#Contest: Week 8 - Pay It Forward Curation contest by @thedarkhorse - My Entry

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Hai to all.....

I am 7 weeks late for Paying It forward. But BETTER LATE THAN NEVER, So I feel comfortable here and here is my first entry supported by @thedarkhorse and ably motivated by @cuppcake just today morning. Yes you read it right...today morning.

For those who would like to know more about it please open the link.



Pay it forward: -Pay it-, Feel the literal meaning and it always a thing of pleasure for both who gives and also for the receiver with a sense of care. -Forward-, a word with a purpose like look forward to. And one great guy from steemit combined these two words through a word 'it' resulting in a phrase called PAY IT FORWARD which infuses a positive energy to everyone who happen to go through the detailed expansion on it.

The phrase PAY IT FORWARD spreads so many positive things like looking forward to, paying gratitude and I believe the real meaning may be that You pay some time in Steemit to bring Forward your buddies like the minnows and planktons or those under privileged people of this great platform.

For me, lately I am indulging with this platform by paying almost all my available free time and on one fine evening ie Yesterday I came across this great post 'Pay it Forward' curation competition, WEEK 8 by @thedarkhorse and was truly amazed in its depth and by trying to bring the best by lifting others.

I was not sure whether I could make a post as I thought this is something that only established members of this platform shall participate and I wrote a comment in @thedarkhorse' page reflecting the same thoughts and to my surprise he convinced me that this contest is meant for every members of this platform. And more surprise was in store as I realized there is more good souls here than thought as I received another reply soon that inspired and motivated me to think about joining this curation contest.

And here I am with my two nominations. For a surprise and as a gratitude for motivating me my first nomination is the from whom I got inspired through the reply other than @thedarkhorse'.

My First Nomination - @cuppcake


I know this lady only from yesterday, precisely from the day I came across @thedarkhorse' post regarding this contest. But for the kind words and the time that she spared for me, I thought she deserves my nomination as no one had really motivated me to do something here.

This is what she wrote for me.

Adding to what @thedarkhorse said @angelro, it dosent matter whether youre a tiny fish like me or a whale like them, what matters is the sincerity at which you put in your writing. Like i said, am a tiny fish like yourself maybe even smaller but that didnt discourage me... I actually thought of it as an opportunity i wouldnt want to miss and so i went to the comments on my posts since i only knew one person with the requirement because i was still fresh. I searched my for genuine and sincere comment and i found my people. After reading their post myself, i was beyound convinced that they were the one for me and i sincerely wrote about them from my heart and their works. I was a nervous wreck untill week 7 winners announcement was posted and went i went through it... I was beyond happy to see that i featured as one of the winners. So you see, its not really about been big or small, its about been devoted, consistent,openhearthed and sincere. You should really add your entry to that list...who knows, you might catch the judges fancy.

Nominated post

Dear readers, please note that I nominated her not for only few lines written to me but from the few posts that I had gone through from her profile page she have special skill in writing. And here is the nominated posy.


Do you ever like a pig, I am not, she too not (as she replied to me) and most of the readers too not. But when I opened this link A pig made a smile in my face. The article was about pig farming and the vast scope of business with this creature and a photo she had given as an introduction was so cute that I rubbed my eyes to confirm it was pig. The article also details about its breeding space requirements, farming, feeding, its health care and even the approximate range of profits that could be made with pig farming.

It looks like she is expert in farming as there was one more post which explained about Ginger farming.


My Second Nomination - @uyobong


Out of my few friends, in a strictly personal view I hadn’t any among for whom I feel I can nominate here. I am not sure whether they are really trying to do anything substantial in this great platform. And as I pondered about whom to nominate who’s RP is 50 or less my thoughts went to one charismatic personality @uyobong.

It is little difficult to explain in detail about him but what I know is that he is a person who dedicatedly work for other steemiens growth here. He is also on the mission to do curation and ably supported by some experienced members in steemit. One of his best contribution is launching a series of Ulogs where one should write about himself. The simplest way it is described as the write is Celebrity in steemit. Looks wonderful. Is it?

Nominated Post - https://steemit.com/janitorjanitor/@uyobong/i-am-involved-in-steemit-s-future-my-posts-is-my-identity-for-the-future-together-we-can-make-the-world-better

In his own words (Excerpts from the post)

Steemit holds a hallmark fame for promoting originality, ingenuity, personal values and "YOU". it therefore leaves us with the choice of either playing out positively and becoming a celebrity for now and for posterity or being the notorious rebel.

He is also a motivational speaker with some of his posts shows his able leadership qualities.

Now I would like to windup. Mistakes and Drawbacks to be forgiven as it is my first attempt. Highly appreciate if you points out those if any and your valuable comments too.

Best Regards to all

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Great pair of authors. Thanks for your participation in the #payitforward contest. It is great to see you joining the project. I have visited your featured authors and commented/upvoted their posts. Wish you all the best.

Thanks a lot for the sparing your valuable time for visiting the blogs and commenting. As a first time participant it makes me inspiring me to do more and better..

I am following you now and also visited all the blogs you mentioned,,

Wow @angelro. Thank you for the nomination. I appreciate.

Thanks for the entry and both of your featured bloggers have been upvoted.

Great post and picks @angelro :) Keep being inspired.

Thanks a lot.. It really made me happy... It was a rare attempt by me... And if someone feels it good it means my post is having some value..

Thanks again and stay blessed

You are very welcome :)

@angelro... Am kinda lost for words, your post is beautiful, amazing and sincere. I was smiling through out and am honoured to have been featured in your post. Best of luck friend.

Nice words....Yes I know it must be a surprise for you...but that post too was beautiful....

Keep connected...and Stay blessed