I was - happily - Thrown Way Back into the 90s with THIS! RAW/INDUSTRIAL with a HEART !

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Saturday! The day we either need to recover from what happened yesterday night - maybe we are pulling through right as we speak - or we are in preparation of things to come tonight!

As you guessed, I mean a good party with some - hopefully - good music. Sure, there are also those - many of them I suppose - who avoid dance parties, plan other things, including those - like myself - who decided to keep in chill mood for the weekend. Also not a bad thing :)

For all those, who are into the flow, or plan some flow to start later today, or like to get some flow thrown at them, I share with you a set recording of this German (Berlin) based artist/producer/DJ "Dax J".

When hearing this guy for the first time - some time ago - I was thrown back in time for at least two decades. His sound is so much the sound when Techno was in the underground scene only, mid/late 90s, maybe also early 2000. When techno was in its so called "Loop Techno" period. Hard, Industrial sounds! Pounding! True Rave music!

Many artists back in the days played this type of music, but not so many did a really good job. This type of minimal techno seems easy to play, but it becomes super difficult to keep an audience interested for the duration of the set, or the entire evening/night!

Dax J is at the good side of things in this music style. He is able to keep me interested, from record one to record last (with a view exceptions in his almost two hour set); A recording from one of his most recent performances in the Netherlands, at one of the Awakenings nights during the Amsterdam Dance Events (October 2017).

Tonight he plays again in the Netherlands, in Nijmegen, a city I used to live in a long time ago, somewhere in the eastern part of my little country, right at the German border. Doornroosje is the club he will enjoy the audience with an all-nighter.

I should not have decided to keep it quiet this weekend, since this night with Dax J would have been a great opportunity to check out his skills to entertain a whole night, 6 hours in a row! But, yeh, whatever, I'm pretty sure new opportunities will arise at some point in time! :)

Speaking about time: You may like this post about TIME.

NJOY the Pre-/After Party and TIME!

Artist: Dax J
Set: ADE Awakenings Specials
Year: 2017
Country: Germany







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Excellent use of technology.

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I have no idea what Technology you refer to and what use of it. Please stop commenting to all sort of posts starting with "Excellent" followed by some meaningless generic statement! I would expect something different from a 57 rep Steemian! Since I have a good heart today, I positioned your comment just at the good side of the line between SPAM comments and none-SPAM comments; Resulting in not touching the flag icon next to your comment. But, please, be warned.

Thank you @edje for your good suggestion. But I am not spammer. Only me and my God knows how much I am working hard. How much I careful about writing a blog, comments. May be I gave wrong word about your blog. But I want to say here about the sound system of Dex J's. whatever happens, If you say It is my fault, I am saying sorry.

Maybe it is language, bit I still not understand what you try to say wrt Dax J. I didn't discuss anything about technology and sound system wrt Dax J in my post, I simple talked about his sound, the performance he did last year which I included in my post. Anyway, appreciate you spend time to create posts.