Petals Contests: #Flower. Our weekly selection N.2. The Winners! Price 5 sbd.

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Hi Stemian, Here is our selection of Monday dedicated to all the flowers you have posted using #petals.
Many flowers, many colors and many petals ... all very beautiful.
As we already announced on our introductory post Petals a new community and on Petals Contests: #Flowers here it is our weekly selection, the Monday’s one, dedicated to all the Flowers posted on #petals
DSC_0100 (2)1.JPG


These are the selected photos:

The Tulip by @yetaras

Bungong dara baro pajoh ranup by @adialam

The calendula in my garden... by @voiceoff

Oxalis by @brumest

Blue flower - Commelina communis by @ileana56

Congratulations to all the authors @yetaras , @adialam , @voiceoff , @brumest , @ileana56

For this edition the jackpot made available by @petals is 5 sbd and your shares are already in your wallets!
Keep posting your photos on #petals if you want to participate on our next selection.

  1. starting today, during all week display your post with a flower photo (a maximum of 3 photos each post or in three different posts);
  2. Use hashtag #petals
  3. the title of your post shall include : Petals Contests: #Flowers
  4. Vote this post;
  5. include the reference in a comment of this post.
  6. Because it's a photo contest, only the quality of the photo is judged. Anyway a few text lines under your photo is required.
    Each Monday, we’ll choose the winner posts that we will publish in a special Post The Winners!
    Awards: All the SBD that will win the Post (with at least 5 SBD) will be devided in 75% to the authors of the winning photos, the rest of 25% will go to the editors.

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(Please pay attention - only original photos. Who will use non original photos will be reported to steemcleaners and risks the flag).
@Petals. A new community flourishes on Steemit, an idea of @adrianobalan and @sardrt. Help us reward the quality contents with little or big donations and delegations of Steempower.
Because we are sure that beauty will save the world!

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The tulip is my absolute favorite! But all the other entries are great as well! Congratulations! Tip!

Congratulations to all winners. The photos are all very special and beautiful.


Thanks for your participation

congraculation Winners

Lovely flowers

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very beautiful flower @petals

As a good fan of photographing flowers I continue here, happy week. @petals


Thanks, continue to follow us

These are beautiful <3

Thank you very much! Congratulations to all the winners!

Thanks @petals, also to your entire members and all witnesses, I will try to do better in the future and hopefully I will find more beautiful flowers and petals.


many thanks for your comment!

beautiful flowers!

Congrats to everyone!


Thanks for your participation!


Thank you so much for this opportunity

Great shots

Beautiful photos, congratulations to the winners!
Here is my entry for this week:

Congratulations to the winners!

Incredibly gorgeous shots...............CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL WINNERS!
This is my entry for this week: