Green News 0001: Are you searching for Eco-contests and Eco-opportunities on Steem?

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Green News 0001: Eco-contests and Eco-opportunities on Steem.

Green greetings, as earlier mentioned, @greennews is an environmental news channel on Steem whose principal goal is to curate and share news and opportunities about Steemians who are striving to build a thriving, just and sustainable world as well as share environmental news stories around the world.
Every Wednesdays, Green News curates Steem Contests and Opportunities for eco-steemians.

Eco-Contests and Eco-Opportunities

1. @chrisaiki is recruiting 100 Tree Ambassadors from 100 Cities across the globe


Join @chrisaiki in his quest for coloring the world green as he is in search for 100 Tree Ambassadors from 100 cities across the globe to join him in a 2 million trees planting campaign.
@chrisaiki is the Coordinator of @solarcoach, an initiative that is promoting solar investments into local economies and collective projects and he has a strong passion for people and planet. Learn about @chrisaiki’s Tree Ambassadors initiative at:

2. @gogreenbuddy supports Ecosteemians with his Daily Green Giveaway.


Steemians like @gogreenbuddy are a rare jewel and they are making Steem exciting and rewarding with their Big upvotes of up to $0.50. Are you an Ecosteemian? @gogreenbuddy is on a daily basis, giving away votes to the best 3 links posted on their blog thread. Learn more about @gogreenbuddy’s daily giveaways at

3. Participate in @elamental’s Earth Deeds Weekly contest and stand a chance to win up to $10SBD.


Earth Deeds
@elamental is a homesteader and hip-hop artist whose passion for improving the health and wellbeing of people and the planet is endless and this explains his desire inspire and engage Steemians to care for the Earth. His Earth Deeds contest is proudly supported by @tribesteemup and participants could up to $9 or $10 upvote worth just by simply sharing their stories of how they are taking care of Mother Earth. Learn more about his contest and participate at:

Welcoming EcoSteemians

Join @greennews to welcome Sharon (@lovewasted) and Dorine (@dorineclay) who are newbies to the Steem platform.



Sharon is a mother, a friend, and a lover of wildlife, the ocean, and all creatures great and small. Professionally, she’s a self employed emotional wellbeing specialist, mind-body therapist, meridian energy practitioner and soul coach. Join @greennews to welcome, follow and support @lovewasted on Steem:



Dorine is a traveler who is touring and enjoying the beauty of Mother Earth. She likes traveling and enjoys writing and has visited more than 30 countries around the globe. She is French and it will be an honour for you to say Bienvenue as well as follow and support her:

Content curated by @mr-greens

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Learn more about @greennews:

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Great to find another brilliant eco-list initiative - have followed all these recommendations, upvoted and resteemed this post.
You might be interested in some of my scribblings too?

Keep up the great work, cheers.


Will keenly follow your scribblings and thanks for the support and connection. Stay green!


Cheers - you too!

What a wonderful initiative, don't know why it took me this long to find it! I am an Interspecies Researcher on plant/human co-creation and a Biomimicry facilitator. Most of my posts are about plant intelligence or biomimicry and circular economy for innovation. Looking forward to sharing experiences with everyone!


This is awesome @yvesoler and its people like and the work you do that we want to bring to the spotlight. Please always tag green news to your work #GreenNews and @greennews so that we can feature you and your work on our Steem publications.


I most definitely will! Thank you so much for everything you are doing!!!