Pay It Forward Curation Contest Entry - Week 24

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This is my entry of 2 featured bloggers for week 24 of #payitforward contest organized and promoted by @pifc.

Contest Post:



My first featured blogger is Kelly AKA @ofsedgeandsalt. She is a botanist, naturalist, craftsperson, artist, photographer, philosopher and herbalist on the road interviewing land dwellers.

Photo source: @ofsedgeandsalt

Featured Post: Backcountry Wallowas hike : short photo log

I thought I'd show ya'll a few photos of my hike last week in the Wallowas of eastern Oregon, where a friend and I went to look at plants and get some time off grid to collect our thoughts about the coming year. The Wallowas are a mountain range that traditionally is Nez Perce territory, also important to other native folks in the area.



My second featured blogger this week is @canalea, a lawyer from Venezuela, who has finally joined steem community after her brother told her about the platform almost a year ago. Here is her #introduceyourself post.

Photo source: @canalea

Featured Post: My presentation in Steemit

I am first of all, "Guara", with a lot of pride. I am a Venezuelan lawyer, surviving the crisis in Venezuela. I work with Real Estate, when we find clients ... In spite of everything, I love my country and my dream is to see Venezuela prosperous and happy.

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Thanks for your entry, @zorank! Well done!
Nice to see that some people in Venezuela are surviving the crisis.


Thanks buddy. It is sad what is happening in Venezuela, but let's hope for he best.

I have visited and supported both of your featured authors. They are both good writers especially that Venezuelan lawyer. Finally, I saw a very positive post from Venezuela.


I agree. It is nice to see some optimism in Venezuela. Thanks for your support, @macoolette.


You're welcome.

Thank you for featuring these 2 bloggers. Both have been upvoted.

very strong entry. I checked out both authors and enjoyed the reads. thanks for the share.


Thanks for stopping by and for your support, @paulag.


Nicaragua....aqua for my bunghole.....arriba...


hay @zorank you are most welcome

Dropping by and supporting your post @zorank. I visited and upvoted both of your entries into this week’s contest.

With very limited time and to avoid what happened to me last week, I wanted to be sure and take the first step in showing support, prior to the expiration of Steem’s 7-day limit for payouts. As time allows, I will try to get back to provide you more personalized input on your entries.

Thank you for your effort here in support of our growing PIFC Community!

Commented and upvoted both features. Great recommendations again @zorank. Keep up the great work.