Liz MacKean is the Reporter Who Fought PedoRing and Exposed BBC Child Abuser Jimmy Saville Cover Up Found Dead, Mark Thompson, former BBC, current NYT, Gatekeepers exposed, Homage to Truthers, Check out Richard Bruce

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Please watch the video by Chris Simpson and read the article. Second, please watch the video by Titus Frost too. Articles as well. I attached a few of Bill Coopers videos too. Please share.
All by Design, World's A Stage. KIlluminati & rest of PedoSatanists SCUM.

Liz MacKean stood for Truth while fighting the good fight, rest in peace.
Don't forget the late Senator Nancy Schaffer.
Jill Dando, former Crimewatch host tried to expose the pedophiles and also tried to alert her bosses to the pedophile ring at the BBC, warning that “big name” stars were implicated. She was shot dead in 1999.

From the article:

"Liz MacKean quit the BBC in 2013 over the company's ban on her investigation into known serial child abuser Jimmy Saville. The establishment tried to dismiss, and destroy the reputation of MacKean for looking into the crimes of Saville, who was highly protected among people of influence. MacKean was one of the few reports at the BBC that truly wanted to expose these types of scandals otherwise ignored by the MSM. Another one of the few reporters willing to stand up to the establishment has been silenced."

Liz Mackean who fought BBC Pedo Ring & Exposed Savile Found Dead, Thompson NY Times Exposed

In 2012, after the POS Pedophile SCUM bag Seville died in 2011. Then, the s*** hit the fan covering up the pedophile ring, director "was removed for safety to be the next director of NYT? Is Mark Thompson, former BBC Director.

Articles as follows:
BBC Reporter Liz MacKean Who Sought To Expose BBC Pedophilia Ring Found Dead

Don't forget the CIA has tons of tools and weapons as follows. Don't forget the heart attack gun is another weapon look for very tiny red mark looks like a bug bite. By the way, their technology is way more advanced perhaps decades advanced than what we are led to believe.

"It's widely known that the CIA and other intelligence services have covert means to assassinate individuals with biological chemical weapons that can induce a heart attack or a stroke.
There are also a number of drugs that can cause strokes see this list here. One of the drugs includes hydrogen peroxide. Forcing someone to drink hydrogen peroxide would cause the body to go into shock and have a stroke none of this is out of the realm of possibility."

Mark Thompson knew about this as well, all in the bag. Sick bastard POS Saville raped a two year old boy, while working at the BBC.
"Savile was accused by 107 staff at the BBC over the course of his decades of abuse and you are telling me the BBC Director-General wouldn’t have ever saw or heard about his abuse in reports?"

NYT Article is garbage on Dissecting the #PizzaGate Conspiracy Theories
RIP MSM By the way Pizzagate and Pedogate is real and with plenty of hard evidence that the Media ignores since they are controlled by the CIA and the powers that shouldn't be.

Clintons' Emails for Sale on Darknet, Guccifer 2.0 Government Agent ACC Chain & FILECOIN ICO

Please watch these videos of Bill Cooper, a Patriot and Truther, RIP.

Final prediction

Illuminati has been planning this since 1917 to create an alien invasion hoax to lead society in NWO.

He did expose Alex Jones a.k.a. Bill Hicks, and

Exposed Jordan Maxwell.

David Icke too.

Important William Milton Cooper quote of wisdom: “Read about everything listen to everyone, but don’t you believe nothing unless you can prove it with your own research.”

Why did I bring these people are Gatekeepers is the powers that shouldn't be have replacements for the real Truther's fighting the good fight and not associating with the controlled opposition, mainstream media, cares for their own money and powers, and Illuminati. Watch for their Illuminati signals, gestures, deformities in the pictures when slowed down frame by frame, is also known as shapeshifting. Brings me to my next point is not all of them are human, they have demons in them too. Please check out Richard Bruce’s site

There you will find videos, articles, and documents he put together quoting scripture from the Holy Bible. When you read the 3 paragraph in the about/home he brought up on the REAL David Icke on exposing the powers that shouldn't be torturing children and killing them for their sick rituals. The Icke we see now is not the real one, was replaced by a double giving lectures and license to mix truth with lies. Icke does have great info, but there are plenty of things you have to question. Why is he allowed to speak and the other Truthers don't have those means and connections would never get to that level untouched?

With Alex Jones a.k.a. Bill Hicks, is CIA agent Gatekeeper so obvious from his gestures, connections, you name it. This video I found years ago proves it from a young woman who took the time and effort to research it, after the video, was banned from YouTube. This is a mirrored video, please share.

Bruce brought up in this article about Brian Williams, Obama, Keanu Reaves, Harrison Ford with deformities, shapeshifting, claws, etc. as seen in Movies. In his YouTube Page he posted videos exposing Reptilians in film and after he uploaded 4 films to YouTube, he's been Gang Stalked by Police constantly, had numerous death threats, etc. The latest film he exposed was Rogue One. I only saw the last one, but you get the picture shows the demons shifting in different forms. I did a post on Richard Bruce as well.

Previous post please read and share titled: "Richard Bruce on exposing Reptilians/Demons caught on film such as Rogue One is being gang stalked by police, how to see to break the hypnotic code of reptilians, applies Christian values to open your eyes to see the truth."

These two articles I found on Bruce's site. In the first one he brought up on the camera he used, software, slowing down the image, frame by frame, and other information. The second is the account of Princess Diana knowledge of the Royal family as Reptilians, Putin saw Queen Elizabeth II shapeshift in front of him, etc.
British Royal Family are Reptilians Exposed


If you made it through to this point, then I appreciate you taking the time to read and watch what I shared by others who really deserve the credit for all that they do. I apologize for this being long, but we have a responsibility to fight the good fight. Giving reference and paying homage to the other Truthers who have come and gone, we will never forget, we have to keep going no matter what throws at us.

Please stay in the Faith in Jesus Christ as Savior, who came to save us from sin, biggest problem of all, even though we have free will we have responsibility as well. Important to follow God laws/commandments with responsibility and accountability. It's not just once saved always saved, it's keeping up with this with conviction in your heart and mind to believe, and having a personal relationship with Jesus/Yeshua/God. You can pray anywhere and/or want to talk to God, you can. Please don't join any Nationalists groups that lead to the same end that really mix truth with lies and promote paganism. It's Jesus vs Evil out there, we're living in Spiritual Warfare. Please put the full armor of God and stand with Christ while you still can. To learn more, please check out these sites here. Thank you and have a good day.

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