Partiko Weekly Report #19 - First Steem Meetup in 2019!

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Hello Partiko lovers!

We're so excited to report to you yet another week of amazing updates!

First Steem Meetup in 2019

The first Steem Meetup in the San Francisco Bay Area is going to happen this week on Feb 28!

Time: Thursday Feb 28, 2019 6:30 to 8:30 PM
Location: Starfish San Francisco, 1535 Mission St. San Francisco, CA
6:30 to 7:00 PM: Networking
7:00 to 7:30 PM: Recap of latest development in the Steem community
7:30 to 8:00 PM: Blockchain business model review: SteemMonsters v.s. Steemit
8:00 to 8:30 PM: Sneak peek into the future: Steem Smart Contract
8:30 PM: Happy hour!

Reserve your spot here

Perks: Partiko swags if you come! Jackets, notebooks, tote bags and pens!

Read this post for more details!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Unlock a big gift pack from Partiko!

Partiko has prepared a big gift pack for you! Wondering what gifts are we offering? Read this post to check it out!

Upcoming Updates

  • Messaging for Partiko iOS
  • New Android release!

Download Partiko and Try it Out!

Partiko has become one of the most popular interfaces for the Steem blockchain, it does not take cuts on your earnings, and you can earn Partiko Points and convert them into upvotes!

  • Download the Android version on the Google Play Store.
  • Directly download the Android package here. SHA 256 checksum: 265be9e77c49561579b01601791b4df53923e511bfddbd70a99858a1422e3d79.
  • Download the iOS version of the App Store.

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Together, let’s change the world.

Onwards and upwards,
Partiko team

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I just deleted Partiko from my phone. It's sad, because I thought it was a great mobile interface, but I strongly object to the (recent) practice of spamming active Steem accounts that aren't yet using the application.

A quick look at RC and recent comment history shows that the accounts that I manage are not the only victims of this merciless onslaught of Spam.

If you see this and still delegate to @partiko... please reconsider supporting this shameful behavior.

They are saying I have points unclaimed in my account... I don't even have a partiko account! I never wanted one to begin with and this just reassures me of my good choice.

Everyone not already using Partiko has unclaimed points in their account, because every account starts with Partiko points. It's a gimmick, like the credit cards that offer you airline miles to sign up. Except that airline miles will actually pay for a flight with real value - 3000 partiko points will get maybe a few cents upvote. They're definitely not worth the effort to sign up and figure out how to claim them.

Let's be clear - I don't have any issue with Partiko taking a page from the normal Silicon Valley startup handbook and giving free partiko points to everyone. They are a Silicon Valley startup and I expect them to act like one. My problem is with them spamming everyone on Steem. If a small account did the same thing, anti-spam groups would destroy them as a matter of course. If the only reason they can get away with it is because of their size, it means that they are becoming bullies as they grow - doing whatever it takes to keep the user count growing and bring in the next round of funding - regardless of the impact they have on Steem at large.

The growth hacks have long tired, in fact they have become desperate. The spamming is ridiculous and it’s sad that no one, or only very few mind.

Especially because this closed source software only wants to achieve user numbers sufficient to be able to raise [further?] funding from Sandhill Road.

I love a great growth hack, but these aren’t. These are merely playing the “Free tokens” spirit and meta community.

That's nuts. The way they state it is a problem. "Unclaimed points in 'your' account", is a problem. It's clickbait.

The problem is spamming. Absolutely. It is making Steemit feel like a platform filled with ads. Just done differently.
Do like others, write posts to get known, find ways to be on a discord radio channel and talk about it. Don't spam people. Bad business.

I agree with you. They are growing, becoming sour and greedy. Nothing grand to take part of that.

yes, definitely clickbait.

Sorry to see you go! We used our RC to claim accounts.

Posted using Partiko Android

So you're saying you didn't send this same message 23637 times this week, with only the @spaminator being different?

Aren't you based in California? I think that you just broke the law.

Sorry, we forgot that you can't get notification anymore. Anyways, sorry to see you go!

Posted using Partiko Android

Sorry, we forgot that you can't get notification anymore.

The height of hubris. Do you really think that somebody can't get notifications anymore just because they uninstalled your app?

Silicon Valley arrogance. What did you expect?

Glad you can still get them!

Posted using Partiko Android

they sent me a message too that I have 3000 partiko points? howcome? I never engaged with them ever and nor do I have their app. Now, they want me to download the app to convert those free 3000 partiko points to steem sometime in the future.

When will another round of donations happen so I can deligate and get upvotes from partiko

Posted using Partiko Android

I just must say that @partiko is the best android steem app I have ever tried! I stayed away from a lot of "Garbage" steem apps since they were poorly built and looked sketchy overall. But the fact that you can now get rewarded for using a steem interface is purely awesome! Keep up the good work guys!

Thank you so much for your support!

Posted using Partiko Android

@partiko! I love your app. In fact, I use it for 90% of my steemit activities (-10% for wallet functions). Is there any plans it to future to integrate the wallet into partiko? And is there any way to click on an @mention and stay in the app not be redirected to internet browser? Keep up the awesome work!!! Thank you!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Congratulations @partiko! You have completed the following achievement on the Steem blockchain and have been rewarded with new badge(s) :

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I would love to make it to the @partiko #meetup, but the 4 hour drive almost seems impossible. Have an Awesome time

Posted using Partiko iOS

Wow,,, I wish I could be there 😊

Posted using Partiko iOS

He realizado mi voto como testigo a @partiko, como testigo para colaborar con el ecosistema Steem. Suerte.!

Yeah this is well for steam.

Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks partiko sharing steem meet up.
Great work

Posted using Partiko Android

Hello @partiko, we’re grateful for your immense support on #steem blockchain.


Proudly a #partiko user.

Posted using Partiko iOS

Hi Partiko...

I download the app in my phone but not working .. why?


What error are you seeing? We can help you out!

Posted using Partiko Android

Just loading ...

你那里天气如何?新人吗?《steemit指南》拿一份吧,以免迷路; 另外一定要去 @team-cn 的新手村看看,超级热闹的大家庭。如果不想再收到我的留言,请回复“取消”。

I look forward for the update @partiko after the meet up. Maybe many interesting people will join. Good luck

Posted using Partiko Android

Wish you a great and successful time there.

I'm just thinking to create a website to promote Partiko and Steemit to people around the net, especially to wordpress bloggers, it's time for mass adoption, Partiko gave the possibility 💝
Have a wonderful day

Posted using Partiko Android

Hey..please arrange a meetup in India too. I would love to join you guys !!!

What makes you go on my Steemit account saying that I have 3000 unclaimed points in my partiko account? I don't have an account and I definitely don't want one.
Could you kindly keep your unwanted spamming to yourself or at least to your users? This is what makes your service look like shit. Or maybe it just is...

He comenzado a seguir a @partiko, a fin de mantenerme al tanto de pròximas publicaciones.

  ·  5 months ago Reveal Comment

Have fun everyone!! Spread that Partiko message to the world! 😎

Posted using Partiko iOS

are you draining up all your voting power to downvote my post, this is why you need think twice before doing anything, however, your behaviour already make me angry, mainly because you give trevon james upvote, and i am not going to forgive you because you give trevon james upvote and help him to promote scam

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