Well done @steemitboard! You successfully guessed the match result.

Group Phase - Panama vs Tunisia
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Hey @steemitboard can you please publish the whole results of how people have bet ? Just like this post here but for all the results till the final day of the Russia World Cup 2018 ?

now begins the most exciting where the winner of the contest will be defined I hope not to loose the first place.

There are opinions that Vladimir Putin bought this World Cup 2018, so the results of matches are suspiciously «unpredictable», and the Russian team will be the Champion...

It may be true, I do not think that the Spanish team is allowed to buy so easily since the Spanish press are very critical with their selection of soccer.

My brother, i'm just kidding. But final scores of some games are realy too «quirky»...

What the prize , who guessed some right maches ?

Yes, what the prize for who give some right guessed ?

@steemitboard it's so sad that no African team could make it through the group stage.

I somehow didn't vote yesterday, dammit. How did I forget to check? Oh well, check out Ozzyman's review of the games so far if you haven't seen it. He cracks me up: 😂

Great contest on the world cup 2018. I love football. So I am going to participate in this contest. Thanks for sharing.

I thought I was done for after the ranking before this after getting only one lol
Now comes the hard part, let's do this!

I will support you to the last moments of my life

it is more exiting thanks to steemboard

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