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RE: Homesteaders Co-op: The Model of an Ethical Marketplace

in #permaculture2 years ago

Hey Nate, thanks for this awesome post... not to mention this wonderful marketplace. I liked it so much that I included it in my curation-style post, which at the same time is an entry to the contest by @pifc:


Thanks for the support man! It's a really cool thing that @sagescrub has built. I keep saying it, and I'll say it again: this is exactly what the crypto space needs.

No worries, I agree completely! I started to appreciate Steem in comparison to other cryptos for providing something, other than nothing, when all it had was a blogging platform. Now we have steem monsters running around, which is cute and all, but meagre compared to actual tangible goods being exchanged. The fact that they are quality things, healthy and sustainable just makes it all even better!

Right?! The first marketplace for steem (that I've heard of) is an ethical marketplace, which makes it so much better than just any old big box stores accepting crypto on their site.