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I am disapointed.

How many years i was abroad and i forgot what is at home.
I thought that at home everything is cool and fine like it was before.

This is what i thought.

In real i really dont know what happened. Since i am at home i met with a lot of people and sad but everything is worst since i left.
Educated people acting like a crazy. They are not kind anymore.

I am not talking about everyone. But as i see the good and carrying people are always less and less.

Sad to see this and more sad to experience it. And who knows maybe i just had a bad days. Maybe later i will met just with a kind people😁

My personal view is that anyway i dont mind what others do or how they act.
I am following a old school stuff. If there is a older or a woman with child i will dont let them to wait hours. Or i will dont argue about the parking space.

And the most important i try to stay far from the trouble😁
As i saw last weekend there are still many pocket rambos in our place😂

Pocket Rambo - these are a people who are kind when they are alone. But when they drink and they have more than 5 friends around they think they rule the world😂 even each of them weight maybe 50-60kg and that is not muscle, maybe just the clothes😂😂😂

So i think i will spend less time also with my old friends. Maybe if there will be a BBQ or a garden party. But i dont wanna go often out to the bars or pubs because i am not that much young anymore😂

Everything is changeing but i am a dreamer and i always believe that everything will be always better and better. But that is the reason why i am disapointed many times. 🤔

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Nos, 10ből mindössze egy ember az, aki alapvetően rendes ember. 10ből 8 választhat, hogy rendes ember akar lenni, vagy köcsög. Ahogy a világ állapotát elnézzük, a többség azt választja, hogy bizony köcsög lesz :) A többiek meg elnézik nekik, így folyamatosan szaporodnak. Én is igyekszem kerülni az embereket, amennyire lehet, nem látom értelmét, hogy olyannal töltsek időt, aki csak lehúz :)

Próbáld kerülni a negatív embereket, nekem ez bejött. Bárhova költözöl, a kezdetekkor mindenhol idegennek érzi magát az ember. Vannak dolgok, amik rosszabbak lettek itthon, de vannak amik jobbak. Én a jó dolgokra próbálok koncentrálni, és azóta könnyebbek a napok.

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Igen teljes mertekben azon vagyok. Nem is nagyon megyek most sehova. Csak ahova nagyon kell. Inkabb a csaladdal vagyok abbol baj nem lehet😁 csak ugye csalodott vagyok kicsit de az majd elmulik😉

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I am still thinking that probably one day, I will get a chance to travel abroad. Want to travel away from home


And you can do it. If you really want you can.
Me also i am now at home after 10 years of travel. And to be honest i am sure i will go again.
Just i am sad that things are changeing at home. I feel myself like a stranger or an alien😁

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