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Good morning my dear fellow steemians... I must confess its a beautiful day over here and to top it off, a nice theme from @farms.

Pigs on a normal level for me have been animals i actually find disgusting due to their dirty nature but looking past that, one tends to find out that there are more to pigs than met with the eyes so in this post, i will be enlightening you more on the farming aspect of pigs.

Piggery or pig farming is one of the best paying business in Nigeria as it is on a very high demand in the market. The male pig is a boar, the female a sow, the offsprings are either called piglets which is actually a very common name for baby pigs, shoats or farrows while a group of pigs are called herds or drove. In pig farming, there are very important things to consider in order to ensure a very successful and reproductive returns. One of this things is

land or breeding space

For a beginner without enough funds, a small scale of land is okay but for someone who wants to start big... beginners or not, a large scale of farmland(s) is hence needed.

Spacious pens should also be constructed so as to avoid clusters that could lead the pigs to inflicting harm on each others. It is also essential in order to prevent disease and infections it is also necessary to prevent insect and other harmful pest from attacking the pigs by providing a good drainage system to pass out dirty water and prevent stagnation.

A Pig farm should be equipped with water pools where the pigs can swim in an clean up themselves as they love damp places. This pools should also be kept clean in turn to avoid causing illness to the pigs.


The feeding of pigs is quite a demanding yet simple task as they require special attention in order to prevent food poisoning. Pigs like most other animals eat almost everything that humans eat. Food with same nutritious values and well balanced. A grazing ground is needed as pigs are also grass eaters. It also serves as a playing ground for them but under supervision as they might stray which is why it is advisable for a pig farmer to fence the farmland with sticks. The feeding is also capital consuming as the pigs need to be fed continuously to enhance their growth rate.

health care

An animal doctor( vet) should be sought for to ensure periodic checkups of the pigs and also consulted in the nutitional aspect of feeding.

Make sure to buy a healthy or healthy pigs from trusted sellers only to start your farm .

profit in pig farming

A pig can birth up to 10-15 piglet at once . lnhs6wqkh4dccyeg98pu.jpgsource
Imagine starting your pig farm with just 20 pigs; 5 males and 15 females and they all concieve at once. Hehehehe...omo see money ooo.
NB: pigs also grow fast which means they can be sold a little earlier unlike some farm animals. With a matured pig at the market price of about 20 - 30 thousand naira, hmmmmmm oga youre made. Also, one can butcher pigs for meat and sell to make money.


It's been a while since I did any reading on pigs. Fun stuff! Thanks for sharing. I found you through the #payitforward contest. You were featured by @angelro. Congratulations and all the best to you.

Thank you for making out time to go through my post and that of others. You are really doing a wonderful thing here.

Frankly speaking pig is an animal that I hates to see here. But while I opened your page the photo of that pig with a spects made a smile on my lips. Such a nice photo of pig. Clap for finding such one. BTW did you made any effects by photoshopping on it. hehe just kidding.

My awareness level was so low in terms of pig and its business entity until i saw a movie recently in my own local language, and this write up thrown over a vast knowledge...

Thanks you....for such an informative post

Am really glad you found this informative...i guess we are on the same page when it comes pigs dislike then. And i remember you from @thepayitforwardcurationcentest. You should really reconsider and make your entry.

I just checked it and ive commented and upvoted... Am happy you decided to give it a try.

Thanks for the motivation...Your words were so inspiring..Otherwise I wouldnt may attempt...

Have a nice sunday

I was surrounded by pig farms in my high school years. I think I'll stick with the ginger LOL. Great article.

I really love how you show your personality when your write. It's very refreshing :)

Thank you. I dont know why but am happy someone noticed i write based on how i feel. I really appreciate

You are sooo welcome. It should make you happy. You have a genuine follower :D It feels good when get noticed for being ourselves.

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