School starts again! (#Ulog 22)

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It has been an incredibly long time (well, Steemit long time) since I did a Ulog post... but I did have an idea for a post (well many ideas, but I'm splitting these up, as they are posts about different days!). Unfortunately, it was a day that happened last week, and so this will be a bit of a retro ulog! On the plus side, I hear that retro stuff is all the rage these days... or was that several years ago?

After Summer

Summer is a great time for family bonding as the kids are home from school. As my wife and I are both freelancers that are often working outside the normal work (and school) hours, it means that we get to spend much much more quality time with the children! In the end, we did manage to many things over the holidays, including a little holiday to England. However, at the end of two or more months of quality time, it is more than time for us to part ways for a little bit and send the kids back to the creche and school!

There was some excitement for the first day of school for our oldest daughter. She had moved up into the Middlebouw (groups 3/4/5) at her school, and so it was the start of the first year of "serious" school. She loves going to school, but the last 2 and a half years, she has been in the same classroom with the same teachers, and she was a bit nervous (yet excited) to be moving up into the bigger and older class.

Our youngest on the other hand, was definitely NOT pleased to be going back to childcare... she started going on a different day (not the day that I'm writing about), and that was a tough hand=over... much screaming to be had, but in the end she enjoyed it (LIKE SHE ALWAYS DOES!). She is much more of a clinging and shy child than our oldest was...

School Drop-off


It was strange to go to a new room with a new teacher and mostly new children! At our daughter's school, the years are grouped together, so she moved up from the Onderbouw (group 0/1/2) into the Middlebouw (group 3/4/5). This means that the kids don't move up as a block, however, it does mean that the older kids can help the younger children acclimatise to the new situation. Luckily, she did move into this older class with one of her good friends, so she wasn't all by herself in a new place!

Her first response to the new classroom was that there were lots of computers, and that there wasn't a pretend store that they pretend to be in a shop! My first impression was that one of the teachers (there are two teachers, that teach on different days) looked like she was fresh out of school herself! Although, first impressions can be wrong, I think she is definitely less than 30 though!

She was keen to try out all the new stuff though, and soon enough it was time for the parents to leave. I have to say, we were probably much more nervous than she was! Anyway, when we picked her up at the end of the day, she was so happy to have moved into the big kids classroom! Although, she did say that she missed her old teachers... but she still goes by the old classroom and waves and says "hi" to them!

Where is my sister?


I guess the nicest thing about the holidays, was that after 2 months day in and day out, the sisters were getting pretty close and they were getting on pretty well. In the morning, we had to leave for school quite early, before the little one woke up, and so she was a bit confused when she did eventually wake up... We had tried to explain that the oldest would be going to school, but I'm not sure there was much comprehension about what that meant!

The very first thing that she did (as she did all through the holidays) was to run to her sister's room to try and wake her up (but often the oldest was already long awake either reading or playing with LEGO!)... however, this time, there was no one there! So, it was a very touching and more than a little bit sad, as the youngest went from room to room for most of the morning looking for and calling out to her sister. Only two more years before she will go to school, and then they will be in the same building!

The reuniting


When the oldest did finally get home from school, there were huge hugs and kisses from the little one to the big one. She didn't want to let her go!

However, that was soon replaced an hour later with the bickering and screaming! All of it from the little one, who is in the terrible twos stage... Share nothing, and scream!

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A momentous day!

Personally I've really enjoyed this year's return to school day.... it being the first one I haven't had to deal with after I recently quit 16 years in teaching.

I finally get to enjoy the early September weather!

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Ha ha! Yes, the view from the other side! Enjoy the time off, hope the weather is better than where I'm going!


It's most seasonal, which is very pleasant thankyou!

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I love it how with kids everything is monumental and everything lasts only for a moment. At one second there could be huge love and at another rage and then again love :D We can learn a lot from them about letting go of our emotions and enjoying them as they come without hanging on to them ;)


Ha ha, Yes tell me about it! Sometimes there will be screaming and crying... And then a minute later we are best friends... Meanwhile, the parents are still recovering from the earlier tantrum!

Perhaps we should take it on board in a slightly milder dose!

We are a homeschool family. It comes with unique opportunities and challenges. Although we do not have to worry about new classrooms, it always seems to take a week or two to get everyone adjusted (including my wife). In regards to the bickering, I notice that my kiddos just move on to another sibling if there is a fight. We have 5 kiddos so there are plenty of choices to play with if you are mad at someone.

Thanks for sharing!


Ha, one friend for each day of the week! Does home-schooling stick also to term times of the normal school?


In the United States, each state determines the rules. Some states for more strict. Others more relaxed. Overall we match up with time requirements for traditional schools.

Ah, the rhythm of parenting. Been there, done that...

Namaste, JaiChai


Ha ha, Yes! Pick up drop off... Weekdays weekends...

The first day of a new School year is always a day with mixed emotions I think, some kids excited, some not so much so, and the same for parents,


Yes, there is a huge mix of emotions at drop off. One of our daughter's friends was bawling her eyes out. Ours was nervously excited... A step into the unknown!

D’awww what a cute lil’ day.


Heh, yes... I don't post about the terrible ones!

How cute! It is good to have more than one kid. I have only one daughter, it was a bit challenging to raise her, especially that I was a single mom. Your daughters are so sweet!


We did think we were going to have only one child (they are seperated by 5 years) as we were happy like that. But then we started thinking it would be nice for her to have a sibling that would be around when we weren't, especially as we are so far away from our extended family.

Single parenting is tough! Hat off to you for managing it! Whenever one of us goes on tour (we are both musicians), the other is a single parent for a while... And we are always completely frazzled afterwards!

Students started back for us last week. It was really nice getting all of the formalities out of the way before the Labor Day break. I hope it is something we keep doing in the future. I have a feeling it won't be long before kids are pretty much going to school year round. There are some districts in other states that are already pretty close to that. Hopefully your kiddos have a great year!


Really? School for the whole year? In some ways that would be nice for the parents, the summer can get a bit too long! Although, I would hope they would balance it with a 4 day school week!

We had 4 day week laat year. This year we start on a 4 and a half days.


It is better for the kids too. They retain more. I would love four day weeks. Longer breaks on holidays too. I already have to report year round so it wouldnt impact me much. My wife would lose her summers of sleeping in though...

awww such a cute post @bengy! I was feeling so sad for the little one, going about the house, in search of her older sister :( but I had to laugh ... of course the happy reunion quickly turned to the usual fighting lol Geez, they can be so head strong at two! My first wasn't, my second sounds like yours ... fair warning, he stayed like that his whole life haha


Oh great... Our first was so easy! The second is much less restful! Although she gets cranky with her sister, she really does love her a lot!


Sorry about that ... I just thought I should prepare you haha

My two boys fought all the time, but of course, they totally love each other! Same as your girls I'm sure :)

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Too sweet! Isn’t it always the case - that they miss each other until they spend an hour together :D heehee