Richard Bruce on exposing Reptilians/Demons caught on film such as Rogue One is being gang stalked by police, how to see to break the hypnotic code of reptilians, applies Christian values to open your eyes to see the truth.

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Gang Stalking Record! 4 Reptilian Exposure #YouTube Movies! (Bruce Aug 15, 2017)

Please watch this video by Richard Bruce.
He's homeless and unemployed. Been Gang Stalked by LA Police numerous times and in one footage captures the police in the helicopter looking at him. He was stopped by Mall Security for entering the Mall and told it was closed and to leave the premises, when it was clearly open for business.

Bruce, is a Christian and applies the word of God in everything he does and believes. It also very important in believing in and to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

I encourage you to check out my previous post on the diving meaning of the solar eclipse in the bible and staying on the narrow way with Jesus Christ as Savior in the End Times.

Bruce, shows a few clips that he found in movies with Harrison Ford in the Blade Runner, shows him shape-shifting on the face and forehead. In the Matrix with Keanu Reeves of at the end of the film showing the shape-shifting of his hand turning into long claws. Plays Obama's speech in reverse of "Serve Satan." Look up David Oates who did a video of Obama's speech of another phrase/slogan "Yes We Can" in reverse means "Thank you Satan."

Bruce brought up on Justin Bieber Caught Shapeshifting into a Reptilian/Demon in front of his Fans!

Bruce brings up on perception, psychological warfare, and how people can be easily offended/triggered and how the powers that shouldn't be perceive those Truthers, Christians as enemy, undesirables. He explains how the atmosphere is filled with negativity, fear, and anger. Take a look at the Chemtrails the government are dumping poisoning our food, water, and air. The powers that shouldn't be are creating the conditions for order out of chaos and depopulation agenda 21 and 2030. We're living in Spiritual Warfare. Brings up the demons causing problems with relationships and everything else. States either you are with God or against God.

Twice that Bruce plays a clip of Ken O'keef and in the background is the Controlled Demolition of the twin towers on 9/11. He explains who runs the world are "Jewish Supremacists(Zionists) Talmudic, Pedophile, Satanic Bastard Occultists."

Then, in 1989, Tom Brokaw reported on the Washington Times and the aides in the Bush, Reagan, and Carter administrations
on the investigations of a call boy ring (pedophile ring) #Pedogate.
All by Design, World's A Stage.

If found this article titled: Breaking The Hypnotic Code Of Reptilians – How To See Them!
You may want to read this article and MUST SEE VIDEOS by They Live film.

Part of what the article states as follows:
When you intuit a being in your presence, say either telepathically or outloud, “I am breaking the code of disillusion to see what is before me.” Repeat this three times. You can actually create any mantra that you wish, including these words like, “Reveal the true identity of any entity outside of myself, that is cloaking itself or not showing itself. I am not in agreement of this disillusion”. Just be sure to include the first sentence, as that seems to be the catalyst to break the code.

Being able to see them is not to be taken lightly, as there is a responsibility attached with the truth. Fleurbrun’s video comes with a very strong warning about opening up a can of worms, based on the feedback from many of her followers. If you are not prepared for seeing many different forms of beings and you hold onto some fear, you may be psychologically affected. Also, the moment you are in fear, it lowers your vibration which could make you susceptible to energetic attacks to try to lower you back into in a veiled vibrational field. These beings will know that you can see them.

Overall, most humans are simply not mentally stable to begin with, and there has been an obvious planned weaning phase to get us to the understanding that we have today. The responsibility that comes with this knowledge as well as other esoteric knowledge involves helping people who may have a difficult time understanding what they are seeing or experiencing. Writing articles, creating videos, healing, and counseling are all ways to assist humanity as we move toward full revelation of the truth."

Please take the time to read this by #DonaldMarshall who was right speaks about the reptilians, the cloning centers, shape-shifting, human trafficking, kidnapping, torture, origins, etc.

The demon shape-shifting is more prevalent than you think. Take a look at the British royal family, politicians, celebrities, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, Adele, Miley Cyrus, etc. Look it up for yourself, what's with the slits, abnormalities, etc.

Plus, I encourage you to watch this other video, by Richard Bruce. He took the time to go over on what you see on film, tv, or on the computer.

Found frame by frame analysis with some people showing non-human features more prominently than others.
This is based on the film Rogue One: The Demons Will Be With You (Shot 9) Final Shot
Majority of Alternative media are not talking about not talking about Heaven and Hell.

Bruce states: "I know this is demon indwelling and not physical shapeshifting as it were, because I got many of these demonic features on myself, and I am not a shapeshifter. What appears to be happening is that for some reason in video under certain conditions the presence of these spirit beings called demons can be seen. It took me a long time to even believe I was seeing non-human entities in and around people, even causing their whole head to shapeshift into monstrous, usually reptilian form. There is no determination I have found who will show stronger demon indwelling, except with the general observation that known media personalities seem to have more of it."

He did a 8 part documentary called What is Alien Abduction?
Majority of Universe believe in God.
Atheist belief system is a belief system is exception.
Encourages people to look up in YouTube called "Hell Witness." Ask yourself are these people having a delusion?
Plus with the evidence collected, you can't prove nor disprove it., but we believe because credibility and clarity of these these people continuing to tell a story consistently and have a consistent history that they are who they say they are. Talks about God's word, being a Christian, and understanding that elements of the Bible are true, including that Heaven and Hell are real.

Challenges anyone to prove what he's showing is wrong. Go through frame by frame analysis with 60 frames per second and 30 will work too. These spiritual beings rotate according to Crystal Sulla, who has conversations with demons that are living in people and rotate so fast, which explains why you have one frame that is reptilian, another frame looks like a canine beast like a dog/wolf, cat, and are demons/interdimensionals. In scripture, God describes them in code words as Beasts or Beasts of the field, which phrase appears 29 times in the Old Testament. Reference to these sentient beings that held real high technology and older than man because they are descendants of Fallen Angels.

Have any doubt that these entities aren't real, then I suggest you do your research and see what you come up with. Bruce is one of some who have gone through footage such as this even if you find it on the news frame by frame. We're in Spiritual Warfare where we're not just fighting against flesh and blood, but other principalities such as the forces of darkness. Messing with those forces are very dangerous, take a look with CERN is doing trying to open portals and other s***, their headquarters has pagan symbols and Hindu statutes and demonic entities too. Their whole opening of the tunnel ceremony last year was a pagan ritual.

10 Things You Should Know About the Reptilian Conspiracy Theory
You may want to read this as well.
Sorry this is a long post, but you have to understand there are forces that are evil that are controlling our world. We have to do what we can to not these forces affect our lives.

Best to get right with Jesus Christ while you still can that includes believing and having a personal relationship too.
I'll attach a couple of links. Thank you for taking the time to read and watch these videos.

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