free SBD and STEEM for current week.

Thank you @gabeboy for giving Steemians (especially minnows) a chance to get free SBD.

Thank you for your help! I hope this contest will be popular soon, and Steemians will enjoy it (including the prize :-)).

hmmmm they arent your real pets Im thinking lol ;-)

IMG_20180211_091511.jpgGreat contest idea! How long have you been doing this? Also, here's my entry:


Edit: added photo

Thank you for your participation! Just started, this is the first turn! :-)

Great contest. I have a geiko and a dog. I am excited to enter. I have to put on my creative hat. I know there will be lots of competition. Go Steemers!

Looking forward to your entries!

I just made a blog post using my pet photo, before I saw this.
My entry: Simba

He’s a 2 year old Siberian Husky ( we get asked all time “Is he a wolf?!”. No, just no. )
Enjoy 🙂

Thank you @cupcake3! He's beautiful!
In order to participate the contest, please read the post carefully, and follow the steps!

This is my entry, love your contest

That's a whole lot of nope that I do not need in my life...

Good luck everyone! Here’s the link to my entry:
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thanks for shearing..very nice sir.

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@gabeboy First, thanks for hosting this cool contest.
I have two questions.

  • Would cropping the image be considered photo editing?
    I mean to just cut the photo down to size. No manipulation of the color or lighting etc.

  • Does it have to be a pet that we own?
    I take macro photos of insects that show bugs personalities at times that are awesome and make me happy. I don't keep them or harm them... just capture the moment. Would that count as a valid entry?

Hi @castleberry! During the contest, I would like to avoid photo editing, but if you would like to cut out of a certain part of your photo it is fine with me. Do not mix e.g. two photos.
If you consider insects as your pets, I have no objections. :-)

Sweet! Thank You. I was just wanting to crop off the dead space of the photo.
I never thought of the insects like that... now I have an even closer relationship that I realized.

Now I am curious about your photos! :-)

I look forward to sharing some with you! I have some really cool shots.
Did I understand correctly that this will be a weekly contest?
and Did you say we can have two entries per contest (assuming we followed all the rules of course) and that it's the first image of a post that may feature more than one?
I also wanted to mention that if anyone uses SteepShot for their entry the first tag is automatically SteepShot. I don't know where you stand on that as part of the participation requirements.
Sorry for being a pain in the buttocks! hahhaah I will make my entry tomorrow... it's getting late here in Sweden.

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Hi everyone, this is my entry with my dog Bizarro, enjoy it!



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