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in peace •  2 years ago

Hello, I'm ready to make an attempt at self expression. As you will see I'm not the best at communicating. It's something that I have never been able to do properly, but here goes.

I'm having an existential crisis and need help. I have lived like a monk for so long that I don't know if my feelings are correct. Seeking peace is the goal but it seems impossible. It hurts watching the ignorance / nescience of the world.
I think understanding will help me get rid of the pain so I have a few questions. I'm starting here because this seems like an intelligent community.

Please feel free to leave answers in the comments. Any questions to me will be answered in 1 of 3 ways, here in comments, by private message, or in a new post.

I try to communicate as concisely as possible and hope y'all will do the same.

3 Questions, with my answers.

Why do you live / exist? = Your personal purpose?

As a child I noticed the injustice of the world and thought I could do something to change it. I was wrong. As a teen being wrong angered me and I lashed out, incurring the wrath of society. Now as an adult I seek peace, always looking for the best way, but I'm lost.
My purpose = 0. It's the only thing I've ever had.

How would you make the world a better place? Can 0=1?

I have many ideas, here's 2.
A non-lethal weapon that can stop movement and provide defense. It will also be printable and available to anyone.
Free energy.
These are possible ideas but would anger many a company / government. Which is why I would like to stay anonymous.

How would you wake everyone up?

The System is thousands of years old and very strong. The opposition is meek. I think we should find balance. Some monks practice battle but barely use it. We can reform the other into something useful to all. Starting with movies music and literature. I myself am a brain child of pkd and many others.
I don't want the future to look like minority report. Larken Rose's mirror project is very great. I want to make an app that will pay for good deeds.

I think the steemit community could also be used as a think-tank.
For anyone thinking I'm insane, I am. I am also sincere.
Have fun and be happy 😊.
Thanks for reading.

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