BBC Reporter Liz MacKean Who Sought To Expose BBC Pedophilia Ring Found Dead

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Liz MacKean, the former British investigative reporter who exposed Jimmy Savile and the culture of pedophile protection at the BBC, has been found dead allegedly from a stroke.

MacKean, 52 worked at the BBC until she decided to quit in 2013 after executives banned her groundbreaking and brave investigation into pedophile Jimmy Savile in order to protect him and other high level pedophiles from exposure. 

Often dismissed by the establishment as mad and dangerous, MacKean was finally vindicated in 2012 when the truth about Savile’s pedophilia came out.

Lo and behold almost a decade later it comes out that the BBC harbored Jimmy Savile a disgusting pedophile. Not only was Savile a pedophile but the ring he was apart of was deemed to be a Satanic ring by investigators. This information only came out after Savile’s death. 

The sick entertainer with royal connections raped dozens of kids – including a boy who was just  two years old  – while working at the BBC. 

The BBC, reported that MacKean died of “complications from a stroke.”

Acknowledging her life was under threat during the time she was investigating Savile and the BBC elites, MacKean said her conscience left her no option but to pursue the truth and expose the culture of  pedophilia. 

The mother of two children believed it was her duty to fight the pedophiles. 

When it became public that BBC News blocked her investigation from airing, she admitted on BBC Panorama: 

“I  was very unhappy the story didn’t run because I felt we’d spoken to  people who collectively deserved to be heard. And they weren’t heard. 

 “I thought that that was a failure… I felt we had a responsibility  towards them. We got them to talk to us, but above all, we did believe  them. And so then, for their stories not to be heard, I felt very bad  about that. I felt, very much, that I’d let them down.” 

Liz MacKean is the second high profile BBC journalist to die in suspicious circumstances after attempting to expose the truth about the BBC pedophile ring. 

Another reporter Jill  Dando, former Crimewatch host, also tried to alert her bosses to the pedophile ring at the BBC, warning that “big name” stars were implicated.

Decades ago, Dando alleged the BBC might be involved in a pedophilia ring. Then Dando was found dead on her front doorstep in 1999. Dando was assassinated under orders of someone called Mr.BIG, but the police failed to even follow the suspects to find out who murdered her. 

She is far from the only person killed or threatened to cover up these elite pedophile rings, and this is only a fraction of how many people have been  murdered  to keep this all covered up — even an  SNP activist was killed

What kind of sick twisted monsters rape a two year old? A satanic pedophile ring does and there is proof Savile was involved in a Satanic Pedophile Ring.

Although, there have been several historic victories in the UK exposing some of these pedophiles, like Lord Janner  and  Cyril Smith, this stories are somehow just  scratching the surface of the guilty parties involved  in such horrific unspeakable acts. 

Other cases continue to be covered  up and hushed as various links to the pedophiles setting up their own inquiries by  friends  have shown. Investigations have been outright shut down as  30 former detectives  have testified.

How has all this been kept secret? When they can’t simply  murder witnesses  and  victims  to shut them up, these sick psychopaths have infiltrated into every part of society and call on judges,  law enforcement, and media to cover for them.

With the advent of social media, even publications like TIME   have been forced to report on the allegations swarming the UK. 

The good thing about such massive exposure is that these disgusting practices by  current politicians  are now known and harder for the elite to par take in. It also sets  them all up for failure if one gets caught – it will be like a domino  effect. This will set things into motion to  re-open investigations into whistleblower deaths  and the living victims will be brought forward. No longer  victim’s testimonies be “accidentally” permanently deleted

Current NYTimes CEO Mark Thompson was the Director-General  of the BBC from 2004-2012, during which time BBC DJ and host of The Top  Of The Pops Jimmy Savile was on air and his reign of horror on children  was still ongoing. 

Thompson also canceled the documentary on Savile  that was set to air on News Night.

Although Savile’s most  prominent abuse is said to be between the 1960s-90s it’s highly doubtful  that Savile didn’t sexually abuse any kids or adult females during his  time as a host on the Top Of The Pops in 2004, a British music charts  show similar to the old MTV.

In fact there is even video proof that Savile molested a 18 year old girl Sylvia Edwards live in 1976

Dame Janet Smithan, one of the lead investigators into the Savile scandal, called Top Of The Pops a “breeding ground for sexual abusers including Savile.” 

Staff were even amused at the fact Savile was assaulting young girls on the stage live.

A documentary on Savile was canceled by News night, similar to how the Conspiracy Of Silence was canceled years prior in the 1990’s in the U.S. after being  set to air on Discovery. Both programs exposed high levels of pedophilia here we see a pattern with the media protecting elitist pedophiles.

Thomspon  at first denied having any information about the News Night  documentary, then later admitted that the decision to cancel the  documentary was a “lack of imagination” on his part when he failed to ask detailed questions about why News Night’s investigation into Jimmy Savile was cancelled.

“I had no reason to believe that his conduct was a pressing concern,” Thompson said in an interview with the New York Times.  “Had  I known about the nature of the allegations and the credible  allegations that these horrific crimes had taken place during his time  at the BBC and in the building at the BBC, I of course would have considered them very grave and would have acted very differently,” he, said.

The problem there is absolutely no way Mark Thompson didn’t know about the abuse and there is no way that Thompson didn’t know about  the decision to kill the investigative report. 

Further, BBC foreign correspondent Caroline Hawley said that “she thought she had told Thompson the broad context of the axed Newsnight investigation into Savile” at a pre-Christmas drinks party at BBC Television Center in late 2011.

Savile was accused by 107 staff at the BBC  over the course of his decades of abuse and you are telling me the BBC  Director-General wouldn’t have ever saw or heard about his abuse in reports? 

It’s known that Mark Thompson did indeed know about it and he lied to  cover it up. Nick Pollard, former head of Sky News and lead  investigator into the Savile inquiry claimed that former BBC boss Mark  Thompson lied over Savile evidence in the tape released to 

The cover up didn’t end there though, they tried to debunk the satanic pedophile ring claims calling it crazy and unsubstantial problem in the UK. 

The problem is that Savile raped children as young as two years old. Savile’s own nephew Guy Marsden came out and testified to the horrors that he had witnessed. He then named one of the abusers in the ring a politician Sir Edward Heath who Guy said abused his 14-year-old friend at a London party

Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols got  kicked off the BBC in 1978  for bringing the allegation up and he was right. Rotten added that others are still alive and free and that he wanted to  bring them “jail time.” 

Whether or not MacKean's death was natural or induced has yet to be seen but one thing is for sure she would surely appreciate this massive compilation of research into the BBC pedophile ring exposing this sick secret of horrific child abuse.

At the time of this report to this writers' current knowledge an autopsy report on Liz MacKean's body has not been made public nor has a toxicology report.

It's widely known that the CIA and other intelligence services have covert means to assassinate individuals with biological chemical weapons that can induce a heart attack or a stroke. 

There are also a number of drugs that can cause strokes see this list here. One of the drugs includes hydrogen peroxide. Forcing someone to drink hydrogen peroxide would cause the body to go into shock and have a stroke none of this is out of the realm of possibility.

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"MacKean's story about the child abuse committed by Jimmy Savile was dropped by Newsnight in 2011. But the investigation with producer Meirion Jones was later recognised by the London Press Club with a scoop of the year award. "

This was from the BBC article.

Looks like her work on Savile didn't go to waste.

That's horrific. It seems if you get too close then you may be targeted... If it indeed was just a stroke then thats sad given all her effort. Sometimes, though, you can't always believe the official story.

It's well known that the CIA was researching and looking into a weapon to cause a stroke. We have the chemical biological agents to cause a stroke, as well as I, believe it is also doable to induce a stroke through frequencies. I know what I am talking about and can source it all in due time. :)

Yes that's in the bottom video :)

That sounds like the basis of a very revealing article, will keep an eye out in case it eventuates. Thanks for your work, I appreciate the lengths and risks you go to while unearthing these matters, I believe I'm not alone in that sentiment and others may add their voice to it.

I just added some of it to the bottom of this article.

I know you publish material here for ethics & integrity not fame or reward, but doesn't editing articles affect payout? Is it better to post separate articles with link back to the original than making edits?

Appreciate the update and additional information, be safe, steem on.

Not as far as I know it doesn't affect the payout but it was only a small update.

Jill Dando's death was widely attributed to a 'Serbian hitman', owing to her work with Kosovan refugees. Though the case officially remains open.

A close colleague insists that she tried to blow the whistle on several BBC stars who were abusing children, but was rebuffed

Investigations show that it was a 'hallmark professional assassination' which would support your suggestion that she was murdered by the elites she exposed, but also would fit the narrative of being assassinated by hitmen hired by the Serbian government.

We should reinvestigate this now that Jimmy Saville and his BBC paedophile ring have been exposed.

She was killed by someone named Mr. Big it came out a few years ago.

It's far more people than just the Clinton's knocking off their enemies. The Crown and it's lackeys have been doing it ad infinitum.

Think twice about what your exposing, unless you live in the Ecuadorian embassy.

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The elitist pedophiles have killed another truth teller by the looks of things.

I've written on this subject a number of times. The Savile case just goes to show how pathetic and compliant the BBC are when it comes to institutionalised Paedophilia. They are the most powerful and widespread propaganda machine in the world and are completely corrupt. British high society is so perverted it sickens me. Keep outing them buddy.

God bless her life. God bless all who help expose these horrendous crimes.

The brave ones go first because they dare first. Shame on BBC and other criminal propaganda cartels.

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Wrong I wrote this.

The only good thing about BBC was Sherlock and Doctor Who (sort of).
If only they could partner with Netflix instead like Black Mirror did we can finally say sod off BBC!

Nice info great good job bro. I'll follow your account to see how you doing. Because i earnings as like you @yash0108

Excellent work, this Is linked straight back to the Rothschilds and Vatican Cabal that run this corrupt system.

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Incredibly important OSINT Post!

may i share this on different platforms?

of course just attribute back to me for all the research :)

than you i will, this is very interesting and the idea that more pedos have been arrested since the election of trump than i have seen in the past 20 years should be bigger news than it has been.

Disheartening to see that a few good men/women are taken down/silenced or have gone and not being able to see justice. I pray for the hearts of these heroes who battle the world of influential pedophiles! Thanks for sharing! Such an eye-opener!

Awesome interview!

As you have so eloquently pointed out the systematic abuse of children is rife within the upper echelons of all areas of society. It's has also enabled the implementation of a control mechanism (NWO) that now strangles the future of civilisation. It's the one area that has the potential to unite humanity and bring down the scum that have used this issue as a tool of blackmail and control. As such I respect people like yourself for speaking out on such difficult issues and bringing this to the attention of as many people as possible, great work!

thank you for sharing the news... it's important to talk about it

i read your post are good.
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You have my vote.Thanks for sharing.
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In recent days I encountered several times people not publishing on steemit referencing an article on steemit. As was this case with this one.
A British bloke spoke about Liz MacKean and postet the link in his description.

That's probably the only good news about it.
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