#Petals . A new community on Steemit.

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Hello Steemians, if you are a photography and flowers lover #petals is the new community of Steemit dedicated to you.
Petals is born as an idea of @adrianobalan and @sardrt that are having fun trying their hand at photographing the world of flowers.
The flowers are one of the most beautiful and amazing expression of the nature and a beautiful photo can only enhance their beauty and quality. We love the attractiveness of the flowers, their shapes and colors, the way they manage to capture the light and the thousand hidden details that reveal a macro photo.

But we are passionate and intrigues also in a composition or artistic picture that elaborates in an original way the floral subject.
Anyway, we would like to share with you our passion and so we are inviting you to post your photos describing flowers also on hashtag #petals and to follow, obviously our profile @petals.
We are willing to build a community of passionate persons around #petals and in order to success we plan to organize contests that will reward the most beautiful photos!
So, starting today post your photos of the world of flowers with hashtag #petals and using all the images published during the week we will elaborate a selection with the best ones.
Here below the contest/selections we intended to do:

  1. Rosesopenweekend (roses)
  2. Pinkflowerday (pink flowers)
  3. Yellowflowerday (yellow flowers)
  4. Petals (all type of flowers )
    All the rewards of our contests posts will be divided by 75% to the authors of the winner photos an 25% to the custodians.
    We have also opened a channel Petals on Discord where we’ll promote our posts and also develop/present other our topics of interest (like gardening, contests, events).
    Here is the invitation link, we are waiting for you! Petals

We are waiting for all of you to become actively involved and give us the opportunity to reward the quality contents with little or big donations.
So from today, use #petals for your flower pictures and follow our profile!
Because above all beauty will save the world!


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good luck with the contest

i do make some flower pictures every now and then :) i will use the #petals on all my accounts :)

we are happy to have your magnificent shots! Thanks @stresskiller

good idea :)

let's show them some flowers :)

Beautiful company !!

let me know if you want to do those challenges on specific days that way i can add them to our challenges list we have on @qurator discord channel :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

#pinkflowersday on wednesday that’s for sure. we didn’t decide yet for others... we let you know. thanks! @stresskiller

all right i have add that one to the list ;) you can find the list on @qurator
discord server in channel : steemit-challenges

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

ok, thank you so much!

Great! I'll have to start taking more photos of flowers now!

ah ah ah ! You have no excuse now! Thanks if you want to support us @ats-david ... every now and then make a jump around here to see so much beauty!

Spring is almost there, so it will be easy and joyful! ;)

Hey Liliana! Nice to see you :)

I love flowers and to photograh them, so I'll be looking this #petals very close!! Nice to see you're joining too :)

we welcome spring!

I'm going to start including my flower posts to the #petals tag. Look forward to seeing some great shots -Spring is only just around the corner so can't wait.

Thanks @brianhphotos we are all happy with the spring coming up on Steemit! Happy to see your beautiful photos!

Wow really great macro work. I love how in the first photo the flower is isolated and the only spot of color!

Thanks, so follow us!

Nice... now that Spring is coming all the beautiful flowers will flood Steemit :p

exactly ... flowers, flowers and more flowers. Thank you @ewkaw

This is fantastic! Thank you very much @adrianobalan and @sardrt for allowing us to have this beautiful space to post our flowers. I will be happy to participate. Successes!

Thanks @leyargoz for your participation!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Great proiect, Daniela! Good luck to you and Adriano! I follow @petals and I'll use the hashtag #petals for sure! Resteemed! Unfortunately, I have not steempower and my vote is worth nothing now!

Hi @ileana56 Good to see you !

This sound wonderful, I will be happy to participate. Thank you so much @adrianobalan and @sardrt for creating this community and for inviting me 🌸💖🌸

You are welcome, @lenasveganliving we are waiting for you with your wonderful flowers!

You are so sweet.......I'll be there soon 🌸💖🌸

What a wonderful idea! I would really love to participate every now and then - especially because spring is just around the corner - plus there will a horticulture show take place in my town from spring to fall ... I am very happy about that and your new community! 🌸❤️🌺

Thank you, pusteblume and then show us these beauties!

I definitely will do so.

Hy @petals, after i read your post, i like the contest you are doing this, i will also try to write post about flower and i also always make a flower post but i dont use hastag #petals,

you are welcome!

How to be able to join on your discord?

Thanks @petals, you are very good, i have join on your discord.

Hola @petals que genial idea.
Aquí me declaro tu fiel seguidora.

Soy de habla hispana igual las imagenes reflejaran la belleza de las #flowers y los #petals en su maximo esplendor.

Por tan hermosa idea ésta es para ustedes


Hello friends! This is a great idea, I like it very much and I am ready to support it in every possible way!

thank you very much @grildrig

Amazing post I love it.


@petals thank you very much for your attention and generosity. I'm resteeming this post to spread the word and will be posting regularly. Great job Daniela & Adrian! 🌹

thank you very much @erikah

Hi how are you? Really beautiful flower pictures, i love it ! I would like to connect with other cool steemians, artists and musicians. I’m posting music tutorials and other things related to music (and bitcoins:p). I’m the founder of the free music school communicasound. I'm really pleased to meet you. So i give you my vote, follow you and i will be happy to read your next posts in the futur. If you want, you can do the same and follow me. It’s important to have a family in Steemit :) Greetings from Paris. Peace.

Many thanks for the kind invite to join in this challenge @petals I would love to. I look forward to sharing and viewing some beautiful floral pics. Resteeming this post to get the word out.

thank you very much @trudeehunter appreciate it!

My pleasure Daniela. 🌻

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

This is fantastic @sardrt thank you for the invitation. I will resteem this post so I can remember to use the new #petals

thanks a lot @sunscape

Hello! buenas fotografías, la segunda flor es hermosa!

many thanks!

This sounds good! I'm sure I have a couple of flower pics saved :) Steemed!

can’t wait to see it @keithboone

I will definitely follow - I love flowers! Do submissions have to be "pro" photos? Do they have to be macro? I take a lot of pictures of flowers with my iphone...I'm not a pro. Thanks!

Hi @orangina We are waiting for you!

Nothing better than a reason to take pictures of the flowers!!!
Thank you :-)

Beautiful pic 👌😎👍

thank you!

No problem 👍

Flower is life....

I agree

any change in the past 8 months? :)

Soon, the first spring flowers will open their petals ... And there will be new photos:)

very true @marry.raccoon

i am in boss


Great idea !!!!! I really love to take pictures of flowers !!!!! I have a large number of photos with them!) tell me if the photos should only be professional?) or can you be taken to the phone?) Thanks for your idea! I will definitely participate!

any kind of @olechkarud

This initiative excites me, I will participate right now, thanks for helping us show the beauty of nature.

thank you for join in.

I have tons of flower photos! This contest is perfect for me, thanks ;)

glad to hear. thank you!

With pleasure I will join!


This is really cool! I have bunch of flower photos here and I'm happy to share them with everyone too. Ok I will use that #petals :-)

ok. thank you.

I like flowers very much and take pictures of them all the time.


Many thanks

great idea!!!!! flowers - it's wonderful !!!! I'm just an amateur in photography, but I will participate with pleasure

many thanks!

great click dear friend @petals

many thanks @khurshid

Good idea! I will definitely take part!

good to see you!

very good photo, I loved it. by the way I would love that you can also see my photos to give me your professional opinion thanks @marianocastro

I go to see...

What a wonderful idea, I will include #petals when I post flowers on Steemit. Resteemed!


I love this idea!!

Many thanks !

Great idea with the day topics. Here is my contribution to Yellowflowerday:https://steemit.com/trending/petals and for the Petals (all type of flowers ): https://steemit.com/trending/petals Thank you for your commitment, it great!

We are waiting for you with your beautiful photos!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Beautiful idea ! Great initiation !!

We are waiting for you!

Thank you so much ! I used this tag on my last two post !!

Emang flower is beautiful when we look at the photo you post, emang my heart deaf

Thanks for your words

Good news for flowers lover potographer, Thanks for your lovely contest. May God Bless U @petals.. image

many thanks, We are waiting for you!

beautifully captured!

many thanks!

It's a good idea, flowers will be always a beautiful subject of photography!

Excellent idea. I've started using it. Thanks for this initiative! I look forward to your challenges and contests.

Thanks, we look forward to your participation!

Great shots! Really loving the pictures :)

Thanks, we look forward to your participation!

it's a masterpiece! wonderful!


Thanks for letting me know about this @sardrt! I will definitely follow up!

thank you for join in.

Non mi hai detto di Adrianoooooo @sardrt! <3 <3 <3 @adrianobalan :)
In bocca al lupo ragà !!!
Upvoted-Resteemed-Followed :D

eh eh eh , visto che combiniamo!!! Oh, aspettiamo i tuoi fiori!

Hey!! What a great idea for contests!! I'll keep an eye on you...and will enter whenever possible :D

thank you for join in.

Oh very cool! I will have to make a note of this and tell my friends!

Many thanks!!

Awesome =D

Many thanks !

nice idea, I will be posting some of my pictures in your contest, TY

I just joined today. Thank you @petals .

Hola amigos: Me habló @itzikuna hoy de este grupo y, como me pareció una buena idea, ya subí una foto. Espero seguiros con asiduidad.
Gracias por la formación de este grupo con intereses comunes.

Welcome to Steem @petals.

Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.

Spend time reading Steem Blue Paper to know how Steem blockchian works and if you still have any queries ask them on our Ask me anything about Steemit post and we will try to answer that.

All the Best!!!