A New Decentralized Healthcare Delivery Means You Can Live For A Century

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We will soon have the average life expectancy increased to 100years

Medicine and human health care has witnessed significant development over the past few decades which have increased the average human life expectancy rate by several fold all across the world. The Healthcare industry is developing rapidly with medications and life-saving drugs that can improve the everyday health of individuals. As a result, the human life expectancy rate is likely to continue its positive and upward movement. However, while much of the progress in modern health is owed to significant development of life-saving drugs, the flaws in the integration of the right individuals and proper delivery of the drugs serve as a big obstacle.

The full impact of the development in modern healthcare standards is not seen mostly because of challanges such as undeveloped supply chain that can serve the pharmaceutical industry. Also there is no support for other healthcare contributors such as health app developers, medical services providers and medical equipment suppliers. In fact, the inability of the existing systems to eliminate fake drugs contribute as a major cause of death. In addition, the lack of efficient supply chain mechanism of the healthcare industry can create dangerous delays in the delivery of crucial life-saving drugs. It is very important that an industry this big adopts a new kind of innovative approach in providing proper healthcare services in areas like supply chain and delivery protocol, digital medicine (healthcare applications) to ensure valuable lives aren't lost simply due to the deficiencies of the existing healthcare services.

A new blockchain startup, Curestoken is developing a decentralised ecosystem with a token system (CURES) that provides a curated healthcare service on the blockchain. The project aims to empower the patients, and other healthcare contributors such as medical providers and health app developers.

The existing medical service is hugely plagued with bureaucratic problems and inefficient medical insurance. This has reduced the effectiveness of the provision of medical and healthcare services to the people. Also the current systems have been unable to penetrate boundaries in reaching the farthest areas where medical services are needed. Cures token aims to leverage blockchain technology and smart contracts to reach deep into every sector of medical and healthcare services in order to involve key players from the manufacturers, pharmaceutical distributors, health app developers (HAPP) to the retailers and patients.

Better Medical Care

The world Health Organisation (WHO) and other popular health establishments have reported that the death rate of people living in Third World countries is far beyond the numbers from countries with advanced technology. This is majorly because optaining quality medical care in these poor countries is expensive and takes time. Cures token is cored on solving these problems. The decentrased framework of the project breaks through barriers to ensure that quality health care is provided to patients when needed.

Better Drug Distribution

Currently, advancements in science and technology has created a drug distribution system free of the major flaws present in the current system. Cures token is embracing the opportunity to leverage blockchain technology and smart contract to create the most advanced and flawless drug distribution network ever

Cures Token Against Fraud

While healthcare is one of the sectors that receive the highest allocations either targeted for research or for producing and distribution of drugs, the industry is marred by fraud. In US alone, it is reported that around $5.7 billion was recovered by the Federal Government in 2014. Health Care Anti-fraud Association (NHCAA) estimated that tens of billions in dollars was lost to healthcare fraud. Cures token has designed structure that will solve this problem. Through the transparent framework of blockchain and the implementation of smart contracts, transactional recorded that are entered can easily be traced. This way, fraud of health care funds will be eliminated

Beyond Authenticity

Curestoken is prepared to be the best solution for the drug distribution market. The company has developed an ecosystem that will leverage Artificial Intelligence – allowing it to utilize blockchain for more than just an authenticity check. Cures token aims to help companies resolve inefficiencies in the delivery system. The compound usage of AI and blockchain allows for an era of automated supply chain solutions for the drug industry.

Proper integration of AI will enable proactive detection of any inefficiencies in the supply chain of drugs and other medical equipments. Curestoken is creating a way for a smart economy in the medical and healthcare market by integrating blockchain technology and smart contracts to provide a better service to the people.

Curestoken and the market

Curestoken is a startup project that targets the healthcare industry by leveraging a blockchain-powered marketplace for medical services. If the team is able to follow the roadmap and deliver, Cures token can potentially have a massive impact on the healthcare industry given that the project has attracted strong interest from crypto-focused institutional investors.


Cures token has reached its soft cap while the the crowdsale is going strong, it won't be long before the project raise the Hardcap. Learn more about the project by reading the Whitepaper. You can also participate in the ICO following the links below.

Essential Curestoken Links

Web: https://www.curestoken.com/
Whitepaper: https://www.curestoken.com/#whitepaper_cures
Telegram: https://t.me/curestoken_community
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CuresToken

Bounty0x: Kryptarion1

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I'm not really sure if medical practitioners will adopt a tokenized system even if it has its benefits they are so used to the status quo that even providing a superior system would take some convincing to gain adoption


Yes you are correct @chekohler. Every new innovation need time before it is fully adopted. But with the right strategic deployment I am sure the practitioners will be won over.

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Man made best thing on earth is medicine.


That is very correct.

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@kryptarion, Without any doubt Technology is developed to great extent and transformed many aspects of life for good too. But definitely there are many flaws in the System and great to know about this Tokenization and definitely Blockchain in health care can bring Revolution.

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Wow! You are presenting some quite interesting reviews, follow you now.

Clearly, Cures only explains it intention without explaining how it will operate with the physical world and deal with individuals.

For example, it is not clear how Cures will be applicable in under developed countries like in Africa where there is very little or no knowledge

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We need something new, because Obamacare ain't cutting it.

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