Why Get Some Teardrops Tokens Now? (One Token Across Three Steem-Based Interfaces Modeled To 'Mine The Human', Namely ulogs.org, steemgigs.org & macrohard.pro)

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I got weak again recently but i will resume activities again in a day or two. Once some tools are ready, i will be getting 'help with more constancy' from some of our 'certified uloggers' so that we can begin moving the 'teardrops SMT ecosystem' forward at an organic pace.

Many things in relation to this ecosystem will get all the more clearer too. Just after we have completed the landing page that will contain a mini-colorlesspaper (for Teardrops SMT), we will more actively seek help with regards to 'the building and development of each steem-based interface that constitutes the Teardrops SMT ecosystem namely, ulogs.org, steemgigs.org and macrohard.pro'.

At that point, we will begin to move faster.

Why Get Some Teardrops Tokens Now?

Especially now, by getting some teardrops tokens, you will be supporting our journey. Admittedly, this particular journey is bound to be a very rough journey. We are taking the more testimonial harder route en-route its building and seeking to create beautiful disruptions, adjusting the world positively in the process. We intend to take lights into every tunnel, so that no one has to wait 'till the end of the tunnel' to find light. 

A giant feat

NOTE: Only a small portion of the teardrops token is available on steem-engine at this stage. Where you get some, it will all go towards speeding up the development of each project. I have been pushing this development gradually on my own small budget using my steem but development has gone on slow and we intend to hasten it a bit. Too, we need more contribution from steem developers as our main developers like @tobias-g and @eastmael etc need helping hands.

Some Other Reasons?

  • The teardrops tokens will be usable on ulogs.org, steemgigs.org and macrohard.pro also as a 'token of influence'. (You will be able to power-up the teardrops token on each of three interfaces. However, to be whale on all three interfaces for instance, you will need to buy or earn more teardrops to power-up, on each of the three.) Get some Teardrops tokens today.
  • The teardrops token as a digital currency is an 'emblem of human & breakthrough token' capable of appealing to the soft spot of every human. It has innate potential for mainstreamity. Get some Teardrops tokens today.
  • The teardrops token will play out a model that 'mines the human' (proof of tears), a slight shift away from steem's 'proof of brain'. Each interface will a reward pool that rewards activities the 'mine the human' (brain included). Get some Teardrops tokens today.
  • The teardrops ecosystem will innovate dynamically in a bid to bring every(any)one to further limelight. It will return value to humans in a world where cryptokitties, superman, humans clones etc is beginning to garner more appeal. Get some Teardrops tokens today.
  • The teardrops token will succeed whether bulls or bears, because humans are involved. (Our entire ecosystem will be built around a grey-list of 'certified uloggers', meaning that our 'scarce model' will involve humans, moreso than demand and supply. Get some Teardrops tokens today.
  • The teardrops token will have utility across countless down_to_earth-based innovation. Along with three steem-based interfaces, we will have an entire school called 'legit-illeracy', real world reality shows e.g '#untalented', a game-app featuring humans playable by billions of people, 3 TVs (uloggerstv, teardropstv, untalentedtv) etc. Get some Teardrops tokens today.
  • Where we make use of lists, we will have 'a grey-list'(neither black or white). Where we maje use of an oracle, it will be an un(dis)talented oracle.
  • Each innovation under the teardrops ecosystem is modeled to 'remove barriers to entry from everything good, so that everything good becomes available to every(any)one'. It targets real human growth and there is already evidence of its organic growth potential. (For instance, '#ulog' was used by 5000 steemians and generated 179k comments after the first 4-months of its inception; '#untalented' had more than 1,000 full-blown post-entries to its very first contest etc.) Get some Teardrops tokens today.
  • The teardrops tokens discord community has some 5,400 steemians. Get some Teardrops tokens today.
  • The teardrops token is dedicated to mama terry who passed away Nov 24, 2017
  • etc.

Want more reasons?

We intend to knock on some 1,000 doors via 'video calls' with the 'teardrops tokens'. We intend to leave ulogacies all over the web containing excerpts of this beautiful token.

For now, we leave you with 7 more reasons to get some Teardrops tokens today........

Would You Like To Complete The Process Of 'Getting Certified' Under The Teardrops SMT Ecosystem?

For the stories and histories involved in the modeling of the teardrops SMT ecosystem, i will be video-calling some 1000 steemians (knocking on their door 'with the teardrops tokens' ) in the process of 'getting them certified'. The process has already started and so far i have completed some 10 such calls. 

However, every(any)one can get certified and the entire process of getting certified, will be open and automated in the nearest future. For now however, if you would like to be among our first set of 'the certified', kindly leave us your best email in this google form and leave a comment underneath this post, so we can arrange a video call via skype. 

Where you are a private figure and you are interested in 'getting certified', please leave a comment below, indicating that you are a 'private figure', so that we can intimate you on how to 'get certified' now. Don't forget to leave us your best email in this google form.

What Next?

After my knock on your door 'with the teardrops tokens' (i.e our video call like the one seen above), you will need to do the following 5 steps to complete the process of 'getting certified' under the teardrops ecosystem....

1. Kindly Visit Steemgigs.org To Create An In-depth Steem Profile

Please login on https://steemgigs.org, then click on your profile thumbnail on the top right and then on the 'edit profile' tab and proceed to filling-in an in-depth steem profile. See screenshots:

We have added fields to this portal that enables you to be expressive and free. Simply follow the flow of the template as we have added fields like, 'what are you currently learning'; 'your interest, hobbies, skills'; 'what you would like to help with'; 'i made this' etc

It is for everyone, whether you consider yourself an expert or non-expert. On steemgigs, 'everyone has something to offer'. 

2. Follow, Subscribe Or Like All Of Our Major Social Channels.

This is important. We want to have multiple outlets via which we can reach each 'certified ulogger' with information related to our evolution. We want to grow these social channels as well, as a vehicle to reach a mainstream audience.

Here is a list of our social channels (Kindly join any that applies):

3. Get Some Teardrops And Pay Your 'First Month Subscription' In Advance.

To keep this step simple, simply send '2 steem' to '@teardrops' with the memo 'one month certification'. Then, you can proceed to step 4!!!

The one-month certification-subscription amounts to '1-USD-worth of teardrops tokens', which is currently estimated at '20 teardrops tokens' and 'equivalent to 2 steem'. 

Where you decide that you want to buy some more teardrops tokens (for keeps) without visiting on steem-engine, simply send 'any amount of steem' to '@teardrops' and i will send you its worth in 'teardrops tokens'.

You can get some directly on 'https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=TEARDROPS'. Read this guide on how to do so.

If you bought your teardrops tokens directly from steem-engine, you will have to send in '20 TEARDROPS' 

to '@teardrops' with the memo 'one month certification', in order to complete step-3. (You can do so on keychain, steem-engine or via your steemgigs.org wallet)


While you can get some teardrops tokens now to 'power-up with' in the near future, you can use some of these tokens currently (e.g to avail of consultancy from a brother-talent on 'https://steemgigs.org/bropro' or to avail of some gigs on 'steemgigs.org')

Besides, we would like you to pay a one-month certification-subscription in advance as part of the process for 'getting certified'. Even where you have some of these tokens courtesy of our recent giveaway, we would like you to complete the process of buying some on the teardrops market.

Currently, 'only a small portion of the tokens' is on the market. Funds raised from the 'these tokens' will go towards the faster development of steemgigs.org, ulogs.org, macrohard.pro and teardrops.network

4. Write a Ulogacy Post

Visit 'https://ulogs.org/ulog-surpassinggoogle' and publish a ulogacy post containing everything that happened from 'your call experience with me', to 'how you filled up an in-depth steemgigs profile' and even till 'how you got some teardrops token'

Be expressive. It's a ulogacy!


If you are finding hard to type on ulogs.org, simply type the post right on the steemit editor; then towards the top right area of the editor-box, click on 'Raw HTML'; copy the resulting HTML code that you are provide and paste that into the editor-box on 'https://ulogs.org/ulog-surpassinggoogle' and publish your post from there.

5. Complete The Process By Participating In This Google Form.


Just after you have completed this step, you 'got certified'.


Thank you for 'mining the human' with me, through the process of 'getting certified'. In eventuality, we will celebrate this breakthrough with the teardrops tokens..

The teardrops tokens will begin to have some utility even now, prior to when the SMT protocol is implemented. For now, a major place to make use of the teardrops token is on SteemGigs to avail of some gigs and especially on 'https://steemgigs.org/bropro' and on 'https://ulogs.org/grow'.

Try steemgigs.org/bropro

BROPRO allows you to exchange teardrops tokens for more than 'just talent'; these ones are un(dis)talented brothers (sisters included) who actually want to play a role in historical history, by helping you through the process of building your dreams. 

You Can Support The Development Of Teardrops

my "Thank You" is hefty.

Kindly Vote On The 'steemgigs' Witness. 

Dedicating My Entire Steem/Steemit Journey To My Mum

If you want to support an extra witness and you support mine "steemgigs", it will be really helpful. 

To vote my witness, simply visit 'https://steemitwallet.com/~witnesses' and upvote "steemgigs" or simply click Here to do it on one click! 

Your Boy Terry, whether bulls or bears


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@sir Terry, I still haven't received my teardrops


You have been sent some teardrops token to celebrate you. You can find or transfer these steem-based tokens on 'https://steemgigs.org'. Simply login via steemconnect, then click on your 'profile-thumbnail > wallet' The teardrops tokens will be useable on ulogs.org, steemgigs.org and macrohard.pro also as a 'token of influence'. You can get some more here or read more about why you should get some here While you are on steemgigs, it will be awesome if you took time to fill up an in-depth steem profile. To do so click on 'profile-thumbnail > edit profile'. If you are interested in getting 'certified' under the teardrops SMT, kindly add in your 'best email' onto this google form

@surpassinggoogle, Hope that soon your pace will be on track and you will move ahead effectively. Stay blessed brother and blessings of light is with you.

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Hey i just spent a few mins looking around ulogs, seems lieka busy.org clone

do you know how to clone busy.org is it easy? I need to do this for a front end for schools with basic login for teachers and students,


Brother i don't have any knowledge of User Interface. In my opinion @surpassinggoogle can give you a advice and in my opinion your idea sounds good and definitely teachers and students can take the benefits from the Blockchain Space. Stay blessed brother.

interesting blog...,.:)

interesting blog...,.:)

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@Surpassinggoogle, get well and be back on track soon. I will soon be gifting my #Teardrops as gifts to the ones I love because I wish to clean their tears. I hope everyone around me can also HODL them.

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I’m going to evaluate my options

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