There is no other formula!

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Sometimes we feel that we turn off the light of our interior and that for a few minutes or even days there is nothing in our being, thinking that we are in a world where we live only because nature has decided so. We feel dry, without fruit like that fig tree that did not bear fruit in its time, what should we do in this situation? The primordial thing in our life to return to light and flourish is to remember that the best formula is the one indicated by Isaiah 55 : 6 "Seek the Lord while he may be found ..."

We must establish a deep friendship with our supreme king where we recognize that only he is our faithful advisor, able to rise on a flight like the eagle itself (that flies above the storms), God is the only one who has the formula to light the internal light in us, the one that teaches us to coexist and coexist in a world, where we are only learning to impact our lives and that of our fellow human beings; but we must remember that you can not make "a sweet without its sugar".

That sugar is given by God through his teachings and the discipline we have to act according to what he wants for us. That is, let's practice a friendship with our God, talk with him, share those concerns and we will have the answer to the problems that are faced in daily life. Let's close the door to the deceptive friendship that gives us a banal system that only seeks to make us feel inferior and superior at the same time, depending on the case, separating us from the true reason of existence, living under goodness and love, applying each experience captivating the beauty of the world.

There is no other formula, for those who have turned off the light, it is necessary to activate again in us that love for God and therefore for the life that he gives us day by day.

blessings @blancabonilla

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Country roads... take me home... to the place.. I belong!

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