Pay It Forward (Contest Entry)

in payitforward •  11 months ago

I've always believed in "Pay it Forward" and this contest has allowed me to do this. I mention here a few individuals of the steemit community that has had some impact on me in very positives ways. I recommend giving them all a glance.

Contest can be found here -


@creyestxsa94  - is very inspiring and loves to share. Very up rising. 


@chuck2u32 - a great and wise person. Inspiring and relatable.


  @wholeself-in – Kind, inspiring (not that anyone I have mentioned is not). Interesting read every time.  


Honorable Mentions

  @kayclarity – Absolutely amazing artist. 

So if you haven't, spend some time and give a couple of the ones you follow a thumbs up! ;)


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Hello @ecid! Thanks so much for participating in the contest. Please send a comment to and include a link to this post.
This is the actual contest post and of course I would like you to be entered into it. @thedarkhorse puts it together. I will be visiting all your featured authors, commenting and upvoting their posts as well.


Thank you @energyaddict22!

I have done just that and thanks again :)


My pleasure and thanks again for participating.

Thank you for your entry. All featured bloggers have been upvoted. Week 4 is about to be posted and hope you join us again.


Thank you!

And I will be for sure :)

Hello again. Thanks for sharing these authors with us. I have visited, commented and upvoted all their posts. Very good entries.

Thank you for the mention; I am honored!


You're welcome, but you made it happen! Good content :)


Hey friend, I noticed you don't have a profile pic yet. Perhaps that is intentional, but I mention it because I personally had trouble figuring out how to make one early on. Also because I tend to discount accounts without a photo since there are so many spam/automated accounts it there.

I could not get any of the third party steemit img sites I'd heard about to work, so I do this:

Make a new post
Insert your desired image into the post
Copy the image link that appears in the editor
Go to your profile settings and paste the link there! Then go back delete the draft post.

See ya around!


I don't as of yet and thank you wholeself-in. It is intentional at the moment as I'm undecided.

Thank you sooo muuuch for including me here.. :) :) Have a wonderful day!! :) Steem on! :)


My pleasure :)

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